Kindle Fire Keeps Shutting Off – Solutions

(Last Updated On: Jun 7, 2016)

Does your Kindle Fire keeps shutting off randomly? It’s a real problem if the device keeps switching off when you have a full battery and no apps running or videos playing, and even when the Fire does it to protect itself when it’s low on ram or battery. In this article we offer 10 solutions to the Kindle Fire shutting down randomly.

kindle fire keeps shutting off randomlyThere are different methods to fix this issue, some of them are easier while others are more involved. The solutions are different depending on why this happens.

Kindle Fire Keeps Shutting Off – Possible Fixes:

1. The simplest solution to try is restarting the device. Hold the power button down for 20 secs – the Fire will turn off. Turn the device on again. This can help to solve the problem.

2. The second easy potential fix is to reset the device to factory settings. Go to Settings, Device Options, Reset to Factory Defaults, Reset. Resetting to factory default settings seems to cure many of the battery related issues. Note that you will need to re-register your device again and load all the apps etc again.

3. Swipe down to get the menu, tap “more”, then “Sounds and Display”, “Screen Time Out”, “Never”. Sadly this little fix does not help everyone.

4. If your Kindle Fire keeps shutting off when running certain apps, the RAM may be full and the device may be shutting off to try to “fix” the issue. Monitor your apps by RAM consumption. If you find a suspicious app try uninstalling it and see if the reboot issue comes back.

5. The issue may be caused by faulty battery. Is the only way to get it to boot again is to plug it into a power charger? Or does the rear of your Kindle get very hot when running certain apps? The battery overheating makes the device turn itself off as a protective measure. Although Kindle Fires may become slightly warm to the touch during heavy processing, they should never get very hot. In this case, contact Kindle customer service and request a replacement.

6. It may also be the power button mechanism that’s the problem. Maybe the sound vibration or the extra CPU workload is tripping it. a part inside the machine may be vulnerable to this – but this is just a speculation.

7. The problem may have to do with the cables connected to the motherboard. There are some YouTube videos showing how to re-seat the connectors.

8. If you keep having the same issue with a replacement Kindle Fire, your cover/case may be the culprit. There is a magnet in the case that may cause the device to switch off. This usually happens when the case is folded behind the device, such as when watching a movie or with childrens’ apps. So if your case has a magnet and you do fold it back, take the case off and see if the Kindle Fire shuts off or not.

9. If the same issue happens with a replacement device after you reload the same apps as on the old one, then it may be one of the apps or games that is causing the problem. You may want to try deleting all the apps/games and loading them slowly one by one, giving each one time to “shut the device off”.

10. You may want to have a look at Amazon’s Troubleshooting guide for fixing similar issues – just go to Help > Device Support >, then choose your Fire. There you will find guides for basic troubleshooting for the Fire Tablet and quick fixes for when the battery doesn’t charge, touch screen issues, Wi-Fi connection issues etc.

Amazon Customer Service when the Kindle Fire Keeps Shutting Off

If your Kindle Fire keeps shutting off and you have bought it less than 30 days ago, you are within the return period – the advice is to return it or replace for a new one via the Amazon customer service. If it has been over a month, you may still be within the warranty period – you can call the support and they should help.

If it’s out of warranty the support may offer a refurbished Kindle Fire (HD, HDX) for a discounted price. A refurbished Kindle usually means that it has been returned because the buyer didn’t like it but there was nothing wrong with it. Amazon has the same warranty for these as for new devices and offer them at a cheaper price.

When you call Amazon, the representative may or may not know the problem and solution. So it makes sense to call a few times and talk to different people.