Agnes Hailstone Wiki: Tattoo Meaning, First Husband, Children, Net Worth

(Last Updated On: Nov 26, 2017)

Agnes Hailstone was born in 1972 born in Noorvik, Alaska. She is 45 years old in 2017. Agnes Hailstone was born the same year that hurricane Agnes hit the United States on June 14, 1972. At the time, it was the worst hurricane to hit the US in recorded history. Is it a coincidence or was Agnes named after the hurricane?

Agnes Hailstone’s Husbands

Agnes Hailstone was in a relationship with a man whose surname was Carter prior to marrying Hailstone. What happened to Agnes Hailstone’s first husband? Unfortunately, we do not know much about Agnes’s first marriage, except that she has a child from Carter, a son named Douglas J Carter.

Agnes Hailstone’s second husband Chip Hailstone (Edward V Hailstone) is 48 years old. He was born in 1969. Chip and Agnes Hailstone met in Noorvik around 29 years ago, circa 1988. Chip Hailstone lived in Kalispell, Montana prior to moving to Alaska.

Hailstone’s Children

Agnes is mother to five children with Chip Hailstone: daughters Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline and Qutan. She has an older son Douglas (Doug) Carter and a younger son Jon Hailstone from her first marriage.

Doug is in his early thirties. He is married to Gloria Iyatunguk, they have five kids together. Douglas (Doug) Carter hunts for a living. He and his family live in Deering, AK.

Jon Hailstone also has his own family and is also an accomplished hunter.

Iriqtaq Hailstone is 20 years old. She was very athletic at school, and graduated in 2015. Iriqtaq lives in Ambler, a town on the north bank of the Kobuk River. She is in college. In 2016, Iriqtaq gave birth to a son she named Wade at Alaska Native Medical Center, Anchorage. Agnes’s daughter had to travel so far because of high-risk pregnancy (Hailstone was diagnosed with preeclampsia). Everything turned out alright.

Mary Hailstone, as a freshman was captain of the basketball team.

Hailstones’ younger daughters still attend Noorvik High School, Noorvik, AK. That is why the Hailstones have to stay in Noorvik during the winters, and move to camps in the spring and summer,

Agnes Hailstone Wiki

Culture: Agnes is native Inupiaq born and raised in Alaska. She comes from a big Alaskan family.

Age: The inspirational hunter is 45 years old in 2017; she was born in 1972 in Noorvik, Alaska.

Agnes Hailstone tattoo meaning: What the tattoo on Agnes’s chin stands for? Chin “stripes” are often stripes are tattooed as part of the ritual of maturity in Eskimo women, a signal that a woman has reached puberty. It was believed thin lines indicate that the girl does not laugh and fool around too much, and is serious and hard working.

Hailstone’s locations include: Kotzebue, AK; Hotham Peak Dr, Noorvik, AK; Deering, AK.

Business: Agnes Hailstone used to be the principal in Hailstones’ company Caribou Arts and Adventures, now inactive.

Agnes Hailstone net worth: Hailstones are subsistence hunters. They hunt for survival and though they do sell some of Agnes’ handicrafts, much of their economy is barter. Hardly do they get a chance to amass assets.

Agnes Hailstone’s Rifle: Agnes shoots a Mosin Nagant on the hunting trips, a five-shot, bolt-action military rifle developed by the Russian Imperial Army from 1882 to 1891. Effective firing range‎: ‎500 m (550 yards).

Knife: Agnes’s knife is called Ulu. An ulu (English: “woman’s knife”) is an all-purpose knife used by Inuit, Yupik, and Aleut women. It’s used for skinning and cleaning animals, cutting hair, cutting food, and even trimming blocks of snow used to build an igloo.

Many parts of Agnes Hailstone biography remain a mystery. We don’t even know Agnes Hailstone maiden name.

Agnes Hailstone’s Mother

Agnes has lost her mother, brother and her brother’s girlfriend into the ice. Agnes has been teaching her children what she has been taught by her mother.

We don’t know much about Agnes Hailstone’s mother, but we do know that her husband’s mother, Mary Lois Hailstone is 69 years old and lives in Sitka, Alaska. Prior to moving to Alaska, she lived in Polson, Montana with her husband and Chip’s father Daniel Franklin Hailstone.

Agnes’s Life Below Zero

Most of her time Agnes spends on Alaska’s Kobuk River, nineteen miles north from the Arctic Circle. The family lives off the land, in accordance with Eskimo traditions. Agnes Hailstone and her family became famous thanks to Life Below Zero – popular documentary television series which illustrates the daily activities of subsistence hunters in remote parts of Alaska.

Agnes Hailstone has captured the viewers with her exceptional skill in hunting, including hunting for Oogruk, Alaska’s largest ice seal species, off the remote Kotzebue sound. Her husband and eldest children often help her, although it appears that her husband Chip Hailstone cannot have a gun.

Agnes’s interaction with her children while teaching them the old ways, honor, respect, survival and subsistence living is a true inspiration. She is a great role model as a mother and spouse, and a credit to her people.

Full name Agnes Hailstone (AKA Agnes Q Hailstone)
Born 1972 (age 45)
Husband: Edward V Hailstone (AKA Chip Hailstone)
Children: Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline, Qutan, Douglas and Jon Hailstone
Net worth: $100,000 – $200,000 (estimated)
Location: Noorvik, AK
Past locations: Kotzebue, AK
Relatives: Mary Lois Hailstone
Life Below Zero: 2013-2017


  1. It would be an honor to meet the Hailstone family. My paternal grandfather was Ojjawa Was so proud of him. I was 5years old when I met his parents.

    1. Surely current federal laws insist police wear cameras to verify allegations and arrests. No cam, no case.

      Anyway, 1. Agnes, write an autobiography. Throw in some recipes, tips on preserving etc.
      2.Where do they get their winter clothing? Boots, white rain suits?
      3. A honour to be let into your lives and shown humanity at its best.

      Thank you

  2. correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the term “eskimo” seen as derogatory? I think the name of her tribe, or “native alaskan” would be more appropriate.

    1. I don’t see how it would be derogatory. The name itself in my, opinion, relates to sustainable living. Dealing with the elements and overcoming in order to provide for your family. If I’m wrong and out is derogatory. I apologize.

    2. Alaskan Eskimo are NOT offended at being called Eskimo, they call them selfs that,and in a united way. Your thinking about the term Inuit which means ”Man” or ”Person”‘ but Inuit People are Canadian, while northern AK is Inupiat and the north west Inupiaq. all speak a common language, but the people to the south speak an entirly different language, Yup’ik, Siberian Yup’ik, C’upik, Alutiq, and the Chukchi in Siberia. They retain the names ”Alaska Eskimo Whaling commission, and so forth. They are a proud and happy lot and not offended easily with political correctness.You cant call all Europeans ”Germans” ya know….it would be the same.

      1. Aye Chip! You the man! You are known as the “Great Philosopher” in Washington State 🙂

    1. Seriously? When/how is it ever ok to suggest that someone commit suicide. Grow up and learn how to disagree with people and make intelligent arguments rather than resorting to juvenile thoughts/suggestions.

  3. Absolutely LOVE this show! Think Andy was a bit off to Kate, but love the Hailstones – Agnes is always so cheerful! And really like Sue – she has such guts. Keep up a great show.

  4. Great show about Alaska life. AGNES is my favorite but is too foul mouth to be sweet. Cannot really watch the show with children. I would love to have the whole family watch the program and maybe learn something.

    1. you’re a dumbass. she is sweet as can be. sorry your sexism prevents you from seeing only a (gasp!) woman who swears. how dare she not be disney sweet for you and your brats. it’s alaska – you either cry and piss yourself while dying, or woman up. your kids could use a little woman swearing. grow up.

      1. Women who have foul mouths have no respect for theirselves, or their children, including YOU.

        Act like a pig, get treated like a pig!!

        1. I agree regarding bad language, I’m not going to judge but personally I don’t like it nor do I think it’s needed for emphasis.

          1. Wow, she is good, kind and hard working. I am offended by language that is meant to hurt or degrade.

            That is never her intention. I have nothing but admiration for her.

          2. I can’t tolerate Sue Aikens’ mouth. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live or what’s going on. There is no good reason to use foul language. English is full of descriptive and interesting words. Why swear or spout obscenities? And why, worst of all, use the holy Name “Jesus” or the Name if His Father, God, irreverently? He clearly forbids that and won’t tolerate it. Those Names, Jesus and God, are too holy to use in profanity. To put it plainly, using foul language is doing wrong, defying one of God’s commands.

  5. Agnes is a GEM. She is a credit to her race, and it is obvious her family all loves her very much. I am so delighted she is such a great role model for mothers and wives. Way to go, Agnes.

    1. It’s too bad they destroy the wilderness. Nothing sustainable about running down caribou on snow machine, or killing them whilst swimming. What happens when you introduce technology – has powered engines, and rifles into the wild…

          1. When it comes to feeding ones family all is fair in Love & war. You must do what you have to to keep your children warm & feed.

      1. I guess some people think that the food they eat just grows in the stores & on the shelves… Wow… It’s called survival, they have to eat to live, they have children to feed… They do it the way God intended it to be… Nothing wrong with that, they live off the land & survived for years without being on welfare or assistance… Wow is all I can say about the criticism…

        1. This family is such an inspiration. They are wonderful parents, very loving and I admire Mr Hailstone for respecting and embracing her traditions. I enjoy the show with all my family, especially my grandchildren.

      2. Why do u talk this is her people’s land she’s hunting animals like they have done for thousands of years what ever tools you have to use to be the most successful you use you obviously have never done a job that involves the need of tools whatever they may be

  6. Agnes is truly inspirational. I am sure she has issues to deal with as do we all, however, she always so calm, spiritual. In today’s world, women like Agnes are few and far between. I can only hope to find the inner strength and compassion that she seems to have. God Bless You Agnes!!!

  7. My husband & I love this show..we live in Wyoming and hunt & fish..we used to backpack a lot but not so easy in our 70’ we really enjoy seeing the adventure & self sufficient life style..I have done quite a bit of smoking of deer, elk & fish..I always use apple, cherry or hickory..we are wondering about Jesse smoking his fish with cottonwood.
    We heat with a wood burning stove& burn a lot of cottonwood.
    It really stinks..can’t imagine the salmon would taste very good smoked in that..I realize he can’t find fruit woods but I would think wood from berry bushes would be better. Hope this show will continue for a long time

    1. U can learn quite a bit from S4 Episode 22 pretty much if not all is about there family Angus talks about loosing her Mom,Brother & his girlfriend falling through the ice very sad & I luv her she seems so sweet and kind and now and then she throws a swear out but not as bad as others..

  8. I don’t what people say about the show or the characters , Agnes is the best !! I am so in love with this lady , ( my dream to have ) I wish her and her kids the best !!!

    Ottawa Canada

        1. Chip Hailstone acts too Alaskan …He is just a White Man!! Please, just show the original Alaskans..We DON’T WANT TO WATCH A WHITE MAN..

          1. Your awful! Obviously he has learned and respects all “ALASKAN” raising beautiful respectful kids with his BEAUTIFUL wife. They, for one thing, would NEVER say something so rude to someone they dont even know. Have a little respect for others. No matter what they try, succeed or fail to do in their lives!..! At least they gave it a shot!

    1. pretty sure my only meets in life would be my Larry The Mann. Wow he has loved me for 34 years, and I know are lives are so connected,I love him. We are totally tuned in in together
      Goodnight. There is always tomorrow but My alarry has won my heart 34 wins ago, it is his forever. Goodnight

  9. I was an Alaskan resident in the 80’s and Traveled/Hunted/Fished all over it and miss being there so Much that LBZero is a favorite show though Netflix has Only the first season on… (Hurry Up Netflickies)
    I think that Chip got a RAW DEAL from the Ahole state troopers, they are people too and LIE just like they claim Chip did, when all the fight excitement was going on, To CHIP== Stay away from the PIGS, but you know that now. This day and age any Cop IS NOT your friend, if you and Agnes had Not gone to the Cops, you would not have had the RIDICULOUS charges put on you, I respect the use of Black powder weapons, Very difficult in Low temps, The court should give you your standard firearm RIGHTS BACK IMMEDIATELY.. So you can support your family.

    1. He is not a native and you were obviously black, but don’t get me wrong chip is the baddest Fool on the show. I feel like he is the most knowledgeable period, news flash as well there is no way that he trained and lived and was friends with agnuses father for 20 years if he was the kind of person people pretend he is. My father has his gun rights trip as well, what did he do? He hit a kid who was on his bicycle when the kid was playing chicken with cross traffic. It doesn’t matter who’s right anymore, all that matters is how the Liberals twist the facts and portray them to the prosecutors. This is America, it’s not racist or anything like that, it’s just f***** up deal with it

      1. Lyle- You should have kept your mouth shut and everyone would have assumed you were a fool but you had to open it and convince us.

        1. Well Chip went to Alaska in the 80’s and ivenot heard her dad’s read only heard her mom and brother fell through the ice and drowned but no mention of her dad but there in the show & maybe they don’t wanna be part of it l imo I’d rather watch Chip and family and Sue and take Andy & Naked guy OUT if u get NETFLIX you’ll get to see His Full Monty geese bring a spare pr undies fella but thats the BBC programming.

      2. Lyle, Chip was friends with our father. He did taught Chip a lot. They had many hours talking about everything that our father wanted past down to anyone who is willing to sit and get educated from our father who live 104 years. Retired at 95 years as the electric plant operator. Past in 2006 RIP Dad. Chip has a lot of information that our father past on to him.

    2. Well, it seems that you have jumped onto as bandwagon here all people of a particuaar group are stereotyped and given one description. Shame on you. Haven’t you learned anything. You are the definition of. Racist. Look it up.

  10. I am so very glad that I found this show. Truly in love with it. Of course, the Hailstones are my favorite. Andy & Kate were next in line. Andy is truly gifted, but he was so mean to Kate. Hated to see them split after all the hard work and years together, but I sure understand why. I wish Erik & MarthaMae wld come back. Its just a good clean educational show. Dont have a lot of those these days.

          1. Omg what a bunch of marshmallows. So people swear what of it ? In this day and age everybody uses foul language get over it or take ur brats and shut the tv off jerkoffs!!!

    1. Just discovered this Series on Netflix! I haven’t watched anything else since! I think the producers are doing a bang up job bringing these folks’ way of life into our living rooms! Of course some of it is staged. I find it very inspirational, and educational. Fifty years from now I’m sure we will have drone cameras the size of deer flys! Scary, but imminent. Glad I won’t be around to witness that. Love the cast. Genuine people, especially Sue! She’s my kinda “chick”. If I ever aquire a Super Cub, I’m gonna make Kavik a destination.

        1. Andy was worse than Sue when he and Kate were together. Once Kate left, he mellowed out a little. Maybe that’s why she left him.

    2. She is foul-mouthed. I think she’s got the most unclean language of all the people featured on the program.

  11. This has been one of the best survival reality shows I have ever seen, If anyone watching thinks its easy,
    go out side in your birthday suite in the dead of winter,during a storm with a gallon of tap water and stay there until you finish drinking it, making a fire to cook a rabbit, then lets see what you have to say,
    O H no rabbit well go to the store and get a steak
    Keep on goin Chip, Agnes and family people who are envious of your skill will always be pricks.
    I don’t know if Chip and Agnes have a email address but, I would love to send them a one time resource that could help make things easier, a gift.

    1. Well u won’t live long on Just rabbits & I grew up in the cold NE weather & who needs be naked in the winter cripe I moved down South lil way & have no heat or woodstove just crappy fireplace heat just goes up and out & this house is 100 y.o & not much wood here ? Forgot to replant more & ? Before us someone took the woodstove but I can get a fire going & most the ppl on the show have inside bathrooms & baths so little reason to bathe outside unless your doing polar bear club & kinda wonder why Naked guy don’t smear fat on him or a wetsuit why risk your Life for a TV show I’ve been in river water and it was freezing in the summer.

  12. NICE SHOW! I started watching it. Recently and I love, all the people on the show are amazing apart from that old dude that often yells at
    His wife .LOVE the Hailstones especially AGNES AND CHIP AND the other guy that lives alone in chandalar. Realy want to visit the hailstones one day and participate in the show.

  13. Chip, Agnes and all the children are awesome !!! Agnes is such a roll model for her girls. She ‘rocks’!!!! I think this family is the best part of the show, hands down!!! They need their own hour long show. I can’t get enough of them. I would love to see more of the oldest girl’s life. Surprise to hear that she has a child. Actually it would be nice to see more of ALL the girls. They all show such respect for their parents and that is really really special.

    1. I’m with you. I want to see more air time for the Hailstones. After watching all of these seasons , I feel like I’m a part in their lives. I want to see how they grow and do things each day. 🙂

    2. The chemistry between Agnes and Chip is great. Chip is positive and Agnes is beautiful and always bubbly. I LOVE the way she talks and wish Chip and Her the very best. And Chip’s focus on teaching their children is incredibly human. Great show.

  14. If i was going to have a wife and live off the grid i would want Agnes for a wife , she is a trooper ,a great mother,teacher and wife,i just Love her

    1. She is the most fantastique woman mother hunter etc. I ever see in my life and she is pretty she have a adorable smile and I love when she talk… I am in lone with her

  15. Andy is a horrible person. He treats Kate like dirt. She left him because of the abuse she suffered from him. It doesn’t state whether it was emotional or physical abuse but judging what I have seen of the man he has a foul temper and if he treats her the way he does with a film crew present I can’t imagine how he treated her when they were alone. He looks like he likes a drink and I can see him being a belligerent, violent drunk and I reckon he beat her physically. And that’s why she left him. She is very bitter about he way Nat Geo treated her (read her Facebook posts) and I find it despicable that they continued to have Andy on the show. I have watched the entire series three times up to and including all season (including Season 9) and I fast forward through the Andy segments because I really don’t like the small, pigeon toed bully.

    1. Kate is a useless washed-up Old Hippie. I cannot believe she was able to make it as long as she did out there, although the fact that Andy is such a badass motherfuker probably has a lot to do with that. I think the reason she left was because her daughter totally wanted Andy LOL

    1. Barbara, I agree. Sue is so negative about so much that sometimes it’s too heavy. I wish she would explain her feelings without using clichés. Sometimes I think she hates her life at kavik – I don’t mind the swearing although I do dislike the anger when something goes wrong. Maybe she needs someone positive – like Chip – in her life to make her laugh and enjoy herself more. And someone to help FIX all the problems. I want to see her succeed and get that place SQUARED AWAY!

  16. Love this show and especially the Hailstones. Agnes is a credit and great role model for all of us.

    I hope this series continues for years !

  17. Hi Wendy,

    My husband is a duck hunter and will gladly supply you with lots of feathers for your pillow. In exchange, could you please supply some whale fat? We like to use it in our dog’s smoothies. You do not need to be an experienced hunter to scoop a whale out of the water; simply a strong pair of hands at your local pond.

  18. Love the show especially Sue and Agnes. Thwy are tremendous women. Am so sorry about Chip and hope he comes back.

    1. Chip made his own bed and has to lay in it for now. Convicted of perjury. Read court documents online if you want further details. Ever wonder why he can’t carry a gun other than the one he has to load with gun powder? Past convictions.

        1. This how Chip was convicted of ‘Purgery’ at the 19 second, the edit is very clear. Troopers removed recording and edited to fit their story. Chip is no longer a felon

    1. Wanted to see Agnes soar with Chip gone. I like Chip but wanted to see all of her abilities on her own. I am 65 and want to be her when I grow…seriously she is awesome and a true insperation. Go Agnes!!

    2. He was convicted of perjury. Started when his daughter go into a fight and her boyfriend pulled a knife on someone. All arrested. The next day Chip and his wife go to police station to pick up their daughter and yell at police officers. Then Chip accuses police officers of many lies. There are witnesses other than police to his lies. After years of court hearings and eventually a trial he was found guilty of being a liar. For anyone else asking about why he doesn’t carry a gun, other than an old one he loads with powder is because of his history and convictions. He is not allowed to legally carry a gun other than like the one I stated above. He has a documented history of being a hot headed liar. You can read the detailed court documents online if you want further details.

      1. I wish Hillary would get what she deserves for all her lies. His sentence sounds a little harsh but I wasn’t part of the jury. Watch the show with amazement that people want to live in that ice cold climate. It’s not for me. God bless and keep them all safe.

      2. No Bertha his daughter did not get into a fight. Her boyfriend did not pull a knife. She did not get arrested. He did get a restraining order on a trooper to stay away from his daughter. The corrupted system turn everything around to protect the trooper.

    3. He went to jail because he was convicted of perjury (lying) after years of court hearings and eventually a trial, he was convicted and is now serving his sentence. You can read the court documents online if you want further details. He can’t carry a gun other than he one he loads with gun powder because of his previous convictions (in addition to the perjury conviction). He has a temper and is a known liar.

      1. I am his sister in law and I have never seen him with a temper. He is fair guy. He does not lie that I know of all these years married to my sister. We do have a corrupt legal system here in Alaska. I have seen it first hand. I worked on many cases over the year in a law firm and seen a lot of corruption.

  19. Speaking up for Andy:
    This is not anti-Kate, just pro-Andy:

    Look at his many skills, his work ethic, endurance, and brain. He builds with ingenuity and precision. He has immense knowledge about the land, seasons, animals, growing crops, fishing, hunting, trapping, tools, repairs. He has built a whole village of buildings and services by himself. He is brilliant.

    There are many roles in any one adult life, and people are often better at one role than another. Andy may have lost his marriage, but his ability as a builder of survival tools is brilliant. Be objective.

    1. I agree that Andy is a very intelligent, talented, hard working man. I saw him get upset quite a few times, but more with himself and the situation that had just happened than with her and he would curse rant & rave. I did see him on several occasions snap at her, but that happens with all couples, maybe a little more when you are the only ones around for months at a time. I also heard him thank her for her help.
      She remarked that she was older, I think she followed him there because he was a younger man interested in an older woman, at first it was grand, but after a while she realized he was more interested in the sustainable lifestyle than her. I sure didn’t see her put the effort in their life like Agnus & Sue.
      If & only if he abused her, shame on Andy, but if she exaggerated, then shame on Kate. Really, only the two of them know the truth

      1. Andy was absolutely terrible towards His wife. His yelling at her was very abusive. I couldn’tunderstand how Nat Geo kept him on the show. He may be very skilled and a great builder, etc, but his outbursts and yelling were childish snd abusive. Glad Kate got out of there!!

  20. My husband and I love this show! We’ve watched them all on Netflix and adore all the people on it. Just amazing to watch their way of life .Much respect!! We hope to make it out to Alaska one day.

  21. just started watching the show and absolutely love It Can’t wait for the next season . All the cast are great especially sue What a great woman and the hailstones are a beautiful family would love to meet the one day , bit far from Australia Ps didn’t like andy much bit to aggressive for me

  22. Hi Folks,
    Here in Scotland we do not often get new content, but new episodes that have been made from recutting old stuff and splicing it all together. I have lost count of the number of times. I have seen Sue Aitken having her accident with her Snow Machine. On Monday night this week, I watched her install an extra oil tank for her heating. Saw this twice last year! Lots of things wrong with the show, but I still love it and watch each old and supposed new episode as they appear on Sky TV. By the way we never saw the breakup of the couple whose house was devastated by the Yukon Spring breakup, but suddenly she was gone and then Kate was back in a couple of episodes. Last night was Yurt building and the comment was it was needed so he had a workshop for his tools to allow him to finish building his house.

    As I have said I love the programme and do not miss any, but just get confused>

    1. Kate left him because she said he was constantly yelling at her. I don’t believe they were legally married (contract). In an article I read she said she was tired of his yelling, especially seeing him do it on tv was the straw that broke the camels back. I can’t blame her at all because even tho he is a talented builder and farmer, he treated her like crap.

        1. She was a total fool, and we are lucky we watch them on Life Below Zero as opposed to some cold case File. Because I would have buried her under the dogs kennels a long time ago.

          1. Lyle our are so stupid , it’s better to leave this place and find yourself a septic tank and live in it

          2. Lyle, really? She was a nice, bubbly, sweet person at the beginning and then she began to slowly lose interest in Andy and his projects due to bad treatment.

  23. I think Agnes is sexy as hell. I am usually attracted to women more feminine but watching her hunt, mother her children all while respecting and loving her husband. Whatt!!! I am ready to move to Alaska.

  24. I regret my suspicions over the Hailstones as parents, but I must adnit that their kids seem well. The girls are athletes! Maybe only Chip is the real suspect, and not Agnes. Oh well, from the lower 48, I am prepared and willing to be proven wrong. From my insanely comfortable point of view, I accept that I have little right to comnent.

  25. Hey,
    Love the show!, I live in New Zealand and see a lot of similarities between our or two countries, if I ever get over to Alaska I’m coming to see the Hailstones,
    Take it easy

  26. This show is totally the best ever! Watch out Chip, if you ever take your eyes off Agnes… Then I’m coming for her. Lol

  27. Love the show. Am also a big fan of the Hailstones and I admire their survival skills.
    Actually, I admire all the participants for their quest for life and their ability to survive.

  28. I love this program!!! The Hailstones and Sue, my favorites 🙂 like watching the others as well, but of course like most of the things in life, we have our favorites 😉

  29. I have been watching the show now for a long time. I love watching Chip make things out of nothing..The Hailstones have a wonderful family. It’s easy to see that Agnes is Queen…keep up the great work… love the show

  30. I love this program; My favorite would be Chip and Agnes, they are both great hunters and parents. Next would be Sue; she is certainly a driven hard working women and a lot of courage. I hate that they risk her life and well being in the snow mobile wreck, it just wasn’t right. The one person I have problems with is Andy; though he is a very capable person; he never gave Kate any credit for anything. He deserves to live by himself. I wish Kate the best.

  31. I love Agnes Hailstone. Beautiful family. Stay Blessed. If she ever comes to Los Angeles to visit, then I want to meet her.

  32. Absolutely love the show. It’s great to see people living,loving and learning our beautiful wilderness. I admire all of you, I could never survive out there. I don’t like being cold.. God bless you and your family.
    I wish I knew real hunters, I am 56 yrs old,with the same feather pillow from my childhood hood,which has lost most if it’s feathers,if I knew a true hunter replacing the feathers would be easily assessable.

    1. I’m sure Wendy that no matter where you live if you advertised in the local paper or Craigslist you would probably find several duck Hunters who would gladly trade you the feathers rather than having to do them themselves. Plucking a duck is not hard work and it would be an easy way to get the free feathers for your pillow. In fact if you wanted you could probably make more pillows. Maybe even start a company selling down pillows. The Stars the limit

        1. You are a fool, maybe you should Google things before you type them because down is a specific state that feathers reside. It has nothing to do with the species, you can find down on all fowel, or at least all that I’m aware of. You see I am not the most educated individual either, but unlike yourself I will not attempt 2 give pretense to the fact that I am, douchebag, probably a liberal, probably voted for Hillary.

          1. This Lyle loser has NO LIFE…plus seems like a killer waiting to happen if he already hasn’t killed and buried as he himself referenced. Better keep an eye on this one.

  33. We as a family really enjoy the program. Awaiting season 5 with great anticipation and wonderment.Gooooooo Agnes…we love her leadership.

    1. Love this program I watch as many episodes as I can and eagerly await new next one in the series its very interesting to see all seasons and aspects of life in Alaska

  34. I really enjoy watching”life below 0″ and find your families part the best. You are a great team! I’m very impressed with the camping while hunting in the extremely cold temperatures. The drama stuff (stuck snowmobile, with hairline crack in fuel drum” seams instigated by film crew. Your family and your way of life is envy worthy, and very respectful​. So nice to see in these times.

    Love with prayers, Craig and Tammy

    hope any tv drama has not jinxed your lovely family.

    1. I must say that your comment is one of the most ignorant comments I have read. Saying the film crew would intentionally sabotage their fuel tank/line making their only mode of transportation unusable is ignorant and insulting to anyone who has a functioning brain. They could freeze to death or get severely injured if what you’re insinuating is true, which it’s not. It would be similar to cutting the brake line on someone’s car on any reality tv show. Seriously, don’t make accusations that are clearly made up. Turn off your computer and crawl out of your mama’s basement and get a life. I rarely, if ever comment because I have better things to do but your comment was just too insulting to let go. Have a nice day.

      1. Dear Bertha and others,

        I too have never written a reply to a post, but your post is the exception. You need to research before you react.

        Had you done any research, you would find that the producer on the Sue Akins (?sp) part of the show made her do things that she did not want to do. All in the name of a better show. Things that at the time I wondered why she was being so foolish. I later found it was the producer that madealt her do them.

        Some for instances:

        1. Her snowmobile accident. She didn’t want to do the shot because of the danger. He made her do it. Then when she had the accident, wouldn’t let one of the crew help her. All of that pain and suffering she went through and the loss of business, food, and appliances was all caused by the producer.
        2. When she said she would gut the caribou then take it back and butcher it where it was warmer. Next thing she is out there, in below zero temperature, butchering the caribou. I was yelling at her, why are you doing that. Her hands were covered with blood and she was in so much pain.
        3. Her face was uncovered and she was about frostbitten because the producer wanted to see her face.

        These are just three things, there were others. She has a law suit against them.

        I would like and all of the other people that write bad comments about what you see on this “documentary reality-based series” that not everything you see is true 100% reality.

        I am not saying that the crew or producer on the Hailstones’ portion of the show sabotaged the equipment. I am saying that not all producers are above staging reality for a more dramatic show. There may be awards or something like that for them to strive for. That or maybe they just have big egos.

        I don’t necessarily like everything I see, but I am not going to lambast these people for what they are doing to survive.

        We can go to the store and buy our groceries and it doesn’t cost a small fortune. When my husband realizes that he is out of dog food or milk, he can just hop in the car, drive a few miles, and get it.

        In the areas where Life Below Zero is filmed, they have to plan sometimes a year or more in advance to get what they need.

        Ages catches fish. When she gets home she gets on the village radio system and tells people she has fish to trade and tells them what she needs. That is the barter system. That is how trade happened for years before we had money.

        When Sue’s generator broke down. She had to pay $1,000 for this little bleeder screw to be delivered. Thank God she had the money to pay for the unexpected expense. The Hailstones don’t have a camping and fuel business to make money for these expenses. They can’t afford the fancy new guns with scopes so Agnes doesn’t have to take so many shots.

        I wish people would just watch the show and take the good lessons, great scenery, and all the other teachings and quit harping on the bad. I was taught, “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.”

        I would like to see all of these people that complain, that the Hailstones kill all of these caribou at one time and get them when they are crossing the river, try living off of the land. Remember that if you don’t find something to eat you go hungery.

        I wish I could live a simpler life. I thought their lives seemed so simple. Then when I realized what it really takes to live their life, I realized I already have a simple lifestyle. Just the thought of not having to live on the grid and nother needing a lot of money so appealing. I would love to be able to go shoot my meat that has lived free and natural.

        But since I am 62, have trouble walking, don’t have the strength to hold a gun up (I could shoot from my hip like the Rifleman) and probably wouldn’t last a day without the medications that keep me going. All I can do is live vicariously through the wonderful brave men, women, and children that are on this and other similar shows.

        Sorry for rambling on. I had read another remarks on another site prior to this site. Also, if I have missed any spelling or auto correct mistakes.

        I love this show. Once I realized that it was not all just documenting their lives I was extremely disappointed.

          1. Yes it is a very fine rifle but he would have you ever shot one in 40 degrees below zero with the Wind and who knows if the gun is ever even been rebuilt withhold misaligned and out of Tolerance parts I think not but you seem to know everything and you are you are and you’re going to keep arguing because you’re a keyboard genius take care pickle sniffer

          2. You can’t feed yourself or your family without the help of a grocery store so shut your pie hole.

      2. Easy now with flying off the handle saying that his comment is ignorant it seems you are more the ignorant one it’s obvious that her and her family can survive extreme environments and situations without any help whatsoever but you got to remember the American people are stupid and you are stupid as well because your attention span is so short under a lot of boring moments in that lifestyle so with that being said there is a huge film crew around them a craft food table and any sort of medical good mechanical help that they will ever need around them now that they are on TV so with that being said once again maybe it is possible that it was a staged incident because in the end they can turn around to the food table to the mechanics and to everything else that will help them out of their situation if things go wrong..! So your reply coming from a typical reality TV show Watcher that thinks that everything goes on his reality makes you a moron..!!

        1. You are a fool, if you think just because they’re on TV that the BBC brings out fat cruise and carts of food to cater is ridiculous. I am pretty sure that you would enjoy sucking on a big fat walrus dick that all of the people on the show would be glad to sustain on, but would he know means gain any of the perverse ovation that you do when you do it.

        2. American people are stupid? Where the f*ck you from ignorant a**hole! Talk about narrow minded stupid f*cks!

      3. “I rarely, if ever comment because I have better things to do” is bullsh*t! You can’t shut up…all you gotta do is scroll up and you can see how many times…. apparently you don’t have anything better to do…annoying a** liar.

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