Bess Katramados (Bess Wight) is the wife of Paul Wight, a famous professional wrestler better known by his ring name Big Show. Bess Katramados is 43 years old in 2017. She was born in 1973. According to some sources she is from Illinois. Big Show is one year her senior; he was born in Aiken, […]

Lytrell Bundy

Lytrell Bundy is the older sister of Chris Brown – the famous American Hip Hop and RnB singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. Lytrell Bundy is Chris’s only sibling. Lytrell “Tootie” Bundy was born and raised in Tappahannock, Virginia, USA. She was born in 1981 and is 36 years old in 2017. She and her brother […]

Spike Baltar is an actor chosen to play Steve in the movie version of his book – Roger the Alien. Spike Baltar appears in the “Star Trek” episode of the American Dad!. By the end of the episode Spike is dead… He is killed by Roger. Here’s how it happens: Steve writes a book and […]

DeWayne Warren is a former child actor who became famous as G-Baby in the 2001 drama HardBall. It was a sad but good movie, and a lot of viewers were deeply moved by DeWayne Warren’s on-screen performance. So, what happened to DeWayne, his life and career? Did G-Baby from hardball die in real life? DeWayne […]

Kristina Sunshine Jung (Kristina Karan) is the daughter of George Jung and Mirtha Jung (nee Mirtha Calderon). Kristina Sunshine Jung was born in 1978. She is 38 years old in 2016. Kristina’s parents divorced in 1984, when she was only 6 years old. Sunshine’s father is 74 in 2016; he lives in California and suffers […]