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Convert ACSM to Kindle – How to Read acsm on Kindle

(Last Updated On: Jun 2, 2016)

Learning to convert acsm to Kindle will help you read more ebooks from a public library online and PDF books purchased from certain retailers, which come in DRM protected acsm files.

The .acsm file is not the actual eBook. It is a link to the actual eBook that allows programs like ADE (Adobe Digital Editions) to download the book automatically in PDF or ePUB. You can remove drm from epub or pdf file, not the .acsm file.

How to Convert acsm to Kindle

  1. Install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer
  2. Open epub/pdf ebook in Adobe Digital Editions
  3. Install ePubee – the free trial version lets you remove DRM for up to 3 eBooks
  4. Run ePubee ePub DRM Removal app, select the book
  5. Choose the “input” and “output” locations
  6. Click “Remove DRM”
  7. Find the decrypted ePub in Windows Explorer
  8. Select your file in calibre and click Convert books
  9. Select Output format as Mobi
  10. Copy the new .azw file to Kindle, enjoy reading

Why do you have to go through this complicated process? These days eBooks are sold encrypted with Digital Rights Management (DRM) to help publishers to prevent piracy of their content. This makes it hard to put your own files onto Kindle, iPad and other devices.

It is totally legal to remove DRM from a purchased file. It is only illegal to try to remove DRM from a file which you don’t own.

When you buy PDF books from certain retailers they aren’t really “PDF”. You get an ACSM file to open through Digital Editions in order to download your Book. Once downloaded the book is locked into Adobe Digital Editions. There is no compatibility with Kindle or iPad.

In order to transfer the file to a Kindle we need to remove the DRM, but most DRM removal software are not able to handle this, unfortunately. The 10 steps above is the easiest way to transfer acsm to Kindle.

ACSM to Kindle Kindle Fire Using Bluefire Reading App

  • Install Bluefire reader app on your Kindle Fire
  • Create an Adobe ID
  • Install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer
  • Authorize Adobe Digital Editions with your Adobe ID
  • From your computer, download the book on your Kindle Fire. You will see an .acsm file downloading.
  • Open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer
  • Connect the Kindle Fire to your computer computer via USB cable
  • You will see a Kindle device in the ADE window, bottom left pane
  • Authorize your Kindle when prompted
  • Drag and drop your ebook from the ADE Library to your Kindle
  • Disconnect the Kindle
  • Open the Bluefire app on your Fire: you will see the downloaded book listed.

ACSM to Kindle Kindle Fire Using Aldiko Reader App

  1. Install the Digital Editions from the Adobe website on your PC
  2. Open ADE on your PC, click help on the top left.
  3. Authorize your compurer – enter your email address and password.
  4. Download Aldiko from the Aldiko site onto your Kindle fire.
  5. Open Aldiko on your Fire and go to the library.
  6. Tap “Books” on the top left, “About”, Adobe DRM.
  7. Input the email address and password you inputted into Adobe on your PC.
  8. Using the browser on your Fire go to your library and select a book. It will be an ACSM file.
  9. Open Aldiko and go to the library.
  10. Tap “books”, “files” downloads, the ACSM file, then “import”. Your book is ready.

If you use your library online to borrow books, as long as you find Kindle-formatted ebooks everything works fine by default. However, if you choose an ACSM file that requires using Adobe Digital Edition, it will not work on your Kindle unless you follow one of the tutorials above for reading acsm on Kindle.

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