Unauthorized or Unknown Amazon Digital Svcs Charge

(Last Updated On: Feb 6, 2018)

If you have an unknown or unauthorized Amazon Digital Svcs charge on your credit card, look at Your Digital Orders in your Amazon account – it may show there.

Amazon Digital Services is a part of amazon.com. An unknown amazon charge for $0.99 is common for apps. Look carefully at the apps on your device – some of them may be paid. You can check with Amazon Customer Support and remove it if by error.

A recurring $2.99 charge is usually the Prime Members monthly fee for the Kindle Free Time subscription for one child. A $6.99 charge is for Kindle FreeTime is for up to four kids.

A $9.99 Amazon digital services charge is usually for the Kindle Unlimited service.

A $99 Amazon digital svcs charge may be for Amazon Prime. At the end of the free trial period, Amazon Prime goes into annual membership and is charged at $99 automatically for the next period. You can cancel your Amazon Prime on the Manage Your Prime Membership page. You are eligible for a full refund If you haven’t placed an Amazon Prime-eligible order.

A $8.75 “Amazon Digital Svcs” charge may be for the Hulu app after the trial period is over. You may have tried Hulu through Amazon, and accidentally signed up for the subscription service auto renewal.

Other potential reasons for the charge: download of a game, software download (TurboTax, PhotoShop, Microsoft Office, etc.), pre-ordered a book, Amazon TV subscription, MP3s, video purchase, Subscribe & Save recurring purchase, digital magazine subscription (after free trial), Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited. Looking in the settings on the “Manage Your Content And Devices” page can be helpful.

It may also be a charge for a free book if you didn’t follow the instructions when borrowing from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. For the book to be free, you need to have a paid Prime account or a 30-day trial, borrow from an actual Kindle, and click on the Borrow button instead of Buy.

However, note that downloading gaming cards like XBOX live come up with the charge but doesn’t show up on your digital orders. So, looking in your Digital Orders area will not always help to know what the charge is for.

How to Prevent Amazon Digital Svcs Charges

To prevent issues in the future, make sure you have a working email associated with your Amazon account. When Amazon digital purchase is made on that account you will be notified by email.

Another tip for prevention – go into your Amazon account and turn off the 1 click checkout, as well as the 1 click checkout for digital content. The one click is turned on by default so if somebody (kids?) purchases something, it goes straight to your credit card. If you turn off the 1 click there are more steps to go to purchase so the kids can’t do it.

If somebody in your household signed up for something by mistake, Amazon will cancel the subscription and refund the money.

An order could have also been placed by a family member or friend with access to your credit card number.

Also, a bank could have placed a hold for recently canceled order. Your bank could have reserved the funds until the authorization expires, but this isn’t an actual charge.

Fraudulent Purchases

Usually an unknown Amazon digital svcs charge is an accident. However, it does occasionally happen that these credit card charges are fraudulent. Someone may have been “hacked” your account and made a purchase.

You want to call your bank immediately if you suspect fraud after having noticed on your banking statement unauthorized charges from “Amazon Digital Services”. After calling the bank, speak to Amazon Customer Service. They will investigate the Amazon digital services charges and tell you if they were fraudulent. You may have to file a police report and Amazon will give the information to the police.

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