Agnes Wilczynski – Bio, Net Worth, Brett Raymer, Tanked

(Last Updated On: Apr 10, 2018)

Animal Planet’s Agnes Wilczynski (Tanked) is a reality TV personality, estimator and sales coordinator. Unlike many others in the mainstream reality TV show business, Agnes has managed to remain out of the spotlight.

Agnes Wilczynski Bio

Although Agnes Wilczynski has become a very popular face for those that follow Tanked, there is a lot that still remains a mystery about her as she has tried and succeeded in keeping a major part of her life in the covers.

It was in May 17, 1977, that the woman was born in Poland and was named Agnes Jadwiga Wilczynski. It was as well in Poland that she began her life before she finally got the opportunity of moving to the United States almost 35 years ago. The then young Agnes made the move to Las Vegas after what she would later describe as a literally hitting the Jack Pot with her uncle, Arthur. That was sometime in the early 1980s and it was via a TWA jumbo jet that she moved to the US on a one way ticket.

For things such as her education and how she was raised, there is hardly any available information. However, she grew up in Las Vegas, which has become a home for her since she came to the US, and it was there that she began working. Till date, she still has a home there. She has come to love Vegas so much that after the tragic shooting of 2017 she revealed on social media that she was heart-broken and she made attempts to help those in need by encouraging people to donate blood and funds.

She met fame in 2011 after she joined and began with the reality TV show, Tanked. She got the role of being ATM’s sales representative. Agnes is saddled the responsibility of dealing with designers to draw estimate job costs as well as provide bidding quotes for ATM. Another thing she is in charge of is taking care of incoming calls.

Before joining the show, the woman began as a hair designer before she moved on to become a sales representative with a Ferrari dealership in Las Vegas where she lived. It was in an attempt to sell a Porsche to Wayde that their paths crossed, and she didn’t only end up selling the car to him, but she also found a way to work with ATM which led her to his show that was still being developed at the time.

Among her known family members are her mum who is still alive, Sheryl Wilcznyski and Authur J Wilcznski who are her brothers.

Agnes Wilczynski, Ex-husband, Current Relationship Status

On more occasions than one, many people have always asked the question on whether or no0t Agnes and fellow Tanked star, Brett Raymer have ever been in a relationship, or if they were married but later got divorced. Interestingly enough, Brett and Agnes have never been an item. In fact, Raymer has never been married and as revealed, he has been in a rather long but well blooming relationship with another woman, Trisha Chamberlain. The two have been together since 2011.

Hence, the relationship between Brett Raymer and Agnes is nothing more than platonic. In fact, it has been pointed out that Brett sees Agnes as a kid sister.

On her own relationship, even as some people get to assume that Brett is her ex-husband, the very beautiful woman has never been married. It is very convenient for most people to assume that she has been married and divorced because of how hidden the woman has kept her personal and love life.

On her current relationship, Agnes may as well be single. This is because she has not been linked to anyone. More so, even as she loves sharing her moments with people she loves such as her4 family members and friends, the Tanked regular face has never talked or shared anything about any man to suggest that she is in any relationship.

One more thing is that despite the fact that no one knows who the woman is dating, many have assumed that she is straight even though she hasn’t come out to state anything about her sexual orientation.

Agnes Wilczynski Net Worth

As easily as can be said, Agnes is one of those people in the reality TV show that have paid their dues in full. This is mostly if you consider the fact that she has grown into a regular part of the show which has been running since 2011.

Hence, because of her hard work and the fact that other members of the show including Wayde King, Brett Raymer, and Irwin Raymer have a net worth of between $5 and $8 million each, it will be expected that Wilczynski should also have a fat net worth. While she could be close to that, at the moment her actual net worth has not been released, hence we are still left only to speculate.

Agnes Wilczynski Tanked

The show that sold Agnes to the waiting eyes of the world is, of course, Animal Planet’s Tanked. The TV series which began in 2011 is drawn from the Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) business which is owned and run by Brett Raymer and Wayde King who are brother-in-laws and business partners.

The series sees to the building of aquariums that are not only magnificent and beautiful, but also intelligent and adventurous to serve the needs of clients who are mostly people of high profile. These tanks or aquariums are built in different locations and for different places including restaurants, casinos, and churches.

Some high-profile clients for whom aquariums were built include Bart Scott, Dwyane Wade, Neil Patrick Harris, Tracy Morgan, and Shaquille O’Neal among others.

With close to half a million viewership, the show is in its 13th season as ATM continues building a wide variety of custom aquariums and acrylic exhibits.

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