Is Tyson Beckford’s Wife Berniece Julien Still Married to Beckford?

(Last Updated On: Apr 26, 2017)

Berniece Julien is the former wife of Tyson Beckford. According to one version of the Wikipedia article about Tyson, Berniece Julien and her famous husband got married on 04 January 2007. A select number of guests were invited to their ceremony on a beautiful beach in Grenada, Caribbean. After the private wedding, Tyson and Berniece Beckford enjoyed their honeymoon. Sadly, the relationship between Tyson Beckford’s wife and her spouse only a couple of years and the couple broke up in 2009.

Tyson Beckford’s wife Berniece Julien is a rather mysterious lady. It is said that she is a UK born entrepreneur. She must be a very private person, because it is impossible to locate any photographs of her, or any information about her biography, type of business, age, current location, etc. Aside from that one version of the Wikipedia article, there were no further news reports of the wedding, honeymoon or the couple’s love life. In fact, it isn’t even clear if the two are still legally married or divorced!

Some people say: “good job keeping the marriage secret”, others say that there is no “Berniece Julien” and the whole story was made up by someone with time on their hands… If you know anything about the elusive Berniece, please share in the comments below!

Berniece Julien’s Ex-Husband

Tyson Beckford is a 45-year-old model, actor and Chippendale. He was born in 1970 in The Bronx, NY. Tyson is considered one of the most successful male supermodels of all time and was once voted the Sexiest Man Alive.

Tyson Beckford is well known as a Ralph Lauren Polo model and the host of Make Me a Supermodel! As an actor he appeared in movies such as Zoolander (2001) and Chocolate City (2015).

Beckford has a son Jordan from a relationship with stylist April Roomet. He has also dated model Shanina Shaik.

Should you know anything about Tyson Beckford’s wife Berniece Julien, please contribute to this article.

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