Chip Hailstone: Biography, Family, House, Net Worth, Felony, Jail

(Last Updated On: Jan 6, 2018)

Chip Hailstone is a skilled hunter, who lives with his native Inupiaq wife Agnes Hailstone and their children in the city of Noorvik (Nuurvik in Iñupiaq) on the Kobuk River in Alaska. Originally from Montana, Chip came to visit Alaska 30 years ago and never left.

Why Is Chip Hailstone in Jail? 2018 Update
Chip Hailstone will be incarcerated for 15 months in the Anchorage Correctional Complex. He is likely to be in jail for the most part of 2018.
In 2016, Chip was convicted of two counts of perjury, counts of providing false information, and had to serve three years probation. He raised five claims of error, but the judge found no error and therefore affirmed Hailstone’s convictions. Now Chip Hailstone must do prison time for the felony.

Chip Hailstone Biography

Chip Hailstone (Edward V Hailstone) is 49 years old in 2018. He was born in 1969. Chip grew up hunting and fishing in Kalispell, MT. He moved to Alaska in 1988, when he was only 19 years old. For the past decades, Edward has been hunting, fishing, and gathering raw material in Alaska. He spends most of his time in Noorvik, a city of several hundred people, primarily Inupiat.

Some years after his move to Alaska, Hailstone met Inupiat Agnes. The two fell in love and got married. How long has Chip Hailstone been married to Agnes? We don’t know for sure, but would speculate that the two tied the knot around two decades ago.

Now Chip Hailstone’s family includes five daughters from Agnes: Tinmiaq Hailstone, Iriqtaq Hailstone, Mary Hailstone, Caroline Hailstone and Qutan Hailstone.

Does Chip Hailstone have a son? No, but Agnes has two sons (Jon Hailstone and Doug Carter) from a previous relationship, and Chip calls them his sons. Chip has been with Jon since he was small.

Caribou Chip and his family live a subsistence lifestyle. Agnes and Chip Hailstone migrate to new locations depending on the season. They hunt (caribous, oxes, bears, foxes), fish, make their own hunting equipment, build and craft, stockpile meat and fur, collect eggs (early, so the birds would lay again), break trails to the Kiwalik River and other seasonal locations, etc.

Chip makes boxes, caches, traps, spears, harpoons, firewood, sleds, tents, nets, clothing, ice picks, Ulu knives, boats, kids toys, and does home tanning. Agnes makes customary fur clothing and artworks worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The Hailstones share their knowledge of the old ways with their kids; it’s sensible and ensures that the Native culture continues. Chip’s family shares with relatives and neighbors, which is a tribal principal. They do sell some handicrafts, but much of the economy is barter.

Chip has proven his loyalty to the tribe over the years, and is a valued member. He is a good husband and father. The family members appreciate each other and work as a team to survive harsh Alaskan winters.

Why does Chip Hailstone rarely hunt?

Many viewers of Life Below Zero wonder why Chip rarely hunts on the show, and it’s always Agnes and their daughter’s who harvest the game for their subsistence lifestyle. Some fans even suggest that Chip should do less talking and more hunting.

First of all, Chip is bound by tribal and federal hunting legislation. There are certain things he can and cannot do as he’s not native. While Agnes Hailstone and her children are Tribal Members, Chip Hailstone is not – he is a spouse of a Tribal Member.

Hailstone is held to state laws that prohibit him directly killing animal or plant resources on tribal land. As a spouse, he may engage in hunting, fishing, trapping, or gathering with a Tribal Member, but he may not use gear like spears, firearms or bows, as well as set traps or snares, uproot plants, etc.

Edward uses an old bolt action rifle, Mosin-Nagant. Why does he use old muzzle loaders, instead of regular long guns? The reason lies in Chip’s felony conviction, after which Edward (Chip) Hailstone is unable to carry a loaded caliber firearm, but can use anything built before a certain date (over a century ago).

Chip Hailstone Felony Conviction and Prison Incarceration

In 2011’s Arctic Sounder, Norvik’s local news paper, published an article about Chip turning on an Alaska State Trooper. Story goes that Chip reached out to protect one of his daughters (Tinmiaq Hailstone) in a situation involving a police officer, and was charged because he interfered with the officer and his subsequent statements were deemed false.

Chip Hailstone was found guilty by a jury of all charges against him. In December 2012, he was sentenced to 15 months in prison in connection to the conviction.

Edward “Chip” Hailstone appealed his conviction. He vowed to continue his fight to clear himself, seeking the reversal of the perjury convictions for making false statements to a police officer stemming from a July 2011 incident in Noorvik. In the meantime, he had to serve three years probation.

Edward was granted a retrial in 2016, where he raised five claims of error, but the judge found no error and therefore affirmed Hailstone’s convictions.

Chip Hailstone will be incarcerated for 15 months in the Anchorage Correctional Complex. He is likely to be in jail for the most part of 2018.

Agnes and Chip Hailstone’s House

Where does Chip Hailstone live? Chip and all of his family live in their little and simple, yet warm and cozy house in Noorvik, AK. The house has electric and Internet access, and Chip is online sometimes.

Chip Hailstone’s Net Worth & Salary

We don’t know how much Chip Hailstone makes per episode, but he is not getting rich off of National Geographic. The tribal council may or may not be permitting him a share as his narrative is essential to explaining their native way of life. What is his net worth? Chip Hailstone’s net worth is roughly estimated at $100,000 – $250,000.

Life Below Zero

The Alaskan Reality Show “Life Below Zero” seen on Nat Geo has become a huge success in the TV ratings. Cast of “Life Below Zero” cast includes: Andy and Kate Rorke Bassich, Erik Salitan, Glenn Villeneuve, Sue Aikens, and Chip and Agnes Hailstone.

Full name Edward V Hailstone (AKA Chip Hailstone)
Born 1969 (age 48)
Wife: Agnes Hailstone
Children: Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline, Qutan, Douglas and Jon Hailstone
Net worth: $100,000 – $200,000 (estimated)
Location: Noorvik, AK
Past locations: Kotzebue, AK; Deering, AK; West Chester, PA
Relatives: Mary Lois Hailstone
Life Below Zero: 2013-2017