Anne Stringfield, Steve Martin’s Wife

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Steve Martin’s wife, Anne Stringfield was born in 1972 in Pensacola, Florida, USA. She is a writer and former staffer for the New Yorker magazine. Anne and the famous American actor and comedian, Steve Martin got married on 28th July 2007 having dated for 3 years. They have a daughter whose name is Mary.

Anne Stringfield, Steve Martin’s wife is the daughter of Dr. James, a pulmonologist and Mrs. Margo Stringfield, an archaeologist at the University of West Florida. She attended Pensacola High School and in 1994, she graduated from Davidson College.

Personal Life

Anne Stringfield started dating Steve Martin in 2004 and after 3 years they got married. They got married on July 28, 2007, at Steve’s home in Los Angeles, California. Surprisingly, only 75 guests attended the wedding ceremony because Steve and Anne only informed their friends that it was just a party. The wedding ceremony had in attendance the likes of Tom Hanks, comedian Carl Reiner, Eugene Levy, Diane Keaton and Ricky Jay. The creator of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Micheals, was the best man while Bob Kerrey, a former Senator from Nebraska, presided over the wedding ceremony. In December 2012, Anne Stringfield gave birth to a daughter, Mary.

Steve Martin’s wife, Anne Stringfield is camera-shy and she loves to keep a low profile of herself and her family. Her husband, Steve, once said her wife has never walked on a red carpet. During 2015 AFI Award Ceremony, Tina Fey jokingly said few things about their resemblance. Tina Fey said Anne is the younger, thinner and smarter version of her.

Anne Stringfield’s Husband, Steve Martin

Steve Martin is Anne’s husband. He is an American comedian, actor, writer, musician, and producer. Steve Martin was born on 14th August, 1945, in Waco, Texas, USA. The name of his father was Glenn Vernon Martin, a realty executive and the name of his mother was Mary Lee. His father died in 1997 while his mother died in 2002. He was 5 years old when his family moved to Inglewood, California. He was brought up in Inglewood by his parents and when he was 10, his family moved to Garden Grove, California.

Steve is an avid art collector and a trustee of the Los Angeles Museum of Arts. He became popular as a writer for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Steve Martin married his first spouse, actress Victoria Tennant on November 20, 1986. The marriage lasted for 8 years; 1986 to 1994. After his first marriage ended in a divorce, he married Anne Stringfield.

When Steve Martin was a teenager, he sold guides at Disneyland and performed as a magician at the Main Street Magic shop. He studied philosophy at Long Beach State College, but he later moved to the University Of California, Los Angeles for a theater program.


Anne Stringfield’s husband, Steve Martin started his career as a stand-up comedian and performed in local clubs. In 1969, he made his first television appearance on “The Steve Allen Show” and later he made his appearance on “The Virginia Graham Show” in 1970.

By the mid-1970s, Steve was already a famous comedian because of his regular appearances on shows such as “The Gong Show,” “The Tonight Show” and NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” The viewers and popularity of “Saturday Night Live,” increased greatly because of his guest appearances on the show.

In the 1970s, he released his comedy albums, “Let’s Get Small” and “A Wild and Crazy Guy.” He won Grammy awards for these two albums. His album, “A Wild and Crazy Guy” was No.2 on the sales chart in the USA and sold over one million copies.

In 1978, he made his first major appearance in a film, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” after making a number of appearances in small films.

In 1979, he played the role of Navin R. Johnson in a comedy, “The Jerk” which he co-wrote with Michael Elias and Carl Gottlieb. The comedy film was a great success and it made over $100,000,000 at the box office.

Steve Martin starred in many films in the 1980s. It was a very successful period for the actor. In 1984, he starred in “All of Me” and in 1987, he starred in Planes, Automobiles, and Trains. In 1986, he starred in a film, “Three Amigos.”

In 1991, Steve Martin starred in a film, “Grand Canyon.” In this film, his role was different from his popular comedy roles in films.

In 1997, he played the role of Jimmy in a thriller film, “The Spanish Prisoner.” The Mystery Writers of America nominated the film for the Edgar Awards (Best Motion Picture Screenplay).

In 2003, Anne Stringfield’s spouse, Steve Martin starred alongside Queen Latifah in the “Bringing Down the House.” Adam Shankman directed the film. The film earned over $132 million in the United States and earned $32 million internationally. He also appeared in a big hit “Cheaper by the Dozen” that same year.

In 2006, he played Inspector Clouseau in the comedy film, “Pink Panther.” The film was a huge success at box office.

In 2000, he wrote and published a novella “Shopgirl” and in 2003, he published another novella, “The Pleasure of My Company.” In 2007, he published his memoir, “Standing Up.” According to the Time Magazine, the memoir was among the Top 10 best selling Nonfiction Books of 2007.

Net Worth

Anne Stringfield’s husband, Steve Martin, is a millionaire and has an estimated net worth of $130 million. A huge fortune he earned mostly as a comedian, actor, writer and producer.

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