Chandie Yawn-Nelson, Joey Lawrence’s Wife

(Last Updated On: Apr 20, 2017)

Chandie Yawn-Nelson (Chandie Lawrence) is the wife of Joey Lawrence. Chandie Yawn-Nelson (born in 1975) is 40 years old in 2017; her husband Joseph L Lawrence (born in 1976) is 1 year her senior, he is 41 years old in 2017.

Chandie Yawn-Nelson Bio

Chandie went to Auburn University in Alabama, United States. Later on, she worked for InterCall (the largest conference and collaboration service provider in the world). Chandie’s relatives live in Georgia and Florida.

Chandie Treyla Yawn and her future husband met on a holiday in Disney World, as teenagers. They lost touch for four and a half years, and then met again. Joey flew to San Antonio to meet Chandie and see if her feelings for him were still there (which they were). The two were in a car in San Antonio, when he proposed. She started crying and accepted. A year later they got married. Chandie and Joseph Lawrence have been married for a decade, since the 3rd of July 2005.

Chandie Lawrence and Joey Lawrence have two children: daughters Liberty Grace Lawrence and Charleston “Charlie” Lawrence. Charlie was born in May 2006 and Liberty Greece was born in March 2010.

Chandie Yawn-Nelson and her husband Joey have lived in different locations throughout the United States, including: Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and California. Their current location is believed to be Los Angeles, California.

In one interview Joey mentioned that his in his wife’s relationship has been changing and evolving through the years, and this is the way to keep a relationship going and a recipe for being happy years from the start of the relationship.

The many pictures of Chandie and her spouse depict a happy and smiling couple, while attending different events like the annual People’s Choice Awards, BAFTA Tea Party, CARE Awards, VH1’s Big, and various benefits and foundations.

Joey Lawrence spouse and her husband are big fans of the bachelor. Joey once said that this is the funniest show on the television.

Chandie Yawn-Nelson’s Husband

Joseph L Lawrence is an actor, singer and game show host. He is known for his roles in Gimme a Break!, Blossom, Brotherly Love and Melissa & Joey. Joseph’s brothers, Matthew Lawrence and Andrew Lawrence are also actors.

In fall 2006, Lawrence took 3rd place with Edyta Sliwinska in the celebrity dancing competition Dancing With The Stars Season 3. In 2012, Joey landed a Chippendales gig in Vegas. Joey Lawrence is also the voice for Oliver in Oliver and Company. He is also a judge on the Internet show Total Pop Star.

The 90s heartthrob, who starred as Joey on Blossom, seems to be very happy with married life. On numerous photographs on the Internet you can see Joey, Chandie and their children enjoying family outings and celebrations together.

Prior to the relationship with Chandie Yawn-Nelson, Joey Lawrence dated for two years and was married to Michele Villa for two years.


  1. I worked with Chandie at InterCall in West Point, GA. She was a bubbly and very happy young lady. Much love and respect you Chandie and Joey.

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