Fifty Shades Greyer

Fifty Shades Greyer is an unofficial name for the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey called Fifty Shades Darker. It is not known why the author did not use the comparative adjective “greyer” (as in Fifty Shades Greyer), but decided to name the second installment of FSOG Fifty Shades Darker instead. Fifty Shades Darker is […]



Reading is a process of converting written symbols into phonological code, and then accessing semantic memory to understand the meaning of what you have read. Reading has countless benefits, starting from blatantly making you smarter, to reducing stress and helping you fall asleep. The most significant benefits of reading are: Reading makes you smarter Studies […]



An E-book is a book in electronic form. Often, you can also see this word spelled as – eBook. You can read E-books on a special reader, an e-Reader, as well as on computers, tablets and smartphones. It is easy to download and start reading an E-book: Download: To enjoy E-books, just select one of […]

Top Android Reading Apps

There are many good Android reading apps in 2016. I decided to try out and compare the 8 top rated Android reading apps on Google Play and will share my findings below. The ratings for the apps are as of April 19, 2016. The data about features and options is collected from Wikipedia. 1. FBReader […]