Agnes Hailstone Wiki: Tattoo Meaning, First Husband, Children, Net Worth

Agnes Hailstone was born in 1972 born in Noorvik, Alaska. She is 45 years old in 2017. Agnes Hailstone was born the same year that hurricane Agnes hit the United States on June 14, 1972. At the time, it was the worst hurricane to hit the US in recorded history. Is it a coincidence or was Agnes named after the hurricane?

Agnes Hailstone’s Husbands

Agnes Hailstone was in a relationship with a man whose surname was Carter prior to marrying Hailstone. What happened to Agnes Hailstone’s first husband? Unfortunately, we do not know much about Agnes’s first marriage, except that she has a child from Carter, a son named Douglas J Carter.

Agnes Hailstone’s second husband Chip Hailstone (Edward V Hailstone) is 48 years old. He was born in 1969. Chip and Agnes Hailstone met in Noorvik around 29 years ago, circa 1988. Chip Hailstone lived in Kalispell, Montana prior to moving to Alaska.

Hailstone’s Children

Agnes is mother to five children with Chip Hailstone: daughters Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline and Qutan. She has an older son Douglas (Doug) Carter and a younger son Jon Hailstone from her first marriage.

Doug is in his early thirties. He is married to Gloria Iyatunguk, they have five kids together. Douglas (Doug) Carter hunts for a living. He and his family live in Deering, AK.

Jon Hailstone also has his own family and is also an accomplished hunter.

Iriqtaq Hailstone is 20 years old. She was very athletic at school, and graduated in 2015. Iriqtaq lives in Ambler, a town on the north bank of the Kobuk River. She is in college. In 2016, Iriqtaq gave birth to a son she named Wade at Alaska Native Medical Center, Anchorage. Agnes’s daughter had to travel so far because of high-risk pregnancy (Hailstone was diagnosed with preeclampsia). Everything turned out alright.

Mary Hailstone, as a freshman was captain of the basketball team.

Hailstones’ younger daughters still attend Noorvik High School, Noorvik, AK. That is why the Hailstones have to stay in Noorvik during the winters, and move to camps in the spring and summer,

Agnes Hailstone Wiki

Culture: Agnes is native Inupiaq born and raised in Alaska. She comes from a big Alaskan family.

Age: The inspirational hunter is 45 years old in 2017; she was born in 1972 in Noorvik, Alaska.

Agnes Hailstone tattoo meaning: What the tattoo on Agnes’s chin stands for? Chin “stripes” are often stripes are tattooed as part of the ritual of maturity in Eskimo women, a signal that a woman has reached puberty. It was believed thin lines indicate that the girl does not laugh and fool around too much, and is serious and hard working.

Hailstone’s locations include: Kotzebue, AK; Hotham Peak Dr, Noorvik, AK; Deering, AK.

Business: Agnes Hailstone used to be the principal in Hailstones’ company Caribou Arts and Adventures, now inactive.

Agnes Hailstone net worth: Hailstones are subsistence hunters. They hunt for survival and though they do sell some of Agnes’ handicrafts, much of their economy is barter. Hardly do they get a chance to amass assets.

Agnes Hailstone’s Rifle: Agnes shoots a Mosin Nagant on the hunting trips, a five-shot, bolt-action military rifle developed by the Russian Imperial Army from 1882 to 1891. Effective firing range‎: ‎500 m (550 yards).

Knife: Agnes’s knife is called Ulu. An ulu (English: “woman’s knife”) is an all-purpose knife used by Inuit, Yupik, and Aleut women. It’s used for skinning and cleaning animals, cutting hair, cutting food, and even trimming blocks of snow used to build an igloo.

Many parts of Agnes Hailstone biography remain a mystery. We don’t even know Agnes Hailstone maiden name.

Agnes Hailstone’s Mother

Agnes has lost her mother, brother and her brother’s girlfriend into the ice. Agnes has been teaching her children what she has been taught by her mother.

We don’t know much about Agnes Hailstone’s mother, but we do know that her husband’s mother, Mary Lois Hailstone is 69 years old and lives in Sitka, Alaska. Prior to moving to Alaska, she lived in Polson, Montana with her husband and Chip’s father Daniel Franklin Hailstone.

Agnes’s Life Below Zero

Most of her time Agnes spends on Alaska’s Kobuk River, nineteen miles north from the Arctic Circle. The family lives off the land, in accordance with Eskimo traditions. Agnes Hailstone and her family became famous thanks to Life Below Zero – popular documentary television series which illustrates the daily activities of subsistence hunters in remote parts of Alaska.

Agnes Hailstone has captured the viewers with her exceptional skill in hunting, including hunting for Oogruk, Alaska’s largest ice seal species, off the remote Kotzebue sound. Her husband and eldest children often help her, although it appears that her husband Chip Hailstone cannot have a gun.

Agnes’s interaction with her children while teaching them the old ways, honor, respect, survival and subsistence living is a true inspiration. She is a great role model as a mother and spouse, and a credit to her people.


  • Craig J Blomgren on

    I really enjoy watching”life below 0″ and find your families part the best. You are a great team! I’m very impressed with the camping while hunting in the extremely cold temperatures. The drama stuff (stuck snowmobile, with hairline crack in fuel drum” seams instigated by film crew. Your family and your way of life is envy worthy, and very respectful​. So nice to see in these times.

    Love with prayers, Craig and Tammy

    hope any tv drama has not jinxed your lovely family.


  • Doug Baker on

    We as a family really enjoy the program. Awaiting season 5 with great anticipation and wonderment.Gooooooo Agnes…we love her leadership.


    • Andy on

      Love this program I watch as many episodes as I can and eagerly await new next one in the series its very interesting to see all seasons and aspects of life in Alaska


  • Wendy on

    Absolutely love the show. It’s great to see people living,loving and learning our beautiful wilderness. I admire all of you, I could never survive out there. I don’t like being cold.. God bless you and your family.
    I wish I knew real hunters, I am 56 yrs old,with the same feather pillow from my childhood hood,which has lost most if it’s feathers,if I knew a true hunter replacing the feathers would be easily assessable.


    • Eva Malone on

      I’m sure Wendy that no matter where you live if you advertised in the local paper or Craigslist you would probably find several duck Hunters who would gladly trade you the feathers rather than having to do them themselves. Plucking a duck is not hard work and it would be an easy way to get the free feathers for your pillow. In fact if you wanted you could probably make more pillows. Maybe even start a company selling down pillows. The Stars the limit


  • Khalidah on

    I love Agnes Hailstone. Beautiful family. Stay Blessed. If she ever comes to Los Angeles to visit, then I want to meet her.


  • Gail Wyatt on

    I love this program; My favorite would be Chip and Agnes, they are both great hunters and parents. Next would be Sue; she is certainly a driven hard working women and a lot of courage. I hate that they risk her life and well being in the snow mobile wreck, it just wasn’t right. The one person I have problems with is Andy; though he is a very capable person; he never gave Kate any credit for anything. He deserves to live by himself. I wish Kate the best.


  • Arthur Thomas Farrell on

    I have been watching the show now for a long time. I love watching Chip make things out of nothing..The Hailstones have a wonderful family. It’s easy to see that Agnes is Queen…keep up the great work… love the show


  • Gitte Johnsrud Ozgowicz on

    I love this program!!! The Hailstones and Sue, my favorites 🙂 like watching the others as well, but of course like most of the things in life, we have our favorites 😉


  • nanna bock on

    Love the show. Am also a big fan of the Hailstones and I admire their survival skills.
    Actually, I admire all the participants for their quest for life and their ability to survive.


  • Les on

    This show is totally the best ever! Watch out Chip, if you ever take your eyes off Agnes… Then I’m coming for her. Lol


  • AshyLarry on

    Love the Hailstones. YEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


  • Mike on

    Love the show!, I live in New Zealand and see a lot of similarities between our or two countries, if I ever get over to Alaska I’m coming to see the Hailstones,
    Take it easy


  • Danny on

    I regret my suspicions over the Hailstones as parents, but I must adnit that their kids seem well. The girls are athletes! Maybe only Chip is the real suspect, and not Agnes. Oh well, from the lower 48, I am prepared and willing to be proven wrong. From my insanely comfortable point of view, I accept that I have little right to comnent.


  • Vincent on

    I think Agnes is sexy as hell. I am usually attracted to women more feminine but watching her hunt, mother her children all while respecting and loving her husband. Whatt!!! I am ready to move to Alaska.


  • Iain Milne on

    Hi Folks,
    Here in Scotland we do not often get new content, but new episodes that have been made from recutting old stuff and splicing it all together. I have lost count of the number of times. I have seen Sue Aitken having her accident with her Snow Machine. On Monday night this week, I watched her install an extra oil tank for her heating. Saw this twice last year! Lots of things wrong with the show, but I still love it and watch each old and supposed new episode as they appear on Sky TV. By the way we never saw the breakup of the couple whose house was devastated by the Yukon Spring breakup, but suddenly she was gone and then Kate was back in a couple of episodes. Last night was Yurt building and the comment was it was needed so he had a workshop for his tools to allow him to finish building his house.

    As I have said I love the programme and do not miss any, but just get confused>


  • ELLY on

    just started watching the show and absolutely love It Can’t wait for the next season . All the cast are great especially sue What a great woman and the hailstones are a beautiful family would love to meet the one day , bit far from Australia Ps didn’t like andy much bit to aggressive for me


  • Rachel Reyes on

    My husband and I love this show! We’ve watched them all on Netflix and adore all the people on it. Just amazing to watch their way of life .Much respect!! We hope to make it out to Alaska one day.


  • Jorie on

    Speaking up for Andy:
    This is not anti-Kate, just pro-Andy:

    Look at his many skills, his work ethic, endurance, and brain. He builds with ingenuity and precision. He has immense knowledge about the land, seasons, animals, growing crops, fishing, hunting, trapping, tools, repairs. He has built a whole village of buildings and services by himself. He is brilliant.

    There are many roles in any one adult life, and people are often better at one role than another. Andy may have lost his marriage, but his ability as a builder of survival tools is brilliant. Be objective.


  • Diane on

    Why did Chip have to go to jail for 15 months? So sad to leave his wife and girls!


  • Tzama52 on

    Awesome show LOVE IT


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