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Charlotte Kilcher was born to American parents in Berkley, North California. Charlotte Kilcher has always been a nature loving tree hugger and vegetarian since her early teens, who then made a life out of getting cozy and comfortable in the wilds of Alaska, away from all the comforts of modern life. She has chosen to live a secluded life and heed the call of nature to the fullest, and has gained her popularity from this lifestyle.

Charlotte Kilcher Age, Family, Early Life

Charlotte Kilcher (née Charlotte Irene Adamson) has never really been one to talk about her early life, and pretty little is known of her life as a child or young adult.

What we know is that Charlotte Kilcher (age 64 in 2017; nee Charlotte Irene Adamson) was born in 1953 to Arthur Frank Adamson (Birthday: 05/00/1921; Democrat Party) and Francis Isabelle Key (Birthday: 11/22/1928; Net Worth: greater than $499,999). The family has lived in Berkley, California (from 1983 to 2004) and after that in Felton, CA.

Prior to marrying Edwin Otto Kilcher, Charlotte Irene Adamson was married to Arthur Roland Short and they had a son Torrey Adamson Short. Arthur Roland Short (age 65 in 2017) currently lives in Homer, AK; he used to live in Felton, CA prior to that.

Charlotte Kilcher (Charlotte I Adamson) moved to Alaska in the late 70’s (1978), when she was involved in the Exxon Valdez spill clean-up. She moved to the Alaskan frontier as a wildlife biologist to be involved in the wide range environmental cleanup efforts, and that was the beginning of a whole new life for her. Not much is known about Charlotte’s life before moving to South-Central Alaska and starting a new adventurous life in Homer. It is known that she was married but she keeps most of the details about her first marriage private. Apparently, she was still married to but separated from Torrey’s father when she came to Alaska for the clean up mission.

Meeting Otto Kilcher

Charlotte met her husband to be Otto Kilcher at Alaska sometime around 1989, and developed a working relationship with him over their respective cleanup efforts in dealing with the devastating oil spill that covered kilometers of ocean, Alaska and Prince William Sound. Their relationship soon blossomed into an amazing love story that has lasted for over twenty years now and is still waxing strong. The pair got married some five years after their love spark was ignited. Otto Kilcher, son of Atz Lee Kilcher has been living on the Alaskan frontier with his father and brothers as descendants of Alaskan origin. Otto had been married twice previously and had two sons, Levy and Eiven Kilcher from his marriage to his second ex-wife, Sharon McKemie.

Falling in love with man and nature

Otto and Charlotte share a drive and dedication to nature, which seems to have been the driving force of their union. Befriending Otto Kilcher, she found a kindred soul and fellow nature lover who helped her appreciate the ruggedness and beauty of the Alaskan frontier and the life he led with his family in this place. Charlotte gave up her life in the modern world to live with Otto and develop a family life based wholly on surviving on nature. Creating a homestead in the cold, wilderness of Alaska had Charlotte getting involved in some strange habits such as butchering of animals to live on, which she must have been entirely indisposed to as a city vegetarian.

Leading a self-sufficient life was obviously a satisfying existence for Charlotte as she has lived on the frontier happily with her family for over twenty years now. Charlotte milks cows, grows ducks for eggs and also raises chickens to contribute to the family’s food supplies. She also keeps bees as part of her contribution to her family and their adventurous lifestyle. It appears that having her family around her has more than made up for the constrictions and comforts of modern society that she chose to give up. Having chosen and gotten married to Otto Kilcher, the couple raised their four children; Charlotte’s son, Torrey, Otto’s sons, Levy and Eivin, and the one child they had together, August in the homestead they had made for themselves. Charlotte has together with Otto and other members of the Kilchers household built a model family in which lots of people are interested in as evidence by the success of the TV show, ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’.

Alaska: The Last Frontier

Otto Kilcher’s family has resided for more than 80 years in the small community of Homer, where they have lived off the land, isolated from the modern world. However, since 2011, their lifestyle has been known to the rest of the globe.

The TV show ‘Alaska: The last Frontier’ started airing on the TV network, Discovery Channel in December, 2011 and is currently in its 7th season of broadcast. The show has one of the strongest ratings in cable television.

The show is filmed in the Alaskan wilderness and covers the Kilcher clan as they live a subsistence life at their homestead. The family activities include rearing cattle, fishing and hunting for wildlife, fending off predators while surviving the harsh winter and storms. Each episode presents an interesting look at the interaction between human and Mother Nature as the Kilcher family are away from the modern world.

The brothers Otto and Atz Kilcher, together with their children Eivin and Atz Lee, are the main protagonists, with their wives Charlotte, Bonnie, Eve and Jane also taking part. The Kilchers have lived all their lives without running water or heating, surviving the harsh winters of Alaska thanks to the provisions they manage to collect during the rest of the year. The homestead in which four generations of the Kilcher family have lived together has grown over the years, and currently occupies over 600 acres. Each member of the family makes a contribution to the food and energy supply, and together they manage to sustain themselves without all the comforts of modern life. However, not all of the Kilchers regularly participate in farm work. Otto and Atz have six sisters, none of whom live in the homestead or participate in the television show.

Otto’s ex-wife Sharon McKemie lives closeby to the family and appears to have kept a steady relationship with the Kilcher family. Despite being a mixed family, the Kilchers have done amazingly well, especially Charlotte Kilcher, in building a close knit and loving family which was wholesome enough to be featured on the TV series which has had huge viewership for years.

Although Alaska: The Last Frontier is the main reason for the family’s fame, The Kilchers were well known in Alaska way before they became reality television stars. The love of music that Ruth Kilcher inspired in her children is reflected in the family’s interested in music and poetry. Otto and his siblings love to sing and play instruments. In fact, Atz Kilcher is a renowned local poet and singer. He is also the father of the renowned singer Jewel, who has sold more than 30 million albums and has been nominated to the Grammy awards four times.

Otto and Charlotte Kilcher’s Net worth

Despite living an amazingly simple life, reliant on very little monetary or conventional needs, the Kilchers have been able to build up quite a bit of a nest egg for themselves. They own large extents of land, with a total value of more than $3 million. Somewhere between their proceeds, mostly from Otto’s work as a machinist and mechanic while also carrying out some boat operating facilities, their years on the hit reality TV show, Alaska; The Last Frontier, and their family property, they have been able to amass a total net worth of about five million dollars, a pretty good sum for a couple who get their own eggs and have no children left to send to college. Of the four Kilcher children, Torrey, Levy and Eivin are already married leaving August, the only biological child of both Otto and Charlotte, and the last of the horde as the only possibly single one of Charlotte’s children.

If Charlotte Kilcher is anything to go by, living life on the edge, or in the cold, unheated frontiers of Homer, Alaska, is quite the right way to go about having a happy and fulfilled life. Or maybe the secret ingredient is finding the right person to share your passions and ideals with, that person who would bring out the possible best in you and make your life a part of the immense beauty and power of nature. Either ways, this late 70’s adventuress has found a way to be at home in a place where a good number of modern day humans would not want to be caught dead, and she’s happy and loving every minute of it.

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