Alison Berns – Howard Stern’s Ex-Wife, David Scott Simon’s Current Wife

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2017)

Alison Berns is an American actress and the former wife of Howard Stern. Howard Stern’s ex-wife Alison Berns was born in May, 1954 in Newton Centre, Massachusetts, USA. She is 62 years old in 2017. Her ex-husband was born in January, 1954 in Jackson Heights, New York City, USA. He is 63 years old in 2017.

The two first met at Boston University through a mutual friend. Alison was pursuing her degree in social work, and her future boyfriend Howard – a degree in communications. On their first date Howard asked Alison to see a movie named Lenny. The couple immediately fell for each other.

The college sweethearts got married in 1978 at Temple Ohabei Shalom Reform synagogue in Brookline, Massachusetts. Their marriage was witnessed by their families and close friends. The bride and groom were 24 years old. Alison Berns and Howard Stern have three children together: Emily Beth Stern (born 1983), Deborah Jennifer Stern (born 1986) and Ashley Jade Stern (born 1993).

Berns and Stern separated in 1999. They were living with Berns in Old Westbury, NY. Howard moved into a 4000 sq. apartment on the Upper West Side and started dating Beth Ostrosky who is 19 years his junior. Later they got married. After her divorce from Stern 23 years after the wedding, Alison Berns tied the knot with businessman David Scott Simon in 2001 (not the billionaire CEO of Simon Malls David E. Simon). They are still married.

Together with her husband Howard, Alison Berns played major roles in U.S. Open Sores (1989), Negligee and Underpants Party (1988) and Private Parts (1997). She also appeared on the Howard Stern Show as herself.

Producer, actor and author Howard Allen Stern is widely known for his radio show The Howard Stern show.

Alison Berns and Emily Beth Stern: Alison Berns is the mother of Emily and her sisters, Ashley and Debra. Emily once said she was “embarrassed” over an interview that she gave – it painted her father in an unflattering light.

Alison Berns and David Scott Simon: Howard Stern’s ex-wife Alison Berns is happily married to David Scott Simon.

Alison Berns Stern: Rumor has it that Alison and Stern separated because of Stern being a workaholic obsessed over his work.

Alison Berns Stern Net Worth: Alison Berns has an estimated net worth of $20 million. However, this is only a “guesstimate”, because no figures were published. Since Alison Berns has given up her career as an actress, her net worth is probably not growing as fast as it used to.

Alison Berns and Howard Stern kids were scarred by their parents’ 1999 split and divorce after 23 years of marriage. The bombshell and socialite Beth Ostrosky became stepmother to the three daughters – Emily, Debra, and Ashley..

Alison Berns – Emily Beth Stern, David Scott Simon, Net Worth

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