Should I buy one with 8gb ram and 256gb ssd if I am a regular user? It should be enough, if you need some extra memory you can expand with a micro sd, and the ram memory is fine for a regular user. I work with autocad and office and theres no problem, the sp4 […]

What Z-wave controllers work with Schlage Z-Wave? Schlage Z-Wave works with SmartThings, Mecasaverde Vera and most of other popular Z-wave controllers. To make sure, you may want to contact the provider for compatibility. It is compatible with most Zwave products, but they might not support all of the additional features. Battery life? Provided that you […]

What does RT stand for in “Microsoft Surface RT”? RT is a version of Windows 8 optimized to run on ARM processors, common in tablets. The name was inspired by Windows RunTime. Compared with tablets running Pro, devices running RT are cheaper, have a better battery life and can be thinner. However, RT will only […]


Secondary Eschool (Hilliard City Schools) is maintained by the Technology Team of the Hilliard City Schools. Secondary Eschool provides links to sites that help students learn their curriculum, useful tools for education and so much more. Links are submitted and reviewed by teachers based on their value for learning and research. Anyone can suggest a […]

Fire 7 Overview The new Fire 7 can be used for movies, apps, music, video recording, and reading ebooks. This latest 5th generation tablet by Amazon was released in September 2015. It comes equipped with a 7-inch IPS display (1024×600), and offers a great viewing experience. Thanks to a fast 1.3 GHz Quad-Core cpu and […]