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(Last Updated On: Jul 27, 2016)

Ayesha Alexander (now Curry) is an actress, model, successful blogger and Youtuber, mother, wife, celebrity and a deeply religious person. Ayesha Alexander is a wife to Stephen Curry and a mother to Riley Curry and Ryan Carson Curry.

Ayesha was born in Toronto, Canada but moved to the US with her parents as a child and currently holds dual citizenship. Her birth name is Ayesha Disa Alexander. Having married Stephen Curry, she changed her name to Ayesha Curry.

As a child she was always eager to start an acting career, and even wanted to perform in a commercial at the age of four. Her parents decided that it is too early for their daughter to enter the showbiz and Ayesha Alexander finally started her modeling in teens.

Ayesha Alexander met her future husband Steph Curry at a church in North Carolina where the parents of the future couple used to go together with their children. Both, Ayesha and Stephen belonged to youth group at the same church. Both were rather shy and even though they seemed to be interested in each other, they were not pursuing each other then.

Later on, whether by chance or plan, Ayesha Alexander (27 years of age in 2016) and Stephen Curry (28 years of age in 2016) went to and graduated from the same university. Ayesha and Stephen later married, and Ayesha gave birth to their first child – Riley, then second – Ryan.

Now Ayesha has a successful cooking blog, where she shares recipes and ideas, as well as sells branded olive oil and aprons. She loves to cook and says that when someone cooks by her recipe and then shares a picture, this always makes her day. She has also started a service of delivering seasonal ingredients and recipes by Ayesha in the area.

Ayesha is a deep believer. She never stops to praise the Lord for all the happiness she has in life. She calls it her “indestructible bubble of happiness”.

Steph Curry, her beloved husband is an NBA basketball player with the title of “the most valuable shooter”. His father also played in the NBA, and his brother still does.

Ayesha Alexander’s Name, Family, Ethnicity

Ayesha’s name means life. To most people, it is a beautifully sounding name. However, at a young age Ayesha was mocked for her first-name and became extremely self-conscious about it and even asked her parents to rename her. Her father is a musician, a producer back in the day. He loves Stevie Wonder and loved his daughter’s name – Aisha, thus naming his own daughter Ayesha.

She has two brothers and two sisters in her family: Maria and Janiece, and Jaz and Chad.

Ayesha Alexander Curry has a very interesting ethnic background. Many people have debated her ethnic background. Her father is Polish and African and her mother is Jamaican and Chinese. Officially, her ethnic background is Black, White & Native American.

Height: 5′ 8″

The Faith of Ayesha Alexander Curry

The Currys take their faith seriously. Ayesha recalls dedicating her life to Jesus at a young age. She once said that her faith it’s the foundation for everything she does. She never misses an opportunity to share her faith. For her, it’s not so much about the religion, but about the relationship that she with God and making sure she passes that on to her kids.

Meeting Steph, Dating and Getting Married

It was in a little church’s youth group that Ayesha first met her future husband — Stephen Curry. Steph, son of NBA basketball player Del Curry, met Ayesha Alexander at Central Church of God in Charlotte, NC when they were teens. He said he was always aware of her presence, and she said she once got him some fuzzy peaches, but was so shy she didn’t say anything.

When both were in the US for different reasons, Steph sent Ayesha a Facebook message and they went out on their first date. The lovebirds spent the day running around Hollywood, having fun, and from that moment on they were inseparable. Both went to and graduated from Davidson College, North Carolina. They dated all through university years.

Years later, when the couple decided to get married, both wanted a traditional wedding in the church they grew up.

After dating for 3 years, they were married on July 30, 2011 at the little church they grew up in together, in front of 420 guests. Steph told the media he was overwhelmed at the sight of his bride walking into the church. The couple spent a 10-day honeymoon in Bora Bora.

Instead of wedding gifts, the couple requested their wedding donations to be made to ThanksUSA – an organization that supports active duty military personnel by awarding scholarships to their children and spouses.

Modelling and Acting Career

Ayesha has a number of acting credits, both as Ayesha Alexander and Ayesha Curry. She always dreamed of coming to the US to become an actress.

She started her career in Toronto, Canada, but not as early as she had hoped. At the age of 4, Ayesha Alexander was cast for the The Santa Clause (Tim Allen Christmas flick), but her parents decided that she was too young and for that reason held off on her acting career.

She began modeling in her teens and appeared in various print campaigns. After high school, she moved to LA to pursue an acting career.

As an actress, she is known for roles in Dan’s Detour of Life (2008), Love for Sale (2008), Hannah Montana (2009), Underground Street Flippers (2009), and Good Luck Charlie (2010).

Ayesha had put her acting career on hold due to Stephen’s traveling schedule but she wants to pursue acting in the future.

Cooking Blog, YouTube Channel and Startup

Ayesha started the blog [“Little Lights Of Mine“] as a place where she could share her recipes. On the website, she also posts a lot of information and videos about their family, lifestyle and faith. Her YouTube channel is popular and besides coking videos also has funny videos like Drake parody. Ayesha cooks a lot for her two daughters and Steph, which is easy as she has always had a passion for cooking. On her YouTube channel she shows how to cook a variety of dishes, including pre-game meals and post-game snacks like homemade bread and cookies.

She recently announced she will soon be launching meal delivery service called Gather. The Currys are expected to do well competing against other Silicon Valley startups.

Additionally, Curry is writing her first book, “The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith and the Joy of Eating Well,” scheduled to hit bookshelves on September 20, 2016.

Ayesha is finishing up a business degree online and plans to open her own business.

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