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(Last Updated On: Oct 10, 2016)

Busted Mugshots ( offers one of the largest mugshot databases available online. Busted! Mugshots receives millions of page views monthly, and is visited by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. The website is especially popular in the United States and Canada.

Busted! is a valuable info network for local crime. They provide greater transparency of local law enforcement and avail public information stored in courthouses and police stations to the general public. Best of all, it’s free of charge.

BustedMugshots database includes: Most Wanted, Missing Children, Issues, Sex Offenders, and allows you to search millions of criminal records and mug shots by state (Mugshots In California, Mugshots In Florida, Mugshots In Texas, etc.).

Busted Mugshots reproduces public arrest and booking records from relevant cities, counties and state reporting agencies. The website does not guarantee accuracy of their records, even though they try to represent the most accurate and recent information. Yet, a person’s current charges or convictions may be different than what you see on the website and therefore this data shouldn’t be used to determine an individual’s criminal or conviction record.

Using Busted Mugshots

You can browse the lists by state, as well as by reporting agency and by date. You can further filter the results by location and by arrest date. The website also offers a subscription service where you get unlimited access to search arrest histories, can monitor addresses and people, subscribe for alerts and mapping, access incident maps, receive reports as arrest information becomes available, search your neighborhood via categories (theft, violence, criminal, domestic, drug, accidents, injury), and more.

Often we don’t know much about our neighbors, acquaintances, caregivers, roommates and the like. The sad truth is that one in five Americans has a criminal record (starting from DUIs to violent offenses). Tens of thousands are arrested every day. We need to know who they are in order to make better decisions.

Info they supply includes: name, charge and booking date. What charges can you expect to find? These include: driving while intoxicated, public intoxication, theft, possession of controlled substances, assault causing bodily injury, driving while license invalid, bail jumping and failing to appear, burglary of vehicle, warrant arrest, criminal trespass and the like. In some cases, the charge is nonreportable.

There are other websites similar to, usually they are state-specific. All of these sites offer photographs of those taken into custody by local law enforcement and sometimes more. Websites like Busted Mugshots can help crimes to be solved through the involvement of the users, bring criminals to justice, help to reunite families, and make everyone aware of the people around them.

Busted! Mugshots combine multiple sources of law enforcement data in one location. As they expand their network of crime information, visitors to their website should be able to view outcomes of arrests, sex offender information, incident reports and other court records, in addition to the arrest information.

Remove From Busted! Mugshots

How to remove a picture from Busted! Mugshots? Whether it’s a photo of yourself or someone you know, you can remove the photo from Busted Mugshots free of charge. The best bet is to contact the website owners ( and request that they remove the mugshot from the database.

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