Amazon Digital Svcs Charges

Unauthorized or Unknown Amazon Digital Svcs Charge

(Last Updated On: Feb 6, 2018)

If you have an unknown or unauthorized Amazon Digital Svcs charge on your credit card, look at Your Digital Orders in your Amazon account – it may show there.

Amazon Digital Services is a part of An unknown amazon charge for $0.99 is common for apps. Look carefully at the apps on your device – some of them may be paid. You can check with Amazon Customer Support and remove it if by error.

A recurring $2.99 charge is usually the Prime Members monthly fee for the Kindle Free Time subscription for one child. A $6.99 charge is for Kindle FreeTime is for up to four kids.

A $9.99 Amazon digital services charge is usually for the Kindle Unlimited service.

A $99 Amazon digital svcs charge may be for Amazon Prime. At the end of the free trial period, Amazon Prime goes into annual membership and is charged at $99 automatically for the next period. You can cancel your Amazon Prime on the Manage Your Prime Membership page. You are eligible for a full refund If you haven’t placed an Amazon Prime-eligible order.

A $8.75 “Amazon Digital Svcs” charge may be for the Hulu app after the trial period is over. You may have tried Hulu through Amazon, and accidentally signed up for the subscription service auto renewal.

Other potential reasons for the charge: download of a game, software download (TurboTax, PhotoShop, Microsoft Office, etc.), pre-ordered a book, Amazon TV subscription, MP3s, video purchase, Subscribe & Save recurring purchase, digital magazine subscription (after free trial), Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited. Looking in the settings on the “Manage Your Content And Devices” page can be helpful.

It may also be a charge for a free book if you didn’t follow the instructions when borrowing from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. For the book to be free, you need to have a paid Prime account or a 30-day trial, borrow from an actual Kindle, and click on the Borrow button instead of Buy.

However, note that downloading gaming cards like XBOX live come up with the charge but doesn’t show up on your digital orders. So, looking in your Digital Orders area will not always help to know what the charge is for.

How to Prevent Amazon Digital Svcs Charges

To prevent issues in the future, make sure you have a working email associated with your Amazon account. When Amazon digital purchase is made on that account you will be notified by email.

Another tip for prevention – go into your Amazon account and turn off the 1 click checkout, as well as the 1 click checkout for digital content. The one click is turned on by default so if somebody (kids?) purchases something, it goes straight to your credit card. If you turn off the 1 click there are more steps to go to purchase so the kids can’t do it.

If somebody in your household signed up for something by mistake, Amazon will cancel the subscription and refund the money.

An order could have also been placed by a family member or friend with access to your credit card number.

Also, a bank could have placed a hold for recently canceled order. Your bank could have reserved the funds until the authorization expires, but this isn’t an actual charge.

Fraudulent Purchases

Usually an unknown Amazon digital svcs charge is an accident. However, it does occasionally happen that these credit card charges are fraudulent. Someone may have been “hacked” your account and made a purchase.

You want to call your bank immediately if you suspect fraud after having noticed on your banking statement unauthorized charges from “Amazon Digital Services”. After calling the bank, speak to Amazon Customer Service. They will investigate the Amazon digital services charges and tell you if they were fraudulent. You may have to file a police report and Amazon will give the information to the police.

Discussion: What was your Amazon Digital Svcs charge for?


  1. Amazon, e-bates, “groupons”, and so many others are perpetuating FRAUD. How many thousands or most likely, MILLIONS of people are getting ripped off by these sneaky charges that start turning up a few weeks after making an order. This should be a federal CRIME.

  2. I have noticed that I am being charged $5.99 for this digital svcs, and do not know
    how , when or why. Please remove it, thank you.

  3. Amazon has been defrauding me for 2 years now quietly with a “Filmbox subscription” charge of $4.99 each month… I have no idea how it started and they never sent ANY receipt about it. They’ve been quietly charging me for this mystical subscription without my knowledge or consent. When I called and emailed several times, their, usually good customer service, turned to bad and subsequently to non-existent. They offered to refund 3 charges our of 20 “as an exception”.. OK.. you steal from me $75 you will lose on Prime membership and all of my business (which up until now was 80% of my shopping).

    I am completely disgusted with this practice and out of principal will not be shopping with Amazon after this.

  4. I am getting REOCCURING CHARGE of 3.99 and have know Idea why and would like to know. Please cancel and reimburse me. Apparently I am not the only one getting this and question the practice.
    Thank you

  5. I am being charged 10.81 fora digital service I don’t want or remember ever ordered, I tried to find a number on line to stop this charge every month on my card. Can’t find nothing.please contact me

        1. I had my money refunded but had to replace card. I received an email from the place that was getting my money telling me my services were turned off. its been awhile and nothing has happened same as yours 10.81

          1. That’s the same amount on my card. don’t see the charge at all on my amazon history. thanks for posting your situation.

  6. Amazon is sneaky. You have to go to the “manage your prime video channels” section. Somehow I got subscribed to some channel.

    1. THANK YOU for posting this. You just solved my unknown charge, which was for a channel I never signed up for and had no idea I was getting charged for it. It was so hard to find where this charge was defined on my account on the website. Super sneaky indeed.

        1. SAME. Thank you so much! My grandma (who I let use my account) accidentally subscribed to something haha

          1. Not in Amazon’s “My Orders”. Not in Amazon’s “MY digital Orders”. Not in “Manage my Subscriptions”. Instead you have to dig down through Prime Video (which I didn’t even know is a thing) and find “Manage your Prime Video channels” and sure enough, there were the two mysterious charges.

        1. I still can’t find the charge. I looked under prime video channel and I don’t see where the charge would be.

    2. I have a recurring charge of 4.99 each month. When I called I talked to two people who told me they didn’t know what it was from and I would have to contact where the charge was coming from. When I told them it was from them they said oh it’s acorn. But I have 4.99 already coming out for that. The order number for the one I don’t know – D01-0069329-4208219.

  7. Did I use HULU on the TV ? Is that why you charged my account $8.99 on April 9, 2018? PLEASE COMMENT. Thanks R.Lujan

  8. I’m being charged 5.99 a month, 1/10 18, 2/10/18 ,3/10/18 , for something I have not ordered, I would like to be reimbursed. I am also charged for $104.94 on 1/9/18 for a membership. something is wrong here!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. what is the number for customer service, I live in Ireland so if remote support was possible that would be good. I cannot find contact details on website

    1. the number is 0044 2070847911. if you have been charged by amazon digit, it is fraud. ring your bank too.

  10. I am being charged 21.39 Amazon Dig. Svcs on my bank account every month for over a year. Why???? What is it for??? I have a prime membership and pay monthly for that separate.

  11. I found a $14.99 charge from Amazon Digital Services. Started a live chat with customer service on and found out it was for an HBO subscription that I never use. The said they cancelled the subscription and will reimburse my account within 2-3 business days. Took less than 5 minutes.

    1. I just discovered that Amazon has been billing me $9.99 a month for Kindle unlimited that I am positive I never signed up for and never used. I just called Amazon customer service and they will refund the money. This is not the first time I have been charged for something I never ordered by Amazon. They refund my money every time I catch it but I sometimes I wonder if I catch it every time.

  12. I’m a prime member and I am getting charged 14.99 monthly for a amazon digital svcs or subscription I did not ask for.. going to look into my account and start making some calls. Been happening for a few months now

        1. I found a $14.99 monthly charge on my credit card for past few months and just discovered that I have a premium Add On Video Subscription to HBO.

          1. I’m having the problem they changed10.41 to my account and I don’t use Kindle I hate reading so why would I sign for it 🙁 🙁

  13. I searched on an item on (a DVD). Apparently, when I clicked on the item, it created a digital order for $16.19. I cancelled the order but guess I will wait to see if it really credits my card.

  14. Amazing how $16.23 is charged for a year before I realized it. Nothing shown on active subscription or anywhere on my account. They mentioned it is by HBO Plus which I have not used at all.

    And they can tell me they can only refund me for 1 month.

    Sadly, this is a blow on my confidence with Amazon.

      1. I have a $16.23 charge on my bank account and it shows AMAZON MUSIC*MB2 and they say they cannot find the charge after cross-referencing my email, my wife’s email and my daughter email. All of our phone numbers. They even cross reference my debit card across Amazon and could NOT find where it had been used!!! WTH??? Guess I dispute it with the bank and change my debit card number… AGAIN!!! I hate fraudulent
        charges from these big companies. Like how do you get my info so easily???

  15. Thank you – I found a $4.99 monthly charge on my credit card for past few months and just discovered that I have a premium Add On Video Subscription to PBS Kids. I vaguely remember my child wanting to watch a movie on that amazon channel and I chose the “free trial subscription” but forgot to cancel it…

    I found it on my Amazon account under
    Your Account >Manage Your Amazon Channels

  16. I have 1 kindle and every month I get charged $9.99 for “Kindle Unlimited” as well as $9.99 for “Amazon Digital Svcs”. Am I being charged double when I shouldn’t be??

  17. On 7/28 I requested to cancel my subscription and I was told that I would receive a $9.99 refund to my account. I have not recieved that refund. My name is Malia Mason you can reach me at 619-753-7638 or at maliamason044@ Please contact me.

  18. The charge I had was for 59.99. The crazy thing is that it came out of my checking account and I don’t even have that card on my Amazon account. I checked digital services because the charge states that’s what it was for and there ar no purchases. Hackers?? I don’t understand and Amazon doesn’t have answers so what’s next?

    1. Found a charge just like this for $59 and another one for $24.99 on my bank account yesterday. Researching what this is for. No digital downloads of any sort made by anyone in my family and these charges aren’t showing on my Amazon account. I cancelled my Prime membership a few weeks ago.

  19. amazon was charging me $4.99 since December for Filmbox – I never signed up for and they refuse to refund this fees. This is fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. My credit card ESD charged $8.99 and I don’t have any subscription make sure double check today and I’d clear but still wsd charged the same amount.

  21. I have tried last weekend to download Amazon Tv on my Samsung Smart Tv, but didn’t subscribe, and I’m sure I didn’t input my credit card details. Yesterday i got a notification that I have been charged $2.99 from Amazon Digital Svcs.
    How did they get my credit card detail? Plus I don’t even have an Amazon account!!!!
    Any ideas? Did it happen to anyone?


  22. Lucky me…Amazon Digital not only allowed a fraudulent charge on my Credit Card, they allowed fraudulent charges on 3 of my credit cards..they claim it was a “glitch”. I explained a glitch is when it happens once, it is not a glitch when fraudulent charges are made on 3 of my credit cards on the same day. Sounds like his little glitch is a common occurrence. Maybe I should contact an attorney and start a class action suit. Maybe the threat of a massive settlement having to be paid will spark Amazon to investigate why this glitch seems to occur quite a few times in the last year.

  23. There is a charge on my visa on April 1 for $10.73. It is I’d as amazon digital svcs. 866-2866-216 1072WA. I do not remember ordering anything! Please check this out and let me know what is happening.

  24. I called Amazon and I was being charged $9.73 a month for Showtime subscription. I did not order it so they removed one charge and gave me amazon credit for the other.

  25. Same thing here on Amazon Prime Credit Card thru Chase. But 2 subscriptions to different movie channels I did not order. I called Chase, disputed the charges and cancelled the credit card. I then call Amazon and informed them of the problem. He was not very helpful but did manage to tell what the charges were for, which was more than Chase could tell me. Now I’m trying to take out my debit card so there will not be any cards on file for Amazon to charge to.

  26. Was charged $16.00 checked my account and can’t locate anything. Called my bank and disputed the charge. Refund coming in 10 days and new debit card. Be careful folks.

  27. I am having the same issue and cannot figure out what these charges are for. A charge of $4.99 has been authorized on the last day of each month since the last day in September. I didn’t notice it until this month (February). I wish I could figure out what they are for. I’ve scoured my account/digital orders/devices/subscriptions to no avail. 🙁

      1. I’m charged $16.19/mo for HBO because apparently I bought it through Amazon. Took a while to figure that out!

  28. Hello, I have four charges to my account each for $ 20 in a single month, total $ 80. what do I do? this is a fraud!

    1. Fraud is defined as someone using your credit or debit card without your knowledge or permission. Most of the time these types of charges are billing errors; online transactions do not require the card to be present in order to assess a charge, as they are manually keyed in. You may be able to dispute the charges with your credit card company. Contact them as soon as possible, as you have approximately 90 days from the date the charges post to your account to initiate a chargeback (dispute). Beyond that time you can potentially lose your rights to dispute. Your credit card company can sometimes also provide you with more information about the charges. Before contacting your bank, do try to resolve with Amazon. Their customer service can often help with these issues.

  29. If you still cannot figure out where the charge originated, you can submit a dispute through your Amazon Payments Account.

  30. I had the 10.81 charge show up on my CC on Christmas. I had just begun experimenting with Amazon Video on a new TV and was concerned somehow I had purchased something (I’ve had Prime for years). Turns out, I had to visit all the services and at some point I had activated Kindle Unlimited (free trial), with the fine print being that they would charge me 9.99/mo after the first month. The free trial began… you guessed it, November 25. I cancelled it, and they charged me for 1 month. Caveat Emptor…

  31. Thanks for the post. I contacted Amazon and they refunded 7 months worth of Amazon Free Time Subscription. Guess I better start balancing my check book! Wonder who else is charging me!?

  32. Amazon Cloud service charge. Apparently, Amazon snuck in a 1 year free trial of this program and the fine print promised to charge $59.99/yr. I had the same charge and called Amazon and they canceled the service and refunded my money.

    1. Amazon Cloud service charge. Apparently, Amazon snuck in a 1 year free trial of this program and the fine print promised to charge $59.99/yr. I had the same charge and called Amazon and they canceled the service and refunded my money.

  33. I have had two recurring charges of $9.99 charged to my credit card. Amazon credited the first charge but when it happened again the following month, they said they could not credit me because I could not verify the email address. I have asked them both times to remove my credit card number. I’m afraid they’re going to charge me again this month so I am going to change my credit card.

  34. I received a charge of 8.99 for Amazon Digital Services after attemting to purchase a hamster cage using a Visa gift card. The extra charge made the card decline. Now the item I wanted to order is no longer in stock. I have searched all of my orders and can not find anything that fit that charge. I really hope this will be resolved.

  35. I have gotten an Amazon digital charge on three different cards and I don’t know why. I have not purchased anything digital and nobody else has access to my account. I am the only one in my household. The charge is 4.99.

    1. Did you receive an answer to your question? I am seeing $4.99 charges on my card and I have no idea why. Amazon has stated that they are not showing any purchases in that amount from my account.

      1. The same charges are happening to me. A charge of $4.99 has been authorized on the last day of each month since the last day in September. I didn’t notice it until this month (February). I wish I could figure out what they are for. I’ve scoured my account/digital orders/devices/subscriptions to no avail. 🙁

  36. I have been charged for “Amazon digital svcs” for last couple months now, and I haven’t ordered anything it charges me (9.55) what is this??????

    1. It turns out my amazon credit card automatically signed me up for hbo which was 9.55 a month! So I read of refunding me all 4 months they only did one! That isn’t right, I never approved or signed up for hbo!!

    2. It turns out my amazon credit card automatically signed me up for hbo which was 9.55 a month! So Instead of refunding me all 4 months they only did one! That isn’t right, I never approved or signed up for hbo!!

    1. i am being charge $4.99 for a digital svsc WA WB 7P4723J04

      THIS May have been one tv series of heartland it was free for 7 days i cancelled after 7 days i do not want this monthly fee for something i cancelled
      please advise

      1. Hi I had the same charge could you please help me on getting this not to charts again. Thank you in advance.

  37. My digital service tab in orders states that I have no digital charges, and yet my card has been charged $21.11 for the past two months… what do I do now?

  38. I’d like to stop the 2 amazing digatl charges that r coming out of my account please let me know how I go about doing this!!!

    1. Hello Jessica,

      Try going to your Amazon account and looking at Your Digital Orders – you may be able to find them there and cancel them.

      1. If you cannot find the charges there you can contact Amazon customer service via email or phone (866-216-1072) and ask if they can locate the charges. If you cannot locate them with Amazon’s help contact your credit card company, ask them to dispute the charges as unrecognized. Some credit card companies can also place blocks against certain merchants under MasterCard and Visa to attempt to prevent further charges from accruing. Keep in mind that you have a time limit to dispute charges. Notify your bank as soon as possible so you do not lose your dispute rights.

    2. The 7.99 is for amazon music subscription. Go to your orders on amazon and search your orders for digital service and it will pop up.

      1. Amazon signed me up without my permission in June 2018 for Prime and made 21 unorthorized deductions 7.99 pounds till year end but only refunded 8 repayments.
        I,ve had 500 pounds taken and not sure what 2.99 cd p.c. ,means with numerous deductions.Anyone know as Amazon have not commented to 15 e mails asking what is it ?

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