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(Last Updated On: Dec 5, 2017)

Craig Bierko is an American actor who has graced our screens for many years while starring in incredible, horrific, hilarious and action movies. Did I mention he sings too? An awesome combination, well it is no surprise that Craig turned out to be a star because his parents were the owners and managers of the community theatre in a small community named Rye Brook located in New York.

Craig Bierko attended the Northwestern University, where he improved his acting and theatrical talents. After graduation, he set out in search of his big break in Hollywood. Armed with a degree in theatre arts, it wasn’t difficult to attend some movie castings but getting the prominent role was a different ball game.

Personal Life

Craig Bierko has been linked to many women during his career as an American actor, many of these assumptions were however false because they were either just friends or working on a film project together. However, we know that Craig was romantically linked with Gretchen Mol as far back as 1990. He was also with Charlize Theron, a relationship which was established in 1995 but it didn’t last for as long as the media would have loved, we all loved Craig Bierko and Charlize Theron as a couple. But in a few years the media caught the news that Craig was dating another TV sweetheart, her name is Megan Batterson. They were an adorable couple who gave the cameras and the paparazzi a great time at the premiere for the Cinderella Man. They were also spotted at the opening night which featured the one of the “Monty Python’s Spamalot” Flicks. Craig Bierko has never been married, and he has no children. He lives a quiet life only breaking the news when he is featured in much-anticipated movies and at movie premieres in Hollywood.

Craig Bierko’s Net Worth

Craig Bierko is reported to be worth $3 million. His sources of income include the revenue from the various movies and TV series he has starred in, and his short singing gigs as well as random theater performance in the United States.

Acting Career

Craig Bierko has come a long way in his acting career, and I will not be surprised to see him starring in a recent blockbuster movie because even at 53 years, there are many characters he can play. Starting out with a CBS sponsored sitcom named “Sydney,” Craig made his way into the movie scene gradually, with a series of roles in short flicks and TV series such as Ally McBeal and Wings, Sex and the City, Boston Legal. The Good Wife, etc. he finally made a break with notable roles in “The Long Kiss Goodnight” and “Cinderella Man.” I think he did great in the Scary Movie 4 where he played a spoof role of Tom Cruise, and it was hilarious. In Boston Legal, Craig played to role of an attorney named Jeffrey Coho, this was in the third season, and he later featured as the lead in “Unhitched,” but the show didn’t last very long.

Craig’s popularity soared after he starred in the movie “Cinderella Man.” It was released in 2005; Craig played the role of Max Baer the brutal defending champion who was determined to maintain his positions as the champion against all the odds.

The variety of roles that I have seen Craig Bierko play show that the man is gifted. A gifted actor who seemingly doesn’t shy away from roles. His ability to deliver an impeccable act in the movies and on TV series is really commendable. Craig showed a high level of resilience in a world that many others would have given up a long time ago and it paid off. With a number of low budget movies and minor roles, Craig continued steadily climbing up the ladder to stardom. In one of his addresses, he encourages the upcoming artist to see minor roles as opportunities to develop their talents, after all, if they perform well while acting the minor roles, one day a producer with a good memory will give them a call for better movie offers. Craig also gave the theater a shot with his brief performances at the Shubert Theater where he played the role of “Miss Trunchbull” in Matilda the Musical.

Overall, Craig Bierko has made notable appearances in Hollywood that will be remembered by people like me who love to watch movies such as “The Long Kiss Goodnight” over and over again. I really look forward to seeing him on my TV screens again starring in a recent movie; it will be thrilling to see how an older Craig Bierko will fit into an intriguing role.

Nominations and Awards

Only the best talents in the entertainment industry receive awards, and I am happy that Craig Bierko made it on the list many times. He was nominated for the Shorty Awards for Humor in 2004, and in 2000, the Tony award in the Best Actor in a Musical category, Craig was considered for this award because of his role in the Musical drama “The Music Man.” Craig was also nominated for his role in “The Music Man” at the Outer Critics Circle Award in the Best Actor category.

His Awards include the Theater World Award winner in 2000, the Broadway Audience Award in 2000 and the Sexiest Broadway Star in 2000.

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