Alexis Maas – The Fourth Wife and Widow of Johnny Carson

Alexis Maas is better known for being married to Johnny Carson from 1987 until his death in 2005 from emphysema in West Hollywood, California.

She was born in 1952 and raised in the area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. She used to work as a stock brokerage employee.

She was 35 and he was 61 when they married. Having dated for a couple of years, they got engaged and were married on June 20, 1987 in Malibu, California, USA by Superior Court Judge William P.

Alexis Maas was the fourth wife of Johnny Carson. She had the largest age difference with him. Before Alexis, Carson was first married to Joan – same age as him. Then to Joanne – 5 years younger than him. Then to Joanna – 15 years younger. Alexis “broke the spell” of his wives with similar names, and she was 26 years younger than her husband.

She was a tall and graceful blonde in her early thirties when she met her future husband. That day she was walking in a bikini by his house on the Malibu Beach with an empty glass of wine in her hand, when Johnny saw her through his window and offered to fill up her glass.

A book by Henry Bushkin, Carson’s long-time lawyer and friend tells about the experiences of Alexis Maas during her marriage to the legendary talk show host. There were very few participants at Alexis Maas’s wedding – the bride and groom and just a few other people.

The book mentions a story when on the third week of the honeymoon, Bushkin and then-girlfriend met the honeymooning couple for a yacht trip in Italy. The new bride, Alexis Carson felt the wrath of her husband after she made some incidental remark and he ordered her not to make such remarks ever again if she wanted the marriage to last. The book also mentions that Alexis Maas developed a dislike for Bushkin and undermined him with his client.

The couple spent their honeymoon on the Mediterranean, on the beautiful Parts V yacht estimated at $6.5 million.

Alexis Mass had the longest lasting marriage with Johnny out of his four wives – nearly 18 years. She traveled a great deal together with her husband. They lived in Malibu, California. The two were photographed at many different places together: attending the opening of the ‘Les Miserables’ musical, attending American Cinemateque Awards, cruising on their yacht – the Serengeti, dining at Spago in West Hollywood, attending a taping of the Television Academy Hall of Fame special, watching US Open Tennis in Flushing Meadows… But the two never had any children together. It is hard to tell whether Alexis Maas was happily married or not.

Following Johnny Carson funeral, the widow was given her husband’s ashes after his body was cremated.

What is Alexis Maas’s net worth? Considering that Johnny Carson’s net worth was about $300 million, Alexis probably received a large portion of this after his death.

What happened to Alexis Maas Carson later on? What is she doing now? Did Alexis ever remarry? There are not too many pictures of her on the Internet now. She seems to have disappeared from the public eye ever since the early 2000’s…


  • Michael Ziacik on

    As a fellow former Pennsylvanian and living close to Pittsburgh,I just was wondering what happened to her.Hope she is enjoying life.
    I am since moving to Florida last fall.
    I watch Johnny Carson reruns once in awhile.Didn’t see him much growing up as I had to be in bed because of school.He sure is missed.
    Have a nice day.


  • Kate on

    I was told that Alex and Johnny had already separated before his death and that he died alone, save for hospital personnel.


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