Canaan Smith – Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Life and Career

(Last Updated On: Apr 10, 2018)

One striking feature about people who love country music is their humor, and they are romantic. This best describes Canaan Smith, one of my favorite country music singers who has made a name in the country music industry at such a young age. So who is Canaan Smith?

Life and Career

Canaan Smith (age 36 in 2018) wasted no time in pursuing his dreams after high school. He is originally from Nashville Tennessee, born of the 24, August 1982. Canaan Smith attended the Belmont University, in Nashville where Canaan read and studied music. Little wonder his music is so good, he started his career as a songwriter and composer. He is signed under Mercury Records, a famous record label known for promoting and supporting country music singers. Canaan Smith is also a very talented guitarist; I don’t see how country singers can live without their guitars so this is not surprising. He strings his tunes smoothly and effortlessly as he sings the lyrics of his songs in such a professional delivery that will make you “stomp the ground” over and over again.

Canaan Smith has been publicly credited for writing the hit song “Runway” for the country music band called “Love & Theft.” It was a good start to his promising career. Runway went on to become one of the favorite songs in the country music genre, and this success encouraged our star Canaan to produce and release his debut single “We Got Us” an amazing song which was released in January 2012. He went on to release his second debut single titled “Love you like that” in July 2014 while recording his debut album. Canaan Smith has been reported to be making a reasonable amount of money from his songs which are still available for purchase on iTunes and other music streaming platforms.

The Amazing Race

Canaan Smith and his ex-girlfriend Mika Combs almost made it through to win the ultimate price during the 15th season of the Amazing Race America. It is a reality TV show during which eleven ambitious men and women team up in twos to race around the world for eight weeks. It is a show that records over ten million viewers every season.

The entertainment media has repeatedly pointed out Canaan Smith as an aspiring country musician to watch. And if he can maintain his current pace, there is no way Canaan won’t become one of the best country singers to ever come out of the United States. He is young, and he can sing so we will keep our eyes on this talented young country music singer.

Concerts and Tours

Over the years, the fans have shown Canaan Smith so much love. He has been featured on country music concerts where he performs some of his hits. So it was a great delight when he announced his first concert which was tagged the “Stompin Grounds” tour. This was a spectacular event organized in collaboration with Russell Dickerson, another special American country music singer; he also writes songs. Canaan met Russell Dickerson at the Belmont University where they both studied music. The stompin’ grounds tour was scheduled to hold in eleven cities all around the country, and for all the events Russell Dickerson was announced as the opening guest singer while Canaan Smith comes on the stage to give spectacular performances which have always thrilled the crowd.

In 2017, Canaan Smith released the song “This Night Back,” we have been waiting for a song like this for a while, so all the country music fans were thrilled to hear the news. The tabloids have described this song in many ways, and the publicity has been amazing. The song “This Night Back’ is now available for purchase- download or streaming on the regular music streaming platforms. It has also been tagged as one of the songs to watch out for during the stompin’ grounds concert. I particularly love his song titled “Hole in a Bottle” the lyrics of that song are very nice, it occupies a special position on my playlist, and I recommend it too.

Have you heard about Canaan Smith’s YouTube channel? It is engaging and very inspiring. Canaan Smith launched his YouTube channel as an official platform through which he could reach out to his fans. The channel currently has 1,397 subscribers, and it features live life performance videos, short clips, behind the scenes videos during music video shoot and other music videos for his songs. Canaan Smith also uploads interviews where he talks about life family, being a country singer and many other issues.

For the aspiring country singers, Canaan Smith offers a fantastic opportunity on his YouTube channel. He permits the upload of covers for all his songs which have been performed and recorded by aspiring country singers. This is such an amazing opportunity for these young talents, and they will definitely get the break they need in their music Career.

Canaan Smith is married

Yes, he is not available, but many people wish he were, Canaan Smith is married to his longtime girlfriend Christy Hardesty. They got married in August 2014.

Canaan Smith Net worth

Song sales, endorsements, gig and being featured in favorite country music concerts, Canaan Smith is reported to be worth over one million dollars. And that is just what it is now, a lot more revenue is expected after the concert and more releases expected very soon.

The new talents in the country music industry have brought in a different appeal which every fan appreciates; it has given us a variety which is good for the industry. It is also encouraging to see many young aspiring talents produce covers for country music; this means that country singers such as Canaan Smith have had a huge impact on the lives of many fans through country music.

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