Kindle Voyage 2 Rumors Technology 

Kindle Voyage 2 Rumors 2016

There were a lot of Kindle Voyage 2 rumors a year ago. Many people actually decided to wait for the new model based on the rumor, but turned out there was no Voyage 2 in 2015. Now in 2016 many of us are still waiting for the Kindle Voyage 2, but will it be released in 2016? In April 2016 Amazon introduced the Oasis – a thinner reader with a handle-grip and a unique case that can recharge the device. The Oasis is the new flagship Amazon ereader, but the…

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Kodi and Kindle Fire Stick Technology 

Kindle Fire Stick Kodi

With the addition of ES File Explorer to the Kindle Fire Stick Kodi can now be sideloaded onto the stick. We prepared an easy step-by-step guide to help you run Kodi on a Kindle Fire Stick with no buffering issues. Software update has now added the ability for sideloaded apps to appear on Amazon Stick’s Home screen. Our guide only takes minutes to set up. Kindle Fire Stick Kodi Installation Guide 1. Plug the Fire Stick in into your TV and plug a USB cable into a USB port….

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Difference between iPads and Tablets Technology 

Difference between iPads and Tablets

What is the difference between iPads and tablets? The iPad is a tablet manufactured by Apple; the iPad runs an iOS operating system also developed by Apple. Other tablets are made by various different manufacturers and run an Android OS developed by Google. Finally, there also are Windows tablets manufactured by Microsoft and running a Windows operating system. Operating System Difference between iPads and Tablets The operating system is the most important difference between iPads and tablets. The Apple’s iOS is quite different from Android and Windows – it looks…

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cancellation of Kindle Unlimited Technology 

Kindle Unlimited Cancellation

The Amazon Kindle Unlimited cancellation is easy and straightforward: in order to cancel the Kindle Unlimited, you simply need to login to your account on Amazon, navigate to a link that says “Cancel Kindle Unlimited” and click on that link. Kindle Unlimited Cancellation: How-To To cancel your Kindle Unlimited: Go to Amazon and login to your account Click on “Your Account” at the top of page Scroll down to the section “Digital Content” and click on “Manage Your Content and Devices” Click on the tab “Settings” Scroll down to “Kindle…

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Nook-Loan-Token Technology 

Nook Loan Token Not Found – Solution

What to do if you see a “Nook loan token not found” error or a “User not activated” error when trying to read an ebook from the library on your NOOK? The book will usually show up on your Nook but when you try to open it, it will say “loan token not found”. This error message appears when the Nook eReader or Tablet is not authorized after the book is downloaded and opened in ADE. If you read epub books a lot, this can be a daunting issue that…

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