Dharmendra’s daughter from Prakash Kaur – Ajeita Deol is married to Kiran Chaudhri, the co-author of “1000 Decorative Designs from India” (book by Devi Thapa, Kiran Chaudhri, and V. S. Navalkar published in October 2007). Dharmendra married Prakash Kaur in 1954, when he was 19. He has four children from Prakash: two sons (actors Sunny […]

Prunella Ransome was a popular English actress. She was born in January 1943 in Croydon, to Jimmy Ransome and his wife. British actress Prunella Ransome was a beautiful petite lady (height: 5’4 1/2) with an impressive face and gorgeous smile. She died in 2002, in Norwich, at the age of 59. Prunella’s father was the […]

QVC model Beulah Hughes passed away in 2013, following a courageous battle with skin cancer. In 2012, Beulah was diagnosed with stage IV terminal melanoma. The cancer started from a small mole on her back. The mole was removed in 2006, but they didn’t remove all the cells, and those cells then traveled through her […]

BFCB on bank statement stands for “BetFred ChargeBack”. This is usually a transaction with a large amount of money being taken out from the account. According to Betfred’s Terms and Conditions, gamblers “agree to fully pay any and all payments due to [BetFred.com] or any third party” in connection with their use of the site. […]

Je ne sais quoi (genasaqua) is French for something indefinable, elusive, but pleasing. Literally, the phrase “Je n’ais sais Quois” means “I don’t know what”. An example of usage: There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about him… Or: How does one achieve that certain je ne sais quoi? Definition of genasaqua differs form source […]