UUUU Vietnam Meaning

Why did many soldiers chalk UUUU on their helmet covers during the Vietnam War? UUUU is shorthand for “the unwilling, led by the unqualified, doing the unnecessary for the ungrateful”. The Vietnam War occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from 1955 to 1975. UUUU was the most common helmet logo or slogan that soldiers started to write in the late 1960’s as a way to revolt. UUUU Vietnam was part of the antiwar movement within the troops. Another anti-authority tactic was unofficial avoidance of combat by units in the field…

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Erica Duarte Katsabanis – Stitches’ Wife, Mother of Rex Katsabanis and Rocco Katsabanis

Erica Duarte is the wife of rapper Phillip Nickolas Katsabanis (born June 17, 1995), known by his stage name Stitches. Erica Duarte is a judicial assistant. Duarte and Katsabanis got married in October 2012, when Rocco was 17 and Erica was 28. According to some sources, they got divorced in 2015. The couple has two children together – Rex Katsabanis and Rocco Katsabanis. Erica “Kiki” Duarte was a contestant of Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, which premiered in 2008 on MTV. She was among sixteen women and two men, who…

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I-Parcel Review, Tracking, UPS i-Parcel Contact, Amazon I Parcel

I-Parcel (UPS i-parcel) is a carrier used by some of the world’s biggest retailers, including Amazon and ASOS, to ship their items. What is i-Parcel? i-parcel LLC was a US-based international e-commerce enabler company with logistics capabilities from the US and UK to 100+ countries, connecting merchants to over 100 million shoppers globally. iParcel was acquired by UPS in 2014. UPS i-parcel offers affordable international shipping, but has complaints about slow international delivery times and bad service on Amazon’s forum and Trustpilot. Why do issues arise with this carrier? What…

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Remissed – Definition, Synonyms, Remiss Past Tense?

How to use remissed in a sentence? Is remissed even a word? Remissed is not really a word. It could possibly be past participle or past indicative of remiss, had remiss been a verb. However, remiss is an adjective, so there is no past tense (eg. remissed or remised). What does remiss mean? The word remiss is applied to a person or people, and means having been careless, negligent or slow in performing a duty, lacking in attention to duty etc. Synonyms of remiss: derelict, thoughtless, lax, slow, slack, neglectful,…

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Velocitation – Meaning and Causes

Velocitation is a tendency to gradually accelerate without noticing or perceiving your driving speed as slower than the actual. Velocitation usually occurs after driving for a long time at a high speed, such as on a highway. If after exiting to a road with lower permitted speed you feel as though you are “crawling” – you are experiencing velocitation. Preventing the Occurrence of Velocitation Velocitation is dangerous and you need to be aware of this phenomenon to prevent it from happening while you are driving. You can prevent velocitation by…

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