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Bookerly Font Download: #1 Best Typography for Kindle

(Last Updated On: Jul 27, 2020)

The new Bookerly font presents a beautiful typography for your e-books. You can use the Bookerly font download file below for your system. Follow this guide to start reading e-books more efficiently.

Newer Kindles have automatically received the required software update. If yours did not, you can download Bookerly font manually from Amazon for your Kindle product version.

Bookerly Download Instructions

Here are the download instructions for owners of older Kindle EReaders such as the Kindle Touch or Paperwhite:

  1. Download the Bookerly font .zip here and extract the files.

  2. Rename “Bookerly-RegularItalic.ttf” to “Bookerly-Italic.ttf”.

  3. Go to the main menu on the Kindle

  4. Connect the Kindle to your computer.

  5. Create a new folder in the Kindle root directory and paste the font files there.

  6. Create a blank file USE_ALT_FONTS at the root level of the Kindle.

  7. Eject the Kindle from the computer.

  8. Perform a full restart on the Kindle (Menu > Settings, Menu > Restart).

  9. Open your e-book and try changing the font design. You should now see the page in Bookerly typeface.

For some people, this only worked for non-Amazon e-books; however, on my Kindle it worked for all my ebook texts.

Here is the zip file that contains four .ttf (rather than .otf) files for the Bookerly font: download Bookerly font.

If you are interested, here is also the Literata font download – a popular new font design by Google.

You will find links to download Bookerly Font on some forum pages, but you have to register to download it. Alternatively, you can register a temporary mail address that will be deleted in minutes or hours after its creation.

You can install Bookerly on other hardware, including Kobo eReaders. Just follow this simple guide: connect your Kobo to the computer via USB. Create a new folder called fonts in the root folder of the device. Copy all the font files to this folder. Voilà!

Bookerly Font Timeline

The Bookerly Font downloaded itself onto the Fire HDX and iOS devices in December 2015 (Kindle app version 4.9).  Amazon stated that this is not “just a new font” but a rewrite of the typography engine. The company asserts that Bookerly helps the user to read ebooks “faster with less eyestrain”. Engadget commented that it is “more spacious”. Bookerly is a serif typeface font exclusive for Amazon’s devices.

Bookerly became the default font design for the June 2015 Kindle Paperwhite (3rd generation) and Amazon’s future e-readers. The font and typesetting improvements became available to the previous generations of the Kindle Voyage, Kindle Touch, Kindle 7th gen, and older versions of the Paperwhite in August 2015 firmware updates. The new software update was up on Amazon.

Kindle Android app proudly features Bookerly as its default font. Hmm.. could this be one of the reasons why the Kindle Android app exceeded 100,000,000 installs in 2020?

The kindle reader for PC has Bookerly font by default.

Unfortunately, the Kindle Cloud Reader and Kindle app for Mac do not have the ability to change the page font.

The “Bookerly” update— an improved layout engine and a new default font— Bookerly font download can now be used for any system. Download Bookerly and install on any system.

Bookerly and Literata Fonts

The two typographic innovations to major e-reading environments, Kindle’s new Bookerly typeface and the Literata font for Google Play Books had a lot of talk around them. Did Literata and the revolutionary Bookerly up the typography game?

Bookerly text innovations greatly improved reading: improved font design, hyphenation tables and spacing rules for justification, to avoid splotches of white, pixels and ‘stepping’ on low resolution digital displays. Bookerly improved readability for all sizes/weights and all types of digital displays (e-ink readers, phones, tablets and desktops, via the Kindle reading app).

Amazon and Google are putting effort into digital typography design, and their newest Bookerly and Literata are most welcome. But there is still work to be done.

Bookerly looks great on eReaders and tablets. I saw it on the Fire HDX, the Voyage, Paperwhite, and the Kindle app for iPad/iPhone. If you’ve hacked your Kindle product, you can sideload it too. You can also embed it in an ebook file (Epub or KF8).

Amazon is continually improving the fonts they offer on the Kindle platform but may never be able to satisfy typography enthusiasts. Have you tried the Bookerly font download? Did it work? What do you think of the new typeface?


  1. Didn’t work on my Paperwhite 1 gen.
    I rechecked again everything and even added Literata to the ‘fonts’ folder that I created. Nothing happens after rebooting the kindle. No new fonts appear in the selection.

  2. I am confused by step 5 & 6. Do you drag the fonts file onto the kindle and create a blank folder with nothing in it labeled USE_ALT_FONTS or do you create the USE_ALT_FONTS and drop the actual fonts into that folder?


  3. Is Bookerly available for use in formatting print books? Can I add this font to my word fonts file and format my print books using it. I like it better than any of the current options.

    1. Hi! The main font is Verdana. The blog also uses ‘Source Sans Pro’, ‘Caveat’ and ‘Icomoon’.

  4. Yeah I’ve tried Bookerly as custom font for other e-pub/pdf readers on Android and I gotta say is quite the improvement compared to built-in fonts. I might try Literata as well.

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