Remissed – Definition, Synonyms, Remiss Past Tense?


How to use remissed in a sentence? Is remissed even a word?

Remissed is not really a word. It could possibly be past participle or past indicative of remiss, had remiss been a verb. However, remiss is an adjective, so there is no past tense (eg. remissed or remised).

What does remiss mean? The word remiss is applied to a person or people, and means having been careless, negligent or slow in performing a duty, lacking in attention to duty etc.

Synonyms of remiss: derelict, thoughtless, lax, slow, slack, neglectful, dilatory, negligent, careless, tardy, lagging, slack, languid, inattentive, thoughtless, delinquent, slothful.

Antonyms of remiss: careful, conscientious, attentive.

Pronunciation of remiss: re·miss (rĭ-mĭs′)

Origin: Late Middle English, from Latin remissus, past participle of remittere to remit, relax, release, slacken. From re- + mittere to send.

How to use remiss in a sentence? Some examples:

• She was remiss in her duty…
• I would be remiss not to mention that…
• I would be remiss if I suggested that…
• She was remiss in performing the task.
• They were remiss to ignore the…
• He was remiss in not reporting this…
• They faulted him for being remiss.
• Not to wait upon her is very remiss.
• He’s terribly remiss in his work.
• Remiss of you not to pay your bills.

Words near remiss in dictionary/thesaurus: remis; remise; remised; remises; remising; remissive; remissness.

There is no correct grammar for the word remissed and no dictionary definition of remissed, because it is not a real word. Instead of using “I’d be remissed” or “I’d be remised”, we need to use “I’d be remiss” instead.


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