Autumn Calabrese Husband

(Last Updated On: Mar 10, 2017)

Autumn Calabrese husband – what do we know?

Autumn Calabrese separated with her husband a few years ago. When they were together, Autumn Calabrese husband would help out with their son Dominic before work (at the time her husband was a restaurant manager), while Autumn would take care of their son the rest of the day and night. When Dom was soon-to-be 1 year old, Autumn’s business was doing good and her husband and here were in a good place. Back then, her husband was “a pillar of strength, support and help” for her.

Somewhere before 2014, Autumn and her husband started to fall apart. He was not very supportive of her new business, and their marriage fell apart. After her divorce, Autumn went for her new product full on. She developed a product, which at that time was called Change My Plate.

Even as exes, Autumn and Dominic’s father were both taking care of their son, until Autumn Calabrese son’s dad had a change in jobs and had to move back to San Diego.

Autumn Calabrese

Autumn’s is a single Italian mom from Cleveland, and the trainer and founder behind the 21 Day Fix™.

Autumn Calabrese is also a bikini competitor, celebrity trainer and a best-selling author with a very popular YouTube channel. Autumn revolutionized the Beachbody® fitness model with her simple approach.

Autumn Calabrese-Guzman is 36 years old in 2017, although we don’t know her exact birthday.

Autumn Calabrese busts myths about cellulite, and helps mommies and their husbands and partners lose inches and pounds with her products, such as the 21 Day Fix Workout DVD Program with Resistant Band, the newest Beachbody Fitness program by Autumn Calabrese and her simple approach to portion control.

Autumn Calabrese Bio Wikipedia

Unfortunately, there is no bio for Autumn Calabrese on Wikipedia, which would help us learn about Autumn Calabrese birthday, family life, what she did before fame, and other facts about this popular fitness trainer.

All we could find was an article about Beachbody LLC – an American multinational corporation that uses infomercials, multi-level marketing, e-commerce and sales consultants to sell fitness and weight loss home-exercise videos. Their products include: P90X by trainer Tony Horton, Insanity and Focus T25 by Shaun T., and multiple systems developed by Autumn Calabrese.

Who is Autumn Calabrese Ex Husband?

Autumn Calabrese Ex Husband was a restaurant manager. Autumn and her ex remained good friends and used to only live a mile away from each other for a long time after their divorce.

Autumn Calabrese Height and Weight

Autumn Calabrese is a fitness freak, and her body is incredibly fit. Just see her measurements:

Weight: 109.5
Height: 5’4″
Body fat: 15.5%
Waist: 25″
Hips: 33.5
Legs:18″ each

Autumn Calabrese Guzman Son

As the beginning of 2008, on Jan. 22nd Autumn gave birth to a beautiful and healthy son – Dominic. Autumn’s son Dominic was born after 23 hours of labor (17 hours non-epidural). Autumn was determined not to use drugs during delivery and only after she would not dilate and her doctor told her that she was out of options did she give in.

She started to figure out a new routine that included her new baby. Getting up multiple times a night to change and feed him, waking up very early to start the day, and doing everything else in-between her new chores, including doing her workouts, clients and time with her husband.

Eventually, Autumn Calabrese had to get rid of her private clients to be able to take her son to school in the morning.

Autumn Calabrese has helped thousands get in shape. The “fast results” moms and dads can achieve with Autumn’s 21 Day Fix, and her advice for busy moms and dads is all based on her own life experiences and determination with her workouts.

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