Are you interested in Kolonics and want to learn more? A kolonic offers a quick cleanse but the lack of published evidence on their benefits is discouraging for many people. So, what are Kolonics and why do so many people do them? Kolonics (Colonics, Colon Hydrotherapy, Colonic Irrigation) A dictionary or thesaurus look-up reveals that […]

DDP Yoga Diet

ddp diet

DDP Yoga diet is not a strict diet, but a set of suggested nutritional guidelines that you can follow at your own pace. Just like the DDP Yoga Workouts, the DDP eating plan has three phases – “beginner, intermediate and advanced”. Anyone can choose a suitable meal plan they can start to follow, no matter […]

Orangetheory 3G

orangetheory 3g

What is Orangetheory 3G? It is a workout class that has 3 groups of people. There are 36 people instead of 28 in the class. In 3G, the G stands for Group. The exclusive 3G Orangetheory Fitness classes have a minimum of 3 transitions per class. They are different than the regular 1-hour or the […]