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(Last Updated On: Nov 26, 2017)

The wildlife in Alaska is fascinating. It is the habitat of a variety of animal species that have successfully adapted to the extreme weather conditions in this area. It is also the home of extraordinary people such as Andy Bassich, a reality TV star in the American TV series “Life Below Zero” on the Discovery Channel.

Surrounded by his sled dogs and the most unfriendly terrain in the Alaskan bush, Andy continues to use his natural instinct and special talents to survive in the wild against all the odds.

Andy Bassich’s Bio

Andy Bassich was born in 1958, and he grew up in Washington where he had his early education. Andy graduated from the John F Kennedy High School and later moved to Alaska in 1980 to begin a lifestyle that will later hold thousands of viewers from all over the world spellbound.

Living in Alaska

Alaska is one of the most sparsely populated places in the United States; it hosts small communities who are surviving with the basic amenities and modern day technology, Andy Bassich, however, is part of the residents in these regions who have survived for many years without advanced technology.

He learned carpentry skills which made it easier for him to build his “empire” in the Alaskan bush. Andy is one of the most resourceful people I know, after watching many episodes; I am still thrilled at how he resourcefully overcomes different challenges that come his every day in the “white wilderness.”

Personal Life

Andy Bassich and his ex-wife Kate Bassich ran the show for many years, they were the audience’s favorite couple, supporting each other through the horrific winter and collaborating in remarkable ways to prepare themselves during the short summer periods. Andy created a sled as his means of transportation; he uses the sled to transport fish and animals he kills while hinting in the wild. The sled dogs are amazing, he cares for 26 sled dogs which might seem like a lot of dogs to care, but Andy is an exceptional man. There is hardly any information about his children who have not been featured on the show yet. It almost broke the hearts of viewers when Andy and Kate announced that they would be breaking up in 2015. Kate and Andy Bassich divorce followed in 2016, sadly Kate had to leave Alaska, the show went on, and Andy showed resilience and his love for the wild outdoors kept him in the Alaskan bush.

Surviving on the Yukon River

For many years, Andy Bassich has lived by the Yukon River in Alaska. His amazing survival skills have been caught on the unscripted TV show “Life Below Zero.” He is a man of many talents; Andy built his fortress from scratch. With his carpentry skills, he used wood and other resources he could gather to create his living area. He feeds on fish, meat and vegetables sourced from the Yukon River, and the wild life around the Alaskan bush. Growing plants in that terrain might have been a difficult task, but when you have survived in Andy Bassich’s location as long as he has, you will definitely find ways to get around any difficulties. To survive Andy makes his knives, bullets and other tools. He loves beer; Andy has found ways to brew his beer in the Alaskan bush. From what we see on the TV show, he is very successful at brewing his brand of beer.

The bulk of his food and resources are locally gathered from the bush around Andy Bassich’s home. The closest Andy Bassich comes to using modern technology in a very long time is the solar panel in his home which provides minimal power in his home.

A Life of Freedom

When asked what he loves most about living in the Alaskan bush, Andy wastes no time in saying that it is the freedom he enjoys the most. He is free to do anything he wants every day. He enjoys the outdoors and waking up every morning knowing he can embark on an expedition in the wild makes him very comfortable in the Alaskan bush. Over the years, Andy has only been able to explore a minimal part of the “White Wilderness,” this means, there is still a lot to do, many places to explore and more discoveries to be made in wild Alaska.

Andy Bassich’s Net Worth

Andy Bassich is reported to be worth about $250,000 with an annual income of $100,000. He has leveraged his skills to establish a Survival School with additional training services for dog mushing. Andy Bassich’s survival camp cost is unknown. The show continues to grow, and he definitely has a secure retirement plan. What could be better than that? Living the life you love and making money from it, this is an experience some people can only imagine considering the way our world is today.

Living in Alaska has made it possible for Andy Bassich to be in control of his life. He works very hard to survive, ensuring that he has enough fish for his dogs, and sufficient food to survive the long, harsh winter.

Many people like me will continue to be ardent viewers of Andy Bassich’s “Life Below Zero” TV series because it inspires us to be the best we can be if Andy living in the Wild Alaska bush can survive, we should be able to make our lives meaningful by chasing our dreams.