About Us

Hello and welcome to NewSwirl.com – a website by a couple that love intellectual stimulation!

We Love Technology!

This website started as a resource about technology and gadgets, predominantly e-readers as the creators of NewSwirl share a true passion for reading and writing.

If you have been tempted by the idea of digital reading but don’t know much abut the Kindle, Nook or e-ink, this is a good place to start. For those who have already converted to e-reading, we provide tips and help to solve problems with their devices and cover rumors about exciting forthcoming gadgets.

What to buy? Please see our comparisons of the different electronic readers. What to read? An e-reader is as good as the e-book. We cover some of the new and important books, mainly modern fiction.

And Entertainment…

Entertainment is our guilty pleasure and a new section on NewSwirl.com. Here you will find inspirational stories about successful sportspeople and business people, little-known facts about well-known and lesser-known celebrities,  stories of real people whose lives inspired books and movies, information about upcoming talents that may soon shake the world, rare facts about popular books/movies/songs, forgotten celebrities, family influences and more.

We write on a variety of other topics as well. NewSwirl currently has about 80 pages of helpful and exciting information and counting. We publish new articles 2-3 times a week, so do come back for new great posts.

Should you want to share your thoughts with the creators of this site, you can contact us directly at info@newswirl.com or using this contact form.

Alternatively, you can leave a comment on any article on this site to share your thoughts with the visitors of this website. We do appreciate comments about our posts, even criticism!

NewSwirl.com is a website for YOU!