Is American Restoration Cancelled on the History Channel?

(Last Updated On: Feb 21, 2017)

Is American Restoration cancelled? The television series was featured on the History Channel, and may be still. The last known episode was April 1st, 2016, and the future of the show is up in the air.

American Restoration centers around the owner of a restoration shop named Rick Dale. The idea behind American Restoration is that the owner Rick Dale would take American memorabilia and restore it to its original condition. The number of complaints about Mr. Dale may have led to the show’s cancellation (and thus the rumor about American Restoration cancelled). At the very least, Rick Dale has been removed from the show and others are taking his place as restorers of American memorabilia. This is due to a number of mysterious and confusing incidents that have taken place.

It is not known exactly why that Rick Dale was removed from the show, but it could have something to do with conflicts between Rick and several of the customers that he was serving. According to one report, Rick Dale allegedly did not make good on a contract to restore a jukebox at a famous Route 66 venue. This fact and Mr. Dale’s egotistical personality may have been a recipe for disaster for his presence on the show. The stormy nature of Rick Dale’s personality both made and may have destroyed the show as it was. It is not known how popular the series may be in it’s new form with a new cast.

There seems to have been 5 restoration shops that have taken his place according to news reports. American Restoration is a spin-off of “Pawn Stars”, a wildly popular reality television series. The first 6 seasons were recorded in Las Vegas, and the series included cameo appearances by Sammy Hagar and Billy Joel as well as magician David Copperfield and others.

The show was pretty popular for a while but ratings started to dip as the conflicts ensued, and it is well known that as TV shows start to decline in ratings that it is pretty much done for. There were several different attempts to revive the show in one form or another, and the last known efforts were to expand the cast to include a number of new restoration crews and personalities. The future of the show is in question for certain, but it did hold its spot in the American reality television series genre.

So, is American Restoration cancelled? Or will there be American Restoration Season 8 in 2017?