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Is Banshee PA a real town? Or is it just a fictitious place that is supposed to be located in Pennsylvania, but was made up just for the sake of the series?

Is Banshee Pa a real town?

Banshee Pa is a fictional place, as sad as it may sound. There’s no such county, city, town or village in Pennsylvania. However, there was a bar located in Scranton PA called The Banshee. This is how the show starts, so the name of the series may have something to do with that bar.

The Banshee Bar – Scranton, PA

Banshee, PAThe Banshee was a true Irish pub – a great place to eat and drink with the best atmosphere and music in town.

It had a diverse seating arrangement, including the bar, booths, recliners, long tables, and a couch in front of the fireplace. There was live Irish music. The Banshee in Scranton pa offered a great variety of craft beers and cider on tap, as well as bottled beers and the usual domestics. The Banshee, PA pub seemed almost magical.

The address of the restaurant was: 320 Penn Ave, Scranton, PA 18503.

Unfortunately they went out of business about three years ago,

Where was Banshee filmed?

For the first three seasons, filming took place in North Carolina. Then the show moved to Pennsylvania, centering in the suburb of Vandergrift, PA.

Mooresville, North Carolina

Location: Mooresville is a town in southern Iredell County, NC, USA. It’s in the Metrolina area, on Lake Norman. The town is located about 25 miles north of Charlotte.

Population: 35,000

When Mooresville stared as “Banshee, Pa”, several blocks of North Broad Street in the downtown were taken up for filming. A sign reading “Banshee Depot” hung on the real Mooresville depot.

In addition to Mooresville, area locations where the show has shot include Huntersville, Lincolnton, Mount Ulla, Charlotte, Monroe, Salisbury, Gastonia and Waxhaw.

Vandergrift, Pennsylvania

Location: Vandergrift is a borough in Westmoreland County, PA, USA. The town is located about 30 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

Population: 5,000

Some locals got to see Lucas Hood riding his motorcycle down river road during the Banshee filming in Vandergrift Pa.

Folks in Vandergrift, PA reacted after learning of Cinemax ending “Banshee” at season 4. Many people expressed sadness, as they loved having the team in their town when it was doubling for the popular Cinemax series.

Banshee TV Show

BansheeThe television series (action/drama/crime/thriller) is set in the imaginary town of Banshee PA in Pennsylvania. The first episode of this Cinemax series was in January 11, 2013.

An enigmatic ex-con assumes the identity of the murdered sheriff of Banshee, Pa, in order to hide from a crime lord. The ex-convict attempts to reconcile with his former lover (the crime lords daughter), who has also adopted an assumed identity. He continues his criminal pursuits while enforcing his own code of justice.

The fictional town of Banshee, Pennsylvania has just four cops, Native American Reserves, Amish communities, slums and suburban areas. The various communities add to a Wild West vibe. Sheriff and deputies are responsible for Banshee County as a whole.

Action films “Big Trouble in Little China” and “They Live” are cited as inspiration for the fights and violence in Banshee.

Cinemax released an official statement about the final season of the series. “BANSHEE” returned for its final season in Jan. 2016.

The show was Cinemax’s highest rating for an original TV series in first season, with an average of 443,000 viewers every episode.

I love this show and don’t know of anyone who didn’t love it right away.


A banshee is a female spirit in Irish mythology who announces the death of a person by shrieking or keening. The spirit is often described as a frightful hag with disheveled long hair, wearing red or green. Banshee can also appear as young and beautiful. When multiple banshees appear at once, according to Irish mythology it indicates the death of someone important.

Banshee, PA

So if you were wondering “is Banshee Pa a real town” in Pennsylvania, sadly such place doesn’t exist. If you don’t believe this, just search Google Maps and you will see…

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