Chip Hailstone: Biography, Family, House, Net Worth, Felony, Jail

(Last Updated On: Jan 6, 2018)

Chip Hailstone is a skilled hunter, who lives with his native Inupiaq wife Agnes Hailstone and their children in the city of Noorvik (Nuurvik in Iñupiaq) on the Kobuk River in Alaska. Originally from Montana, Chip came to visit Alaska 30 years ago and never left.

Why Is Chip Hailstone in Jail? 2018 Update
Chip Hailstone will be incarcerated for 15 months in the Anchorage Correctional Complex. He is likely to be in jail for the most part of 2018.
In 2016, Chip was convicted of two counts of perjury, counts of providing false information, and had to serve three years probation. He raised five claims of error, but the judge found no error and therefore affirmed Hailstone’s convictions. Now Chip Hailstone must do prison time for the felony.

Chip Hailstone Biography

Chip Hailstone (Edward V Hailstone) is 49 years old in 2018. He was born in 1969. Chip grew up hunting and fishing in Kalispell, MT. He moved to Alaska in 1988, when he was only 19 years old. For the past decades, Edward has been hunting, fishing, and gathering raw material in Alaska. He spends most of his time in Noorvik, a city of several hundred people, primarily Inupiat.

Some years after his move to Alaska, Hailstone met Inupiat Agnes. The two fell in love and got married. How long has Chip Hailstone been married to Agnes? We don’t know for sure, but would speculate that the two tied the knot around two decades ago.

Now Chip Hailstone’s family includes five daughters from Agnes: Tinmiaq Hailstone, Iriqtaq Hailstone, Mary Hailstone, Caroline Hailstone and Qutan Hailstone.

Does Chip Hailstone have a son? No, but Agnes has two sons (Jon Hailstone and Doug Carter) from a previous relationship, and Chip calls them his sons. Chip has been with Jon since he was small.

Caribou Chip and his family live a subsistence lifestyle. Agnes and Chip Hailstone migrate to new locations depending on the season. They hunt (caribous, oxes, bears, foxes), fish, make their own hunting equipment, build and craft, stockpile meat and fur, collect eggs (early, so the birds would lay again), break trails to the Kiwalik River and other seasonal locations, etc.

Chip makes boxes, caches, traps, spears, harpoons, firewood, sleds, tents, nets, clothing, ice picks, Ulu knives, boats, kids toys, and does home tanning. Agnes makes customary fur clothing and artworks worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The Hailstones share their knowledge of the old ways with their kids; it’s sensible and ensures that the Native culture continues. Chip’s family shares with relatives and neighbors, which is a tribal principal. They do sell some handicrafts, but much of the economy is barter.

Chip has proven his loyalty to the tribe over the years, and is a valued member. He is a good husband and father. The family members appreciate each other and work as a team to survive harsh Alaskan winters.

Why does Chip Hailstone rarely hunt?

Many viewers of Life Below Zero wonder why Chip rarely hunts on the show, and it’s always Agnes and their daughter’s who harvest the game for their subsistence lifestyle. Some fans even suggest that Chip should do less talking and more hunting.

First of all, Chip is bound by tribal and federal hunting legislation. There are certain things he can and cannot do as he’s not native. While Agnes Hailstone and her children are Tribal Members, Chip Hailstone is not – he is a spouse of a Tribal Member.

Hailstone is held to state laws that prohibit him directly killing animal or plant resources on tribal land. As a spouse, he may engage in hunting, fishing, trapping, or gathering with a Tribal Member, but he may not use gear like spears, firearms or bows, as well as set traps or snares, uproot plants, etc.

Edward uses an old bolt action rifle, Mosin-Nagant. Why does he use old muzzle loaders, instead of regular long guns? The reason lies in Chip’s felony conviction, after which Edward (Chip) Hailstone is unable to carry a loaded caliber firearm, but can use anything built before a certain date (over a century ago).

Chip Hailstone Felony Conviction and Prison Incarceration

In 2011’s Arctic Sounder, Norvik’s local news paper, published an article about Chip turning on an Alaska State Trooper. Story goes that Chip reached out to protect one of his daughters (Tinmiaq Hailstone) in a situation involving a police officer, and was charged because he interfered with the officer and his subsequent statements were deemed false.

Chip Hailstone was found guilty by a jury of all charges against him. In December 2012, he was sentenced to 15 months in prison in connection to the conviction.

Edward “Chip” Hailstone appealed his conviction. He vowed to continue his fight to clear himself, seeking the reversal of the perjury convictions for making false statements to a police officer stemming from a July 2011 incident in Noorvik. In the meantime, he had to serve three years probation.

Edward was granted a retrial in 2016, where he raised five claims of error, but the judge found no error and therefore affirmed Hailstone’s convictions.

Chip Hailstone will be incarcerated for 15 months in the Anchorage Correctional Complex. He is likely to be in jail for the most part of 2018.

Agnes and Chip Hailstone’s House

Where does Chip Hailstone live? Chip and all of his family live in their little and simple, yet warm and cozy house in Noorvik, AK. The house has electric and Internet access, and Chip is online sometimes.

Chip Hailstone’s Net Worth & Salary

We don’t know how much Chip Hailstone makes per episode, but he is not getting rich off of National Geographic. The tribal council may or may not be permitting him a share as his narrative is essential to explaining their native way of life. What is his net worth? Chip Hailstone’s net worth is roughly estimated at $100,000 – $250,000.

Life Below Zero

The Alaskan Reality Show “Life Below Zero” seen on Nat Geo has become a huge success in the TV ratings. Cast of “Life Below Zero” cast includes: Andy and Kate Rorke Bassich, Erik Salitan, Glenn Villeneuve, Sue Aikens, and Chip and Agnes Hailstone.

Full name Edward V Hailstone (AKA Chip Hailstone)
Born 1969 (age 48)
Wife: Agnes Hailstone
Children: Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline, Qutan, Douglas and Jon Hailstone
Net worth: $100,000 – $200,000 (estimated)
Location: Noorvik, AK
Past locations: Kotzebue, AK; Deering, AK; West Chester, PA
Relatives: Mary Lois Hailstone
Life Below Zero: 2013-2017


  1. I believe Chip Hailstone has been telling the truth the whole time and is a victim of wrongful imprisonment due to being a good Samaritan Whistleblower. Chip is a family man of honor and integrity. God shall punish his enemies soon.

    1. I agree with you 100%! I believe he was more than likely targeted because “they” knew he was going to be getting paid from the show and “they” wanted some of HIS money, simple as that. Chip is a good man, a good husband, and good father and nothing is going to change or mess up his upstanding image because HE’S PROVEN HIS WORTH! #JusticeForChip

    2. I completely agree with you. The officer lied, plain and simple. It’s been proven time and time again that officers lie on the stand. Even when it’s proven that they lie, they don’t get into trouble. A jury trial is a joke because the majority of the population is completely dumbed down and brainwashed. They somehow think that if an officer makes a statement then it must be the God’s honest truth. They act as though police officers are different than the rest of society, but many times they are just tyrants. I wish there was something we could do for Chip. He doesn’t hunt for sport. He hunts as a lifestyle. I believe with all of my heart that he’s innocent. I believe the officer got butthurt because Chip protected his daughter. He has more ethics that that cop has in his entire force.

  2. I think the police targeted him because he isn’t a Native. The Felony charge is too harsh. He was only standing up for his daughter.

    1. I agree with you!!! If a man came at my Daughter like this guy did I would have went off on him too but not as bad as Chip did. I wouldn’t have gotten myself a felony! He had the right to protect his child and he DID that!!!

      1. I wonder why NG didn’t help Chip? Why is everyone just vocalizing & not checking things out to get something more helpful done.

        1. I believe that under contractual obligations, Nat Geo wasn’t allowed to get involved or help in any way. All they’re allowed (I think) is to just film their stories and aren’t able to intervene in the private lives of the people on the show, outside of the filming of their lifestyle. That just my guess

          1. I REALLY do wish the show or just someone, could help the Hailstone family with some of these issues that they’re having to deal with.

  3. It’s sad to read all of the distrust of law enforcement in these messages. People that think all cops are crooked. Amazing. I’ve watched Life Below Zero faithfully, it’s entertaining. I like Sue and Glenn especially. The Hailstones are a nice family, and Agnes is a wonderful mother, and I love how the girls dive into the activities. Chip… hmmm, what can I say. He talks a good story. But i wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. And that he perjured himself under oath didn’t surprise me. He turned a minor incident into a felony, then came up later with sexual allegations! What??? And people are trying to blame the Troopers!! Agnes deserves better. I wish her family the best, they certainly have access to plentiful food, and have the skills passed on from the native culture. Glenn is out there with a rifle and an axe, not much more, and really loves his life. Admirable. And Sue is alone WAY up there on the tundra, an interesting woman! Balls to the wall, as she says. Gotta love her!

    1. Too many voice opinion without all the facts which we no longer recieve from the media – 5 W’s and an H is what all stories demand to have all the facts…….Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

      1. After trial, but before sentencing I had audio Forensic specialist ”Sand Castles Recordings of Fairbanks, and ”Brite Solutions” of Anchorage prove that Alaska State Trooper Gordon Young’s recordings of 7/17/11 were missing 11 seconds and Alaska State Trooper Chris B Bitz’s recordings of 7/17/11 are missing 5 seconds, and the altered tapes were used to convict me I did 10 months of prison, got out last spring, and had the conviction set aside in December 2017, so I am NO LONGER a felon. Ive been using modern firearms again, and am back to my normal Hunting self.

        Jim, I wish all good cops were the name of the game, but sadly in this age of deadly untrained police offices killing people across the 50, its just deserts on the men in blue’s part. I hope the ASTs who altered evidence in the Hailstone case themselves get indicted for obstruction of Justice, and for filing false police documents, and for conspiracy to alter Appeals Court evidence. I also hope the Hailstone family, and NG Corp. sue for wrongful defamation and on the AST brass for conspiracy of the ASTs to frame an innocent man. The Hailstones should use their platform from NGO’s LBZ to discuss openly the racist, and bigoted treatment of the AST upon its native Peoples, and the non-natives who marry them. This treatment seems to be the status quo for Alaska Natives in the face of the Racism and bigotry alive and well in the Alaska police force. The ASTs admitted that their troopers lied, and altered state evidence sending an innocent man to not only Appeals Court where sitting experienced Judges should have seen through the scam, and sent this same man to Prison for 10 months? Who knows Jim, but talk about an abortion of justice of so-so two white cops saving their asses from prosecution by framing an innocent citizen. Abject disgrace for the Alaska State Troopers.

        1. We will do whatever it takes to protect our brothers. If it means distorting the truth so be it. What we say goes. Better accept it.

          1. @ Josephus…
            FUCK YOU!
            The last time I checked, NO WHERE in the OATH YOU took does it say LIE by distorting the truth, cover for your lying btothers & FUCK the very people who make your paychecks possible.
            If YOU DON’T LIKE doing the job correctly, WORKING for the people as a public servant, & doing the job you were hired to do which us to SERVE & PROTECT since you & your brothers have obviously forgot.
            THEN DO WE the PEOPLE a HUGE favor & get the FUCK OUT!
            From someone that comes from generations of NON CORRUPT law enforcement.

        2. Sure wish there was a way you could help Chip. Sounds to me like the entire police force is tyrannical.

    2. Interesting that Jims comment was made after the conviction was set aside. Felony expunged, arms rights reinstated. Sad that Jimmy has so many prejudices that are now obviously misdirected. The truth has, and will continue to be revealed. Ive been in law enforcement and retired now. Investigations not performed by legal and appropriate manner, again according to law is of no account. The process must be lawful and this stinks of a coverup that is slowly coming apart. That doesnt mean all of us (law enforcement) are bad, it just means not every single one is good.

      1. law enforcement are just people. and like all groups of other people, they are fallible…even if only in a passing moment. most law enforcement are better than the average joe at containing and controlling their temper, but they’re also faced with situations that less than 5% of Americans have ever encountered, and therefor, are capable of understanding.
        i’ve been around LE personnel all of my life. when i got my come-uppence, i did truly deserve it. also, being a combat soldier, i also know what it is like to be targeted as well.
        just remember that when you show rage, it is what is in you that you find most offensive. most officers would just prefer to do their shift, help out some folks, then go home to their loved ones. that simple.

    3. Excellent comment Jim, I agree 100% sir. Well said, we need more comments like this one of yours!

      And hell yeah, Sue is a TRUE-BLUE BAD ASS!!! GO SUSIE!!!

      1. Previous comment to ⬆⬆⬆ “Jim”, is meant for Jim Bergeson farther up the page of comments!

  4. He broke the law and paid the price. If she’s hanging about, I probably would, as long as it was doggy.

    1. If you can believe the newsspaper article why is a Trooper putting a submissive hold on a young girl for pointing her arm when upset. In 22 years in law enforcement finishing as a Sgt. I never did anything like that. I was a police officer in one of the toughest town in the country. What else is wrong with this story is that another Alaska State Trooper investigated the whole thing. Do you think there is some bias there. That is not the way things are done. And what is the story on the Trooper that started this whole rubarb. Isn’t he supposed to wind things down? An independent investigator not another Trooper would possibly have seen things differently. Now because of this Alaska State Trooper Chip no longer can possess a gun. I wonder how long this Trooper has been on the job and how many complaints against him. Would anyone ever believe this investigator would report anything that would go against one of his brothers. After being a police officer a long time I can hardly believe what I am seeing today. I guess that Trooper got scared when the girl stuck out her arm. Shame ON THE ALASKa State Trooper THAT GRABBED THE GIRLS ARM. iT WILL COME BACK TO HAUNT HIM

      1. gary you are exactly right and knowing he ha to hunt to survive and that trooper taking away from there family with this felony conviction, i wish you or many of your fellow brothers would say something to alaska and help get him his gun rights back, they must survive, what if a bear comes after him, he has a choice to be killed or go to jail, does not sound very good, i have been threaten to be killed by police in seattle in the past when a cop thought he had the right to sleep with my wife, and i also have been drug out of the shower naked by 2 female cops, another no no, gary feel proud in your comments, i hope you and your brotherhood help chip get his rights back, he needs your help. take care.

        1. Chuck Williams, even if C Hailstone were to “get his gun rights back” he most likely still not be able to hunt on Inupiaq land because he is non native. Hailstone is enjoying his creature comforts thanks to his wife Agnes, as a non native C Hailstone cannot own a home or land. Hailstone is almost like a guest living on Inupiaq land due to federal and tribal laws. I am a native from the Cocopah Tribe in Arizona (located just south of Mexico) my husband is white if we were to live on Cocopah land my husband wouldn’t be allowed to hunt, own a home/land. I am a land owner, my husband cannot be a co owner.

      2. Chip NEEDS you and more officers like you to help him out!!! it is a damn shame that he is getting charged with a felony and having to do 15 months for nothing other than protecting his Daughter which is his right!!!! I would have done the same thing as I’m sure any parent would have!!! I hope that there is an investigation done on this Alaskan State Trooper and that if he is crooked that Chip will have his felony revoked! Taking his gun from him means not being able to help his family bring food to the table and this Trooper knew this! JERK! What a horrible world that it’s coming to when people are hating each other like this instead of helping!

        1. Gary; Chuck and Jo Ann…..I am a stranger to all ofyou, as I live “Away dowm South ” in New Zealand. All I can say , is that you three Folks “Have it RIGHT” in my view. In New Zealand , where I have lived since 1967, what has been done to Chip , we would call ” A Police ‘Jack-up’…” I was a Social Worker once , for around 12 years, which made me “An Officer of The Court”, and I met several Police Officers with the Principals Gary has stated . To the Officer concerned qwith this Fracas…”I reckon you’llbe plagued by sleepless nightas….and you’ve bladdy earned that !@”…I hope Chip is released soon , by Appeal, otherwise it looks like he’ll bet Inside until October this year …Poor bloke, and ppoor Family…I an very sad for them. I reared 2# daughters, and I would still be Inside NOW , if anyone had lifted a finger to either of them.

          1. Well said, Bruce! Very well said, sir. I’m with you all the way with what you’ve said, every damn word. Someone goes anywhere near my son…may God have mercy on their soul…because I won’t show any mercy, NONE. I’ll want blood! G’day to you, good sir!

  5. I swear to Christ, with all the corruption with police, lawyers, judges and politicians. When the lights go off and the civil war starts you are in deep doggy doo doo, retribution for years of oathbreaking.

    1. We the people have guns. Some people may have explosives at best. The government has tanks, aircraft and all kinds of technology regular people don’t have. If there is a civil war, it won’t be a long one.

  6. This One of the most f*cked up situations on earth!!!! WTF is wrong with our society. When a good man gets f*cked over this bad!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????

    1. I agree with you its unreal he got 16 months for whatever he said even if it was a lie & he also did 3 yrs probation…….

    1. Stand by your man … agnes like he does for you. You have an awesome family keeping your traditions and culture strong. Very proud of your children. Keep up the great job of being parents. I love watching your shows and keep going native strong.

      1. Those dogs are specifically made to take extreme cold weather! Do some research before complaining n being negative!

        1. You don’t have to be so nasty about saying it Ace, theres a nice way and theres an ignorant way, unfortunately you chose to be ignorant.

          1. Ignorant means uneducated. I think the response was actually an educated response. I think you may mean rude but the response was not rude either!

          2. Ace, is right about the dogs, they are Alaskan dogs…born and bred to be outdoors. I’m sure when it’s really, really bad out they do let them indoors somewhere. Let’s not assume things!

  7. Unfortunately for Chip he outright lied and tried to smear a police officer with some terrible accusations that could have ruined the man for life. He commited perjury on the stand and built on his story that was all lies. He deserved the sentence he got unfortunately for him and his family.

  8. I believe in following the law but have to acknowledge that officers are men like anyone else and so there are good as well as bad. Ask 2 people who witness an event what happened, and you will get 2 totally different answers. I don’t know what happened between the daughter and the officer but it seems to me that 15 months is a very long sentence for exaggerating facts or relaying what you feel are the facts to a court. If Chip was given 15 months, he will most likely only serve 5 months in jail but that’s half a year away from his family. Here in California we are releasing REAL criminals from jail for overcrowding. It appears that Alaska doesn’t have that issue if they are locking up people for making allegations that they don’t agree with???

    1. He lied to a judge under oath. That took it past “filing a false statement”. I do like the show, and like the Hailstones the most, but he took it too far. I understand being super angry and acting out of anger and frustration but he f’ed up. 15 months in that environment does seem a bit excessive.

  9. I really enjoy watching their family dynamic. I see the genuine love from Agnes to her family, especially Chip. I agree that it is very special to be allowed by them to witness everything they do stay alive and well.
    By the way, is Chop out of jail now? I saw the Oct 26th show and Chip was in it. Is he back or were they using old clips to create the episode?

  10. Only our politicians in Washington can lie without being held accountable, Hang in their chip, Jail is probably like being on vacation compared to hard life you and your family live !

  11. You know, I don’t care about the rights and wrongs of what chip has done in the past. All I know is that the Hailstones make life below zero.
    I like Sue and Glen too, but the Inupiat way of life interests me the most and I can’t wait to see what the Hailstones have been up to each week.
    I live in the UK and love to watch a completely different lifestyle played out before me.
    I commend Chip and Agnes, not only for teaching their children the Inupiat way of life, but for letting us outsiders in to their different lifestyle.
    Thanks Hailstones you are an inspiration

  12. OH ya, that posted biography about him isnt even close to describing him.
    Agnes was right there when the AST did tohis daughter what Chip reported, and she was very supportive when he was in the prison for a few months. She was pretty mad, when I talked to her about it all, but she wasnt mad at him!
    If you guys think Chip speaks harshly , you haven’t really listened to Agnes. Half of what she says is in Inupiaq anyway, and Chips the one of the two of them that can describe in eloquent detail , in ENGLISH, so you people can understand.
    Shes no one to mess with. Those two are best friends, and very supportive of each other, and where Chip used to hunt alone as they had small children, well, with her freed up because the kids are grown enough to leave for short times, he takes her along to his hunting/trapping places and have a blast showing her his ‘grounds’. Even though she pulls the trigger, hes still gutting, skinning, carrying the loads, as well as normal every day hard labor mundane chores. He also built their camps and most of their equipment. He’s busy.

    And Chip can hunt our tribal lands, and do what ever he wants, hunt, gather wood, fish, gather, except use a gun, because of his conviction.. He is well known as a Caribou hunter.He cannot hunt alot in the Ocean, maybe only hunt birds and fish out there…. He cannot Hunt Seals, Polar Bear or Walrus, etc because Marine Mammals can only be legally hunted by local Natives.

    This last Spring he brought my mom a dozen Geese and a Caribou. This summer he brought her Smoked Salmon she asked for and 15 gallons of greens
    He even keeps his elderly mother living close to him, his mom is a very nice lady and is dependent on him in her old age.
    When I go to Noorvik in a few days, Im going to show this thread to him. He has internet, but dosent have a TV…..ironic, isnt it?

    1. From a bloke in London’s East End (lost England) this guy and the program are great, been following for years. Wish some of the scum around here could be transported there, as they don’t respect our country like he does!!!

    2. THIS is exactly the Chip I see. I think some are just jealous of him. I think the Hailstones are the stars. I enjoy their family so much!!

  13. Chip hasnt been in Jail for months, since spring Talked to him several times and the audio forensic specialists ”Brite Soultions” of Anchorage and SandCastle Productions of Fairbanks both confirmed that both Alaska State Troopers in the case have missing time from the recordings made that say. If the AST was telling the truth, why would there be missing time from only the ” Hailstone incident ”and the ”Hailstone audio” ,as the tapes are named, simply because they edited out the parts that would have proven Chip true. However he lost his appeal due to the Judge in the Case not having made a mistake, and the AK Supreme court turned down examining the case.

    He has a VERY good case in a Post Conviction Relief because his Public Defender refused to believe parts of Mr. Hailstones tapes were tampered with and did not have the tampered evidence thrown out of court .
    After trial, Hailstone hired an attorney who actually had the AST’s recording Forensically examined and showed discrepancy in Recorded Time verses actual time and several gaps in the recording.

    Also , the tapes were used to indict him did not give him a ”True Bill” at his indictment. That alone should dissolve his felony

    But Chips gone Federal, and someday the true criminals will go to Federal Prison I imagine for Civil Rights violations because hes like that, never gives up, when he knows he’s right.

    I should have listend better, but well see in time, wont we?

    1. I wish we could “like” comments here! Because I would “like” “like” “like” Iunkun’s comment 1,000 times! Yessss!!!

  14. As a retired correctional officer and with five years a street cop .please be careful when you say all officers are dog shit because we are the ones who keep the criminals and rapist out your bedroom at three in the morning. Yes there are bad apples in every profession but when need help you hurry to call them for help. Plus people don’t get rich doing those jobs that many of you would be afraid to do.

    1. People like you have done more to harm Justice, than any criminal on the street. You aren’t anymore hero than the two ASTs who put Chip Hailstone in prison over corrupted recordings they have now been found in Federal Court to have altered. Criminals will get their day, but the hammer should and must come down harder on every Cop, and Trooper who ever used their ego’s to justify the culture of corruption and death by cop society they’ve created, from Alaska to Baltimore, ever carried out in the 50 states.

  15. I too love this show and thank NG and the cast for bringing this show to us. I live in the Caribbean, Trinidad to be exact. I’ve always been amazed by the natural landscape of North America. Hoping one day to see the Aurora Borealis and those sweet Huskies. All the best to the cast and I’m praying thay things work out for Chip and his family.

  16. One small stupid mistake a great father made to protect his daughter, and he goes to jail? Rediculous. The people here in New York love Chip Hailstone.

    1. He did what any father would do protect their child. The officer probably didn’t like that. Chip is a loving father we can all see that. The truth will come out in the end. Can’t wait for chip to get out. And join his family.

    2. There were two separate incidents from what I read. He could be the most wonderful guy in the world but he did the same thing twice.

  17. I have much mixed emotions over this whole episode that it leaves me sad for all paryies ,involved. You see, I happen to have be a 20 year veteran and retired law enforcement officcer from Ohio. Over these many years, I have seen both sides on the story many times. I’ve seen how a police officer can trump up his reports to make his charges stick. But I’ve also seen them spend there last bit of cash on a Toy for a child who had to witness their $ather taken away from him in cuffs.
    We are capable of great acts of love, respect, and even kind words to someone who’s just been toated off to jail or prison.
    Speaking for myself, I have never lied in the court room! I made up my mind very early in my career to hold onto my morals and to never ,,ive emotions rule over my the truth. This made me somewhat of a pariah among the bad ones, but also a brother to the others with balls testthe same insights.
    I made myself a slogan of sorts… (hold law and truth above emotion! )
    But I’m not nieave. I also can see my peirs say prosicuters do things I would never do. That (thin blue wall is much thinner than anyone knows.
    In the case of Chip Hailstone, I believe that both parties embellished their own stories, one acted a bit to agressive over what happened to his daughter, and the other, who took himself as a judge as well as placeing himself high above all others involved in this case.
    This ended in a case of (who has the biggest balls test!)
    I am truely sorry for the outcome and feel shame in my profession. But I wrote this to remind you armchair prosecutors that not all good folks are are perfect and not all cops are cowboys.

    1. John Finlaw;

      I hear you loud and clear. Allow me though to embellish with a wider angle.

      American society as a whole is morally bankrupt, has no thought for their neighbor but only themselves, have no ears as what “they” say is the only thing that matters and has completely, with venom, no one else matters to them but themselves, hence the you owe me free college. Now there’s always been crime, today though it is to an extreme. Antifa shows up with masks and bats beating good people while the media gives commendation, kids murdering their parents and other kids, theft from the lowest level to the highest level and these are just sand granules of the bigger problem.

      Society has broken down on every level in all aspects imaginable. These problems haven’t skipped the men and woman that make up every police department across this country. Now, take someone that is suppose to uphold the law, that shows up with a gun and who’s backed up by the entire United States Military that talks to you, your wife, your young kids like they’re peasants and for not bowing to the majesty that just showed up with a badge. The conversation ends how it begins, so with most these bozos with a badge, they write their own outcome. If you walk up to a man and treat him like your bitch just because you can, your looking for trouble, but for most people that proves to be problematic as in this particular case here where the bozo cop wasn’t satisfied demeaning this man and his family, he took it further, because of his “I’ll show you for not bowing to me” attitude and hurt this family greatly for a very long time with zero concern for any of those kids well being. So don’t tell me, or anyone else, how you, or any other cop cares about people and gave them a cookie or a stuffed animal, we’re not buying it.

      There are some good people left, people that self sacrifice, can hold their tongue, have no chip on they’re shoulders etc., and that includes some cops. Very unfortunately though this is the exception and not the rule and in return all cops are treated like the shit bags that the majority truly are.

      To all you “Good” men and women in blue, I am sorry for the problems your dealing with. You though, as a whole, brought it upon yourselves either by being a “tough guy, I’m going to show you” shit bag, or by standing “idly by” and allowing your partners or other cops get away with it making you just as guilty.

      1. Some times its hard not to do the right thing if you see fellow officers do bad. In a situation like that who would you turn to? Who would you trust. …. The three braze monkeys story comes to mind see no evil speak no evil hear no evil. The men in blue aren’t all bad. The uniform just gives the crupt ones power to become almost untouchable.

  18. “TIME” Is so precious. After wrapping up his skid bid he has to let it go! I know my young children were victims of small town cops bust’n balls..I couldn’t leave well enough alone and ended up doing time putting some cowards in check! Destroyed my kids lives for over 3 years. These same parasites normal denial is one lies and the other one’s swears to them! Right your honor! Times ten your honor!. I don’t understand why anyone would want to be a police officer. Never mind seeing grown men being a MP or C.O.! Talk about the lowest of bottom feeders!. Even the Bible breaks down how the keeper of the key is the ultimate shit bag..

    1. Hi iam a retired correctional officer , with five years of being a street officer in Atl Ga. If it wasn’t for people like us you would probably be locked in your house scared to come out. So be careful when you say mean things about those people who keep the criminals from showing up in your bedroom around two in the morning. If it happens will you not call them for help?? And they don’t get rich for doing thay dangerous job,that many of. You would be afraid to.

      1. Cops always get there a day late and a dollar short, so to speak. Hell, they do not even investigate most crimes. But they damn sure confiscate property and enforce anything that can make a buck for the department.

  19. Greetings judges. Now im the futhest away here in sunny South Africa. I like the show and the way of life of those Alaskans. Look lets learn from what happend. So dont interfere with the duties of a trooper and tell your children to remain calm. Control your anger first and politely ask the trooper if you could calm your child down. Chip seems nice. He provides. He works. Dont judge a person by what the media wants us to see. If he lied… well let him spend time. He will learn. Good luck with the fam and all of you…

  20. Unfortunately, even good cops eventually become corrupt because of the blue code of silence. As a police officer, if you stand up for what’s right and turn in one of your own who’s corrupt, you’d better have another job lined up because you’re fucked if you stay in law enforcement. That said, the losers who are cowards, pussies and wimps and become police, now have a badge to hide behind, use their jobs to abuse power and treat people like they’re beneath them and like the people are there to serve them not the other way around. So yes, it becomes that the only good cop, is a dead cop. For real. We need to stick together and continue killing these dirty rat motherfuckers, one by one.

    1. So, Porky.
      I’m not sure how many police officers you actually know and personally know, but I happen to know….well, dozens in several states and more in some states. I couldn’t say that I’ve never known an officer that couldn’t have used a reminder on ethical issues but, I can say that in 999 out of 1000 hairy scenarios I’d rather have an officer by my side and for many reasons.
      What most people seem to forget is how an officer is LITERALLY and CONSISTENTLY putting their own lives (and very often their families, due to threats and payback) at risk, never doubting that the threat is not imagined and unfortunately just a matter of time for so many.
      I’m not saying that this means there aren’t bad officers or that those aren’t vile. If anything, a bad officer is one of the vilest people, period, because they more than most know what is expected of them and who is depending upon them. That the victim’s and innocents of the world are looking to them for help, protection and guidance . Thank God that they are still willing to face the demons in order to keep us safe.
      While there are so many things I’d point out, let me end it with the incredibly vast number of calls there are just to 911 in our country. Considering the millions of those daily and therefore the number of police officer responses, the comparative of actual true problems from the number of complaints is staggeringly low. Those are just factual numbers that can be studied.
      In the meantime, I am thankful that whenever there has been an emergency, we have someone to call.
      Brothers in Blue, etc….God Bless and thank you for your service. Stay safe.


  21. The judge suppressed information, would not let it be heard by the jury. The prosecutor pushed for this. Now, common sense, and what I would teach any young person, is to tell the “Whole Truth”, without it it’s a lie. Stating the captain is sober today, without finishing the full story of “Because the man never drank in his life”, clearly states in this half truth that the captain has a drinking problem and is most likely hung over. Telling a half truth is an absolute lie, suppressing the full story to the jury shows our corrupt criminal justice system. The judge should be locked up. As to the cops, they are absolute bullies, that’s a fact, not an opinion and one that 85% of the country either experienced firsthand or believes truthful through other situations. This is not an argumentative point. Chip may be guilty fully, but if I’m on a jury and evidence is suppressed, I’m a solid not guilty vote. I’ve been a juror in this situation and was the only not guilty vote, after an hour of discussion, we ALL voted him not guilty to the surprise of everyone. Too bad, the judge, prosecutor and cops lied through suppression, that sealed that particular case and should have, in no uncertain terms, sealed this one. Guilty or Not Guilty.

  22. I have been watching life below zero for a few years. I hope the hailstone family are doing good I haven’t seen them on the show. I know that the family is strong in mind and spirit I know they will get through it. I really like the show I know I couldn’t do what they all do on the show.

  23. I am usually on the side of the police, but do not think Chip should be in jail. For God’s sake, we catch illegal aliens invading our country and release them, give them Medicaid, welfare, and instate tuition.

  24. I’ll happily sign any petition to get Chip out of jail and back with his superb family as soon as possible. I only found out today that Chip had been sent to jail for what seems like such a stupidly daft offence – something that should basically have been filed away and forgotten about.
    Chip sets an example to all of us of what a great family man should be. He and his wonderful family have entertained and inspired all of us; it’s on my bucket list to go and see them. Agnes and girls, i hope you get to read this, sincerely, you have my good wishes and support; if there is anything i can do to help in so far as adding my signature on a petition for Chip’s release, I’ll help in any way I can. You can find me on facebook “Paul Clements – vampire at Transylvania”. In my mind, the punishment inflicted on Chip is completely unjustified and needs to be put right as soon as possible.

  25. There isn’t much that can be done at this point, he is serving a 15 month sentence. Some feel it was a just sentence while others feel it was to harsh. He will get all his privileges restored to him when he has served his time. As a misdemeanor conviction his life will go on.
    As far as his family needing him for support, I don’t see that. Agnes and the girls are more then capable of surviving on their own and her sons help her. Agnes is not a defenseless female. I wouldn’t want to be on her badside, she can hold her own and then some.
    Not having Chip around is inconvenient as he is a extra person to help share the daily responsibilities but it’s not the end of the world.
    Being on the show “Life Below Zero” probably didn’t help him.
    We all like to think that a persons celebrity status doesn’t matter in a cituation like this. Sure it does, it happens everyday. I don’t think Chip is an innocent victim by any means, I do however think he was made an example of.

  26. Perjury ? So the Clintons can do it and get away with, both of them. A cop did the same when I was able to cross examine him over a traffic ticket. Yet I was found half guilty as the judge reduced my fine in half but I still got the moving violation? So what have we learned? Cops can lie under oath, steal from the evidence room, beat,shoot,kick,plant evidence, search you for walking your dog, and on and on, not to mention ASSUME the worse because they seen someone talk to there spouse in a “hot headed manner”. You have no idea what had just happened before the comment was made and editing the show did so you don’t know what caused the “hot headed” reaction, now do you? The only good thing about a cop is one as a neighbor as they don’t shit where they sleep! 15 months is way to much time for words and yet thieves get broken off with a third of the sentence. Bad cop no doughnut!!!

  27. Im surprised he didnt get more time its sad, Im sure it will all work out in his favor. He seems like a good man who has no criminal history. Im a fan of the show and would like to see Chip have his gun priv Back.. god speed Chip look foward to seeing you returned to the show after this madness is over.

  28. Why would Chip try and lie knowing he could possibly lose his second amendment rights when he lives in Alaska and chooses to live a lifestyle that involves the right to bare arms?

  29. Maybe Chip should do some time but so should the trooper. Any man that forces himself on women should be put in jail forever. The trooper should be fired and forced out of Alaska if not jailed. He should not be protected. Chip did what any good dad would do, protect his child.

  30. Alaskan homesteader types are not keen on authority of any kind, and the troopers know it.
    Only and idiot would try and jam a trooper up with false charges.
    Especially if you happen to be a pale face living in Eskimo country.
    The natives get the benefit of the doubt in most cases.
    Gotta know your place Chip.
    And it seems your daughter is a “chip” off the old block…behavior wise.

  31. Wow so many grammatical errors folks , sorry I didn’t proof read it. But one of my last sentences I meant to say dark winter would be ok with the one you love. When I type fast with two thumbs on iPad mini, it leaves letters off in front and end… imz nut reely that dum

    1. To Steve:
      Lol!!! Wonderful fun. I read your comment and understood you completely. I have a tablet as well and have the exact same problem with it. The damn thing has a mind of its own haha! Good day to you and don’t worry about silly things like computer typos that you can’t control. Just write your words and let them BE HEARD!!! Excellent job.

  32. I’ve just watched newest episode. Agnes is said. She misses Chip. The fact is he has talked to her like an ass on film before. I didn’t appreciate it. Now he could pick up a pho and give my wif a little of that talk and I’d have respect for him,lol. I’m joking good ladies reading this post. I do know a few, less than five, law enforcement officers that I trust. Other than that, hey have lost my trust. They are a brotherhood hat lie and back each other. That has been proven. One thing that verifies hat I say. If you lie to a cop, investigator, judge in an interview process, it’s purgery. No while you are being questioned, any of the above can lie repeatedly to try and catch you in a lie or crime. Now if hey are so honest then how then have hey perfected their abilities to lie to deceive. Has anyone ever thought about that? This turns a cop into a dishonest person legally in their eyes. One lie leads to another. Now they feel they are in a different class than a civilian. Back to the show, I had allay sonde red why Agnes did all he shooting with the rifle and Chip used muzzleloader. His remarks led us to believe that she as such a great shot. How provide for his family but I don’t respect him for his treatment and the manner he speaks to a native. Chip kinda puts himself in same category as the po po. Lol I love the show. I just drove 7 thousand miles in 19 days to Skagway Alaska thru Canada. Omg thwildlife you I’ll see in British Columbia right on the road. Moose, black and brown bear, porcupine,elk,caribou,coyote,ducks,bobcat,beaver,ram,mtn goat,deer, buffalo,rabbit. Awesome trip. Wished I could find a female willing to live a subsistence life in Alaska. I would give up my six figure salary to escape this mad maze. Any ladies left like the kilters ha ha. Always my dream to liv in Alaska , bugs probably be a pain. Dark winter book with the on you love tho. Until hen I’ll just keep on working…..

    1. That’s the reason I never leave home without at least a couple of good books, just in case there’s a lull in my trip. I fully embrace my true Nerd-ishness proudly! If I were physically capable of doing the daily back breaking work required to be able to live that beautiful and natural lifestyle, I’d be sending this reply from Alaska instead of Arizona.

      1. But it’s still Arizona. Be happy you didn’t write that message from NJ like I’m doing right now.

      2. But it’s still Arizona. Be happy you didn’t write that message from NJ like I’m doing right now.

  33. Since Chip is in jail for 15 months, how much time will he have to actually serve? It doesn’t matter if I think he belongs there or not. The law is the law. I’m hoping he will be out before the end of this season. Agnes’s eyes look sad.

      1. I’m not arguing of trying to pick any fights here , however I absolutely have to say I’m very confused.
        •Alex• how do you deem Donna’s comment Racist?

  34. 15 mo.give me a break. Tell him 2 cool it, give him a nice rifle some ammo get him back to his family. Injoy life in the great state of Alaska.

  35. Chip is a turd who fabricated a lie, 18 seconds of tape or not missing the rest was he was a liar, and was busted, Old Chip had a great plan, they all receive reparation money about 10grand a month because his wife and kids are Indian, he knew that hat he was doing , 120k a year ain’t bad for free to hunt and fish on the govt.

    1. What does their reparations have to do with anything? Sounds like someone Is a little jealous about that reparations check huh… Haha… Cops used his case to make an example out of him. Now it’s clear if u accuse a cop of something you’ll get charged with a b.s. crime and sentenced to an unreal ridiculous amount of time in jail. You’re rly taking up for a cop that tried to force his child into sexual acts? Guess it’s true what they say…shit takes up for shit and the shit floats together. Do u try and use ur authority (if u have any that is, & security guard at dollar store doesn’t count by the way) to force girls to have sex with you or are u just a piece of shit in general?

      1. The are no ‘Repriations’ being paid to any Native Alaskans, that is a LIE. 10G a month? total bullshit. Her Native Corporation dosent give out any payments. missing time from both Troopers recordings? Chip didn’t have to edit anything, now did he? stop lieing, Thaddus

  36. Would anyone else agree with me that if any other resident of Noorvik,Ak were in Chip Hailstones position, there would of been no charges filed. Obviously the officers were slanted because of possibly jeolousy?Maybe ego?Fill the jails with good people for no reason so rapists can go free. Who knows. Absolute non-sense.I pray God would intercede on Chips behalf. I am grateful for all the people of Life Below Zero for allowing us to see there lifestyle firsthand. I am severely disabled and the show helps fullfill desires I will never be able to pursue. 15 MONTHS ? SUPPOSEDLY the charge is a misdemeanor per the tv show.Again Thanks Chip and Agnes, Glen, Sue,Erik,Jessie, and now all alone Andy……..We appreciate you..

    1. The only “evidence” againstst Chip Hailstone in this case is one trooper corroborating the denial of the trooper Chip accused. Read the appeal ruling that Chip lost. Ask yourself, why would he tell fundamentally the same story four different times? Don’t you think that he was threatened with charges after he repeated it twice? Why then tell it four times? Something doesn’t seem right, and the charges and sentence are certaintly meant to send a message to the community: don’t ever accuse a trooper no matter what they do. We cannot know if Chip did it or not. But reading everything, it the conviction doesn’t meet the smell test.

    2. I am disabled too, and live vicariously thru those people. It is a life saver to distract from severe pain. I just wanted to reach out to you and say, “AMEN” to your statements.
      If you find yourself in need of a good listener or reader as it is, please feel free to write me a note or two.

  37. Chip is going to jail because it was proven beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury of his peers that he fabricated false allegations against a trooper regarding a confrontation on the day that one of his daughters was being arrested. The jury found that the allegations against Chip appeared to be true. If you google his name you can read the summary of the case and request for suppresion of evidence and request for appeal.

    1. Abe it seems to me from what I’ve read that this is a weak case of he said he said against Chip. To be sure Chip should have just left well enough alone and not messed with the law, the law will win. Differing perspectives are at work here. If Chip slightly embellished his side of the story is that worth over a year in jail and loss of his ability to sustain himself and his family?

      1. I love the whole family. The sentence was way too harsh. Chip provides for his family and he was just protecting his daughter. Probation should have been enough. May God bless them all. Texan fan.

      2. Chip went before a judge and twice made false accusations with the intent to have assault charges filed against a state Trooper. Those statements were investigated and found to be false. He was charged with Purgery and convicted by 12 of his peers. There was no altering of the interview tape by Trooper Young. There is possibly an 11 second period where the tape recorder was turned off. Agnes Hailstone even testified that at the time this happened an airplane was flying over the building where the interview took place. The sexual allegations against the Trooper came from Chip Hailstone. Hailstone said that the Trooper stared at his daughter sexually and had an erection under his uniform. Again, more lies from Chip Hailstone.

    2. I hope your complete trust in our justice system works out for you!!! HIGHLY DOUBT IT, that’s being plain naive!

  38. Chip, hang in there. You must be greatly stressed over the absence from your family. Agnes and your daughters, that you so lovingly and competently helped teach and raise, are doing great according to the new episode of Life Below Zero. I have such respect for you and your family. Your daughters and sons are a testament to what a good father you have been. I so look forward to your return to your family and your awe inspiring beautiful, bountiful, way of life.

    1. Why is Chip going to jail again? He is a great husband and father. Our justice system is twisted if justice causes a present father of 5 to leave his family.

      1. Claire; I an a retired deputy Sheriff and also wondered why he was jailed. I went to the website that not only reviewed the original charges and conviction by a jury of his peers, but as an official court site, reproduced the the appeal process and the reasons why his appeal was rejected.
        Chip has always appeared to me to be more than a bit of a hothead and has been harsh to his wife (even while on camera) so it isn’t a complete surprise to me that he could get into trouble that way. Chip’s biggest issue was that he would not allow the initial troubles his daughter caused alone, but repeatedly went after the Trooper who was there, ever expanding his claims of conspiracy and allegations of the trooper misconduct. Unfortunately for Chip, the cops had audio tapes of the later events that Chip tried to blow up in an attempt to save his daughter from a minor charge.
        Chip got way too big for his mukluks and thought he could slander the trooper with impunity, which ended up biting him in the butt. Chip could have backed off and let the law take it’s course but he stuck his nose in, then did criminal acts against the good name and employment of the trooper. Hailstone deserves every day he got in jail, as he knew he was wrong but continued doing it. If that isn’t the definition of a criminal (good dad or not) I don’t know what is.

        1. Yes he has a big mouth but does he belong in jail four words no I don’t think so some other way has to be a better punishment we put somebody in jail I would rather see and doing something to give back to the community instead of taking money away from the community there has to be a different way so we pay for a vacation for him he’s not going to Kerry Hill lot he lives in the bush you were putting him up in a hotel free food he does not need he gets his own food take food away from somebody that needs it that’s what you’re doing so who are you hurting his family that’s the only one that’s being punished is his kids I’m hoping you’ll think differently before supporting punishing someone that did not need to be taken away for feeding his kids his kids are being punished that’s who I saw is the victim

          1. Please try and write with proper grammar! One long run on sentence does not clearly describe your comments!!!

          2. I agree with both of the above comments to some extent, as opposite as they are. I have noticed that Chip is “a bit of a hothead”, in the startling way I’ve seen him snap at his wife. For example, once she gave a bit of a yelp she got hurt, splitting her upper lip. Instead of stopping what he was doing and asking he her if she was alright and was there anything he could do to help, he snaps at her as if embarrassed that she showed emotion. None of his kids appear joyous or encouraged to explore their own desires or interests. He does all the talking and says the same things over and over again, about how “he” wants his kids to know how to continue their subsistence lifestyle. There are too many subtle, discomforting signs of abuse to me. Regarding the second comment, I also think 15 months is a LONG time to punish someone for being a hothead. I wish I knew all of the circumstances. Perjury is one thing — we’ve all seen our share of dishonesty within law enforcement and prosecutor’s offices just on the crime documentaries on TV without any punishment, much less 15 months of incarceration. So if Chip exaggerated something to make himself appear in the right, while that doesn’t surprise me, that crime by itself doesn’t seem to warrant taking away a man from his family and all that he can provide. Of course, if he’s as domineering as I think he is, that might be the biggest favor anyone ever gave that family. Maybe they’ll be able to express their own desires and goals for a change. That being said, what exactly did he lie about? Did it endanger someone? Could it have caused someone to lose THEIR livelihood? If not, I just don’t understand that sentence.

        2. Chip Hailstone had the tape recording with the trooper examined by experts and they determined the tape had been altered and some 18 seconds were missing by what was described as an obvious intentional act of evidence tampering. His conviction was appealed and he waited several years to have a new day in court, but apparently worked a plea deal as he went to jail for 15 months for 2 misdemeanors instead of felonies. With the drop in charges he has his rights to carry a firearm again. He has been using black powder rifles and shotgun for the past season. Since the show is showing pre-winter he has been inside since around last August to September but without a copy of the arrest and conviction orders that date is my speculation.
          AND, the trooper in question was allegedly trying to force Chips daughter into a sexual scenario. The same trooper supposedly raped a woman that was there helping the local people. That was read online as a complaint by the mother of the victim but apparently again no investigation. That young woman ended up leaving the area when the allegations were ignored by the troopers superiors.

          1. I don’t doubt it. I have been stalked by two different cops over the years. Just because they’re cops doesn’t mean they have good morals. One of the cops who stalked me was married. Both of them were 20 yrs. Older than me at the time also. You can’t trust people just because they wear a badge.

          2. Where do you get your information? Point me in the direction of where you found this please.

          3. Wow, I’d very much like to know more about ALL of that. I’ll have to do more research. I’d like to know all the details on this, maybe do a podcast or something.

          1. That’s just what the news is showing you. I’m not a fan of police but there are hundreds of thousands of interactions with police that go just fine.

          1. i agree to except the punisment doesnt fit the crime and branding him
            as a criminal,maybe a criminal act but as persay a criminal a little judgemental there!he has a family that needs him to survive so thinking 15 months without that support is good,would be very insensitive as a person when its his family and i dont think you would feel good about it if it was your provider!so keep that in mind people on future comments , if there is any humanity left

        3. to judge someone a criminal without knowing their lifes endevors is quite superficial and judge menta,l a criminal is defined as one who engages in criminals acts usually more than once or with a history of criminal acts!this is not the case with chips criminal history is it?Yes he ran his mouth wrongly in defense of his family,,but by making those statements against the police,doent classify him as a CRIMINAL!just a fool who is a bit of a hot head,where he lives you have to be aggresive and stand up in defense of yourself and family,alaska is no pla ce for sissy lala;s,slow down on the donut holes andbecause you are law inforcement,you shouldnt be so quick to fire first and get facts later,as we are seeing with all the hothead shootem up cops nowadays huh?And he got a harsh sentence that most wouldnt have recieved if they were not ona reality show,thats keepin it real!

          1. oh yeah i had to many donuts too with my coffe when i posted this,haha sound familiar?

          2. Lying under oath… Um. Well, that’s still a crime. So, there’s that.
            It’s a pretty serious one.

          3. Long time for a Hunter Gather lifestyle. No doubt he went way above what more calm person would go. What I want to put out there is this, 15 months for being a hot headed mouth? I’ve seen felonies from people that caused great damage and harm get less time than that. So again, why so long?

          4. I think chip was justified, but don’t sit there like the total douche you actually are and pretend like you can defend things that you have no clue about. The gentleman previously who was a law enforcement officer, yeah he has a lot more to say about this discussion that is pertinent as opposed to you’re uninformed bleeding heart d****** Hillary voting fake ass has to say. You literally have no understanding of the real world and therefore nobody should ever take you or anyone like you seriously, I am pretty sure you belong under the ice with the rest of the fish

          5. Think he made TWO false allegations so he fits the description of criminal. The second false statement was related to an argument with a neighbor.

        4. I think you told it pretty well. I too, know how to read people and I got the same message about his demeanor. Its to bad because he seems like a nice enough guy, Got in over his head and could back out of it. He could have saved face and money if he would have complied with the cop. I wonder just what the daughter did exactly.

          1. You think he should have just complied maybe when the cops trying to molest your daughter see if you’re going to comply there are a lot of cops it abused their position of authority I hope he remembers karma’s a bitch they pretty much force chip into a plea bargain because he has to use firearms for him and his family to survive I hope I see that state trooper in my town I’ll fuck him till he loves me what comes around goes around

        5. Thanks for your service first of all. Second I see it too although a decent man he was a decent man in need of a lesson. The lesson when an officer states for you to follow his instructions follow them. Best of all sit down and shut up. Eventually the officer will get around to answering your questions and allowing your input. Officers are trained first to temper the situation then once under control hear what happened your job at the moment is calm your daughter not argue with police. In the end he screwed his life royally its bad enough he’s got 60 kazillion rules on tribal laws which he seems to respect now he’s got another 60 kazillion rules with society and dealing with hardened criminals. He has now become Agnes, boat captain and tv lecturer on the way of life he now can’t lead. If I were him I would have moved from the tribe ions ago. Take the lead with my family and moved on Agnes has issue live 8-10 miles outside tribal land. Now look he lost it all over what a pissing match the police were going to win

        6. The terrorists troopers were obviously guilty, and to cover their asses they charged Chip with bullshit counts in order to keep their “good name”. But thats how organized crime syndicates work.

          1. Organized crime syndicates don’t care what you think, they make you do what they want or you disappear. If you think real crime as anytime for this fake s*** then you’ve never been involved. A real mother f***** is not going to sit here and discuss it with you, what I’m going to do is take my 13 inch stiletto and put it right behind your ear when you’re not looking. We call that smooth sailing

        7. Mate you’re so full of crap, it’s easy to tell you’re a retired cop!! Bugger it, I’m not even going to waisted my time with your bias story……

        8. Thank you for your service sir. Thank you for the information on this. I too was concerned about why he was going to jail. There was a website that had the case laid out but I didn’t want to sign up for the website. Is there another site you can direct me to that I could view the case without signing up for the site? I would love to read what happened myself, not that I don’t think you are telling the truth, but because it interests me. No offense meant towards you.

          Part of my interest stems from my desire that all people adhere to the rule of law, no matter who you are. A case in Arizona (Maricopa County) involving the former Sheriff Joe Arpaio had him convicted on Contempt of Court, both civil and criminal. I was a huge supporter of Sheriff Joe’s and wondered how he could be convicted of anything. Well as I got into it, it was quite obvious that he had defied a court order and blatantly continued his activities. He lost the election because of it and now people are all up in arms that he is being treated the way his for what they saw as upholding the law. I no longer see it that way though because I educated myself on the case. Anyway I like reading up on this stuff.

        9. I also saw Chips harshness on a few occasions towards Agnes early on but for the past 3-4 seasons Chip has treated Agnes very well. Chip has huge respect for her.
          Tough men working side-by-side with their spouse’s often overlook we need a soft shoulder at times. They don’t see us like that often and need to be reminded.

          Chip did the crime but to call him a criminal is ridiculous. The tape recording was “doctored” and a section missing confirmed by a independent investigation.
          With that finding, the feloniy’s were dropped to misdemeanors which is what Chip needed for him to live the life he wanted, able to carry a firearm.

          Chip dropped his appeal, is doing his time and soon it will be over with.
          Most of us would have a criminal record but by the Grace of God we go.

          1. hip did not drop his appeal, hes had his case set aside and is no longer a felon. Too bad it was after prison.

        10. Unfortunately, even good cops eventually become corrupt because of the blue code of silence. As a police officer, if you stand up for what’s right and turn in one of your own who’s corrupt, you’d better have another job lined up because you’re fucked if you stay in law enforcement. That said, the losers who are cowards, pussies and wimps and become police, now have a badge to hide behind, use their jobs to abuse power and treat people like they’re beneath them and like the people are there to serve them not the other way around. So yes, it becomes that the only good cop, is a dead cop. For real. We need to stick together and continue killing these dirty rat motherfuckers, one by one.

        11. You sound like a fine upstanding, hardworking man. You probably support all your children that you’ve fathered with all your baby momma’s.

        12. And you Sir, Mr police officer and your twisted “prison state” way of thinking.; If anyone deserves incarceration for running their mouth that would be you Sir! And that I say with all due respect… What little is due lol.

        13. You are 100 percent correct.He needs to serve every last day of his sentence.He got too ig for his britches and it came back and bit him in the ass

        14. No one takes anything a person says serious when they use y’all in text. You my friend are an imbred dip shit

        15. Goldenthroat you have so much to say why don’t you leave ur name? Any father is going to step up n protect his daughter’s!!! Whether it in law inforcment or not that trooper knows Better

        16. Wearing a police uniform and acting in the capasity of a police officer is an act of aggression, therfore any actions chip took to defend his daughter were justifyed

        17. Yep spoke like a P*G!!!!! Guess that’s typical of the sh*t going on with our infrastructure. Our police are acting as though they are some kind mercinary force. We need law enforcement. But the fact of the matter officers should stay actually aware of the fact they are peace officers… I know there are good officers out there. More then I probably give them credit for. But there has to more to the reason a lot of these cops don’t come home after work.

      2. No matter the charge ? He screwed up somehow and now he has to do the 15 mo.suspended sentence, is my guess…

      3. because he committed perjury.That is a bailable offense.You cannot lie under oath no matter how good a father and husband you are

          1. Lol!!! Ohmygoodness, these comments are epic! I’m so entertained, thank you all that have commented, especially the funny ones. G’day to all of you. Keep the comments rolling in, I love it!!

    2. We need to police our police. Look what’s going on all over the country. If it is your word against a cop you are just screwed.

      1. However… If you don’t break the law, you’ll be okay. I have never been assaulted by the police. I live in Alaska. I lived in Phoenix before. I wasn’t ever shot or sued by either state. I MUST be the lucky one!

        1. Do some research, there are thousands of innocent people in jail!!! Hell, they taught us that in our criminal justice course! Don’t EVER ASSUME you’re safe because you obey the law!!! ESPECIALLY when dealing with a crooked cop!

    3. I love this family!!!!!! As a city girl from Hartford Ct. I wish i could join then in the wilderness….God Bless

      1. Your Mom lost all of her teeth, and she puts her gums to good use at $5 a pop. Tell her I’ll see her behind the bar next week.

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