Nook Loan Token Not Found – Solution


What to do if you see a “Nook loan token not found” error or a “User not activated” error when trying to read an ebook from the library on your NOOK? The book will usually show up on your Nook but when you try to open it, it will say “loan token not found”.

Nook-Loan-TokenThis error message appears when the Nook eReader or Tablet is not authorized after the book is downloaded and opened in ADE. If you read epub books a lot, this can be a daunting issue that may potentially stop you from reading a lot of books.

There are solutions for this issue.

The easiest solution and the one that should work right away is to reset the Adobe credentials on your NOOK.

  • Install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer
  • Create An Adobe ID or an OverDrive account
  • In ADE, go to Help > Authorization Information.
  • If this option is grayed out, authorize your computer before continuing. With Overdrive: In ADE go to Help > Authorize Computer, select OverDrive from the drop-down menu. Enter your email and password for OverDrive, then select Authorize. With Adobe: In Adobe ID go to Help > Authorize Computer enter Adobe ID with your password. Click Authorize.
  • Close ADE Connect your NOOK to your computer.
  • Open Windows Explorer ( File Explorer) and double-click NOOK under “Computer” (or “This PC”). Find the adobe-digital-editions folder and delete it.
  • Again Open ADE, and try transferring the eBook again.
  • Disconnect your NOOK.

Now you should be able to read the Book on your device.

Why does the Nook loan token not found error occur?

This error can occur on Nooks that have been working fine for months, all of a sudden. Usually the culprit is the B&N upgrade of their software on your NookColor, Nook GlowLight, Nook Touch, Nook HD+ etc.

It may first de-register your device with Adobe Digital, then you may get the “Loan Token Not Found.”
So, what you need to do is re-authorize device with Adobe Digital, USB Nook to the computer, delete the eBook from Adobe Digital Editions and the Nook, go back to your Overdrive and re-download the eBook to Adobe and then to Nook again.

Sometimes, the Nook loan token not found error can be a bit trickier to solve. If the solution described did not work, try doing the following:

  • Go to “My Computer” and click on the Nook
  • Find and delete the .adobe-digital-editions file
  • Close ADE
  • Restart ADE
  • If your Nook is not visible to ADE, go back to Nook in “My Computer”
  • Find and delete the Digital Editions” file
  • Close AD
  • Restart ADE
  • Now the Nook should be visible
  • Click “Authorize Device”

Hope this helps. Please share in the comments how you solved your loan token not found Nook or Nook user not activated Adobe Digital Editions problem.


  • Amber on

    I have done the steps above, but I am still getting the error message. I even de- and re-registered my Nook device. Suggestions? I have spent countless hours on forums, etc. trying all the suggestions.


    • Don on

      I’m in the same boat – nothing works. I have been working with my library tech support for over a week – they gave up on me. Did you find a solution Amber?


  • NewSwirl on

    Dear Amber,

    Sorry to hear that none of the solutions worked for you.

    Maybe the Nook support team could point you in the right direction?

    Their phone numbers are listed on this page:


  • Stanci on

    Ugh! Same boat. De-registered my Nook and started over, everything. Going to a B&N store tomorrow – this thing is a brick to me without recognizing ADE.


  • Stanci on

    BTW – thanks for the post, New Swirl 🙂 I’ll let you know if I learn anything tomorrow!


  • Mike on

    I too am now the proud owner of a B&N paperweight. The in-store expert at my local store has been on vacation for a week, and will be for the balance of the week. I’d be curious to know what, if any, solution is provided to anyone here.

    For reference, I reset the Nook, uninstalled all Adobe software from my laptop, then started from scratch. And that was the second round of attempted fixes.


  • Christy on

    I’ve given up on Overdrive Books. I got it fixed somehow 2 weeks ago and now a new book – loan token error will not go away. I’ve tried EVERYTHING! Deauthorized ADE and the NOOK. Uninstalled ADE. Deleted the digital editions folder. Returned the book and checked it out again, redownloaded it MANY times. The order of how I open things and close things. I give up. Back to buying books. Thanks Overdrive and ADE. 🙁


  • Christy on

    Came back to respond to my last message. I found a solution on another board that WORKED!! I uninstalled the latest version of Adobe Digital Editions (4.5) and reinstalled an older version of ADE (3.0). Unauthorized it, then reauthorized it, redownloaded the book, opened it in ADE, and then moved it to my Nook Glowlight and SUCCESS!! Woo hoo!


    • Ronna on

      I literally tried EVERYTHING you are an absolute LIFESAVER!!


    • Meredith on

      Thank you so much!! I just tried this and it worked!


    • Dan on

      Thank you sooooo much! How has this much time passed and no one else sees this and fixes it at Adobe I have no idea. They are so fast to blame B&N or Overdrive I swear.


  • Marcy on

    I spent four hours on this plus one hour on support with Barnes and Noble. Nothingworked. THIS DID> THANKS


  • E on

    THANK YOU!!!!


  • Vicki on

    Using 3.0 was a LIFESAVER!! THANK YOU!!


  • Barbara on

    THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU – I had almost given up – The solution, for me, WAS ADE 3.0 – but it was a little trickier because I just got a new Mac Pro and the latest version of the operating system (Sierra 10.12.5). When I tried to open the library book with 3.0, I got a License Activation error “E_ACT_NOT_READY” which meant I had to de-authorize my MAC and Nook before authorizing them under 3,0. I did know that, but 3.0 didn’t give me the option to de-authorize the MAC in the Help menu. I had to go into the MAC’s library files which are now hidden and remove all the old ADE 4.5.5 activations I had done in the past several weeks. and then reauthorize my MAC and Nook under 3.0 and then it all worked like a charm! Thank you all again!!,


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