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Is American Restoration Cancelled on the History Channel?

(Last Updated On: Feb 21, 2017)

Is American Restoration cancelled? The television series was featured on the History Channel, and may be still. The last known episode was April 1st, 2016, and the future of the show is up in the air.

American Restoration centers around the owner of a restoration shop named Rick Dale. The idea behind American Restoration is that the owner Rick Dale would take American memorabilia and restore it to its original condition. The number of complaints about Mr. Dale may have led to the show’s cancellation (and thus the rumor about American Restoration cancelled). At the very least, Rick Dale has been removed from the show and others are taking his place as restorers of American memorabilia. This is due to a number of mysterious and confusing incidents that have taken place.

It is not known exactly why that Rick Dale was removed from the show, but it could have something to do with conflicts between Rick and several of the customers that he was serving. According to one report, Rick Dale allegedly did not make good on a contract to restore a jukebox at a famous Route 66 venue. This fact and Mr. Dale’s egotistical personality may have been a recipe for disaster for his presence on the show. The stormy nature of Rick Dale’s personality both made and may have destroyed the show as it was. It is not known how popular the series may be in it’s new form with a new cast.

There seems to have been 5 restoration shops that have taken his place according to news reports. American Restoration is a spin-off of “Pawn Stars”, a wildly popular reality television series. The first 6 seasons were recorded in Las Vegas, and the series included cameo appearances by Sammy Hagar and Billy Joel as well as magician David Copperfield and others.

The show was pretty popular for a while but ratings started to dip as the conflicts ensued, and it is well known that as TV shows start to decline in ratings that it is pretty much done for. There were several different attempts to revive the show in one form or another, and the last known efforts were to expand the cast to include a number of new restoration crews and personalities. The future of the show is in question for certain, but it did hold its spot in the American reality television series genre.

So, is American Restoration cancelled? Or will there be American Restoration Season 8 in 2017?


  1. Bring RICK DALE and his crew back on. It was a great show to watch. We loved to watch it and Count Kustom.

  2. Dropped by ricks shop while on a layover, got the free tour as a veteran, active duty as well, even got to see rick hard at work. Tv just needs the drama, rick apparently does not. Thanks rick for supporting us 1 percent folks. All the luck to you all

  3. Just one more example of History Channel not being really about History! !! Rick’s Restoration was exactly what they should have as a show, it was all about preserving history … very sad that sensationalism won out once again on this channel. … I have lost all respect for what they are doing… some of these new shows are ridiculous and so far from making or exhibiting history!

  4. History Channel.. you made a big mistake! Rick Dale is suburb as is the show! Was the best, most interesting reality show on TV.

    1. I miss this show. Tonight I found it on FYI channel and was glad to see it. But after reading what happen come on bring back the show I can’t watch History channel if they don’t bring Rick back

  5. Get over it Snowflake,
    Bring back the best show in the History channel, with Rick Dale in the one and only American Restoration.

  6. Get over it Snowflake,
    Bring back the best show in the History channel, with Rick Dale in the one and only American Restoration.

  7. im a brit who watches American Restoration in England just heard the bad news Rick and the Gang are Finished sorry but that will not work end of remember Top Gear with out Clarkson and the Gang it dose not work don,t make that mistake please ,

  8. I Miss American Restoration (Rick Dale). Y’all need to Bring them back they were awesome an it’s a great learning experience for alot of people.. PLEASE BRING RICK DALE AN HIS TEAM BACK START THE NEW YEAR OFF RIGHT!!

  9. Bring the ORIGINAL Rick Dale show back,so there’s some conflict with A FEW customers?so,have you ever seen a business without any customer conflict?I HAVEN’T.face it,theirs some people in the world you just can’t please,no matter how hard you try.not saying there shop is perfect,but differences in opinions on finished products happen.if it wasn’t what they wanted,how they wanted it,and.let the court’s decide that fate.DON’T canceal a show because of a FEW complaints.bring the show back WITH RICK AND HIS CREW,the spin offs you created TRULY SUCKED,and I won’t be watching them.the problem isn’t the subject,its the new cast that just CAN’T compeat with the ORIGINAL cast.

  10. No body cares about the politics of the behind sceans crap. It’s a tv show we all love to watch if that’s the case 1/2 the shows so tv should be canceled. We as viewers are not naive to the sett ups staging etc that goes on on these reality shows yet we still can’t wait to watch. Some times over and over. I met some of the crew in Vegas. Good people. PUT IT BACK ON !!!!!

  11. The show was entertaining and every bit interesting!! It was a wholesome program with honest values… one hundred percent quality family worthy and completely informative… encourages us to appreciate our history and culture…more pleasant to view because of good nature theme…

    Happy Holidays to Rick and his Family!!

  12. I’ve been looking at the TV Guide every day to see if America Restoration would be on today but never saw it week after weeks now I know why, well from what I read.
    You need to put him back on ASAP I always look forward to the show to go on. Please

  13. I stopped watching The History Channel. Most of their programs are garbage. American Restoration with Rick was the best show they aired. The FYHD channel is rerunning the old series.

  14. Without Rick Dale there is no American Restoration. He makes the show what it is. I will not watch the convoluted attempt at replacing him, it is unwatchable. I’m not asking, I’m not begging, I’m the customer… no Rick Dale, no customer. What a waste, it was a unique, genuine, and entertaining show, what a shame, what a loss. Bye HC, I’ll be watching some other chanel.

  15. I would like to see the program return with Rich Dale. It was interesting and the cast was good. It is certainly better than similar shows I have seen.

  16. I will not watch the show with this new format. Rick Dale is American Restoration, this change is just wrong!!!
    Go back to the way it was

  17. Again, some tv executive makes a bad decision. Rick Dale and his show not only entertains his audience ut educates them on proper restoration techniques and the history of the items restored. Its a shame that the History Channel is distancing itself from the American values and morals that we hold dear.

  18. The show has taught me a lot my restoration I’ve done so myself and that is quite as good as and Rick deal please bring it back

  19. I wish Rick’s restoration was back on. I don’t believe these ratings are any more accurate than the political polls

  20. again so what we all have had a few hecups in our lives, this is a business not a drama show its real people who bring nice beat up things to be restored, from what i have seen bravo rick and family, stick together no mater what ,

  21. hello dale and family, finally a show where your guys use there hands and minds to create works of art,bring back old works of art please stay on board would mean alot to me and my family i do restore cars as well so i know when the guys miss something makes you/ me nuts, try a different channel , good luck hope to see you soon

  22. hello dale and family, finally a show where your guys use there hands and minds to create works of art,bring back old works of art please stay on board would mean alot to me and my family i do restore cars as well so i know when the guys miss something makes you/ me nuts, try a different channel , good luck hope to see you soon

  23. I love American Restoration and the variety of characters the show had. Bring it back so we can have real entertainment on TV and not the trash of the network idiots want us to watch. (i.e ABC, NBC & CBS)

  24. Rick Dale is a tatented guy. Far more interesting than those low life dirt balls on Pawn Stars. Those Harrison’s are white trash, and that scumbag Chum Lee is disgusting.

  25. Please return the original cast (including Rick) of Rick’s Restoration – American Restoration. It was always amazing the transformation they were able to bring about.

    I don’t know anything about Rick’s personality issues – none came through on the show, so it wouldn’t be the cause of a lower viewing audience.

    Loved the show so much that we took a tour of the shop when we were in Vegas – loved it!

  26. Yes thei show was one of tHe best on history. I don’t watch much TV usually but this show was great intertainment!

  27. Why you would cancel such a great show with some really great items… is beyond me.. Yet you continue to show the low Life’s down at the Pawn Shop…you know who I mean the fat bald headed dude his son and chum the bum!

  28. Virtually all of the comments ask to bring back Rick Dale and American Restoration… and I wholeheartedly agree. So is anyone from History Channel or A&E reading this??

  29. American Restoration was one History Channels best shows….out of all the items the show restored…The History executives cancelled because of one complaint….really!!!
    Please bro g the show BACK!!!
    Let us….the viewers decide it’s faith!!!

  30. This is one of the shows that i love to watch and without Rick Dale, it doesn’t feel like it’s the same show. Here in the Philippines the show is named “Kings of Restoration” and it’s one of the pillars of the History channel along with Pawn Stars, The Pickers, and Counting Cars. Please bring it back with Rick Dale again.

  31. Bring Rick Dale back very good show a replacement will never be the same Wil not watch it also love the count and pawn stars and the pickers. So bring Rick Dale back.

  32. I was so saddened upon learning that Rick Dale got fired – what??? He was the sole reason I watched the show. Such a talented man is rare, to be sure. I don’t care about any politics that went on between him and the producers. Bottom line he was great and the show was great. I tried watching the new version and gave up after a fee minutes shaking my head. i will now protest this in my own way and never watch the History channel again (sorry Mike and Frank of American Pickers).

  33. Bring it back! It’s a super show packed with unique antiques from the us and all around the globe.we love it.lets bring it back please,

  34. You have to bring back Rick Dale in American Restoration! My husband doesn’t want to watch home improvement shows exclusively, & I don’t want to watch news exclusively…SAVE OUR MARRIAGE & BRING RICK BACK IN HIS ORIGINAL SHOW! We both appreciated the history in the show, & Rick brought history to life! Seriously, he needs to be in our living rooms! Rick Dale & his talented crew not only restored pieces of America’s past, they were helping to restore American pride. Something our country could use more of.
    Julie & Pat

  35. Please bring back Rick Dale and American restoration I love the show its great bring them back
    MaryJane Brosofske ♡

  36. Rick and Rick’s Restoration is one of the best shows on TV. It was a show that both my wife and I enjoyed
    watching together. Bring it back!!! Please!!!

  37. They needed to get rid of of the guy they called cowboy with a K he was a horrible actor phony hateful undesirable

    1. Please do not cancel the Dale show. I look forward to it. It was so amazing to see him to bring something back to its glory days one again. It was nice to see once how simple life was back in the day. It is one of my favorite shows.

      1. I totally agree with Bruce. I loved Rick and his crew. I don’t care about what happened, the rumors, or whatever bs the History Channel thought. This was a truest unique reality show. I tried watching the revamped version without Rick. It was stupid. Not even close to the original. I changed the channel in 5 minutes. Nice try HC.
        Get past the bs, and listen to the true fans the that loved an original series that really stood out among the hundreds of lame reality shows. BRING BACK RICK!!!

        1. Hey history american restoration was awsome with Rick Dale and crew the new version was stupid i quite watching after 1/2 a show please PLEASE BRING Rickand crew back!!!!

    2. Loved Dale and the show! There was none other than Rick Dale and His personaility yo handle the show. Great disappointment!

      People who have amazing skills as he goes take pride kkkn hijis work and are often perfectionists so, when people critique his work, he may have a right to be disgruntled.

      We never saw him as temperamental on the show. He made the show!

      Put it back in the air!

    3. Yes bring back the original American Restoration! It was a great show. New attempt with the different shops sucks!!

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