Daniel Lissing – Wife or Girlfriend?

(Last Updated On: Feb 21, 2017)

Australian actor Daniel Lissing has been a rising talent from the moment he appeared in Australian TV series Crownies back in 2011, and has since gone to star in American and Canadian films and series. His fame has fans wonder about his romantic life: are Daniel Lissing wife rumors true?

Unfortunately, fans cannot be sure about this. Lissing appears to be single, so if he does have a girlfriend, or is happily married and in love with his wife, he is keeping the relationship private, but that doesn’t keep fans from speculating.

In 2011, Daniel Lissing had a recurring role in legal drama series Crownies, in which he played Conrad de Groot. His character was engaged to one of the main characters, the lawyer Tatum Novak, played by the then twenty-year old Indiana Evans, and there is no denying the chemistry between Daniel and Daniel Lissing wife to be.

A year later, Lissing joined the cast of the American military drama series Last Resort, in which he portrays petty officer James King of the U.S. Navy SEAL’s. In the series, a romance blooms between Lissing’s character and bar owner Tani Tumrenjack, who is played by Dichen Lachman.

Then, two years later in 2014, Lissing appears in two thrillers, John Doe: Vigilante and The Cure, and in the latter he starts alongside New Zealand actress Antionia Prebble.

In the same year, the Canadian-American Hallmark drama series When Calls the Heart starts its first season. Lissing plays Mountie Constable Jack Thorton, who at first is the only character who is not charmed with protagonist Elizabeth Thatcher, which of course meant there’s love in the air and the two grow towards each other and form a relationship. There have been rumors that Lissing and Erin Krakow, who plays Elizabeth in the series, continued their relationship off-screen, but this has never been confirmed. This might then not be true, but for all we know Krakow could now be Daniel Lissing wife in real life. Fans will at least be able to enjoy their on-screen relationship again when the fourth series starts on February 19.

In 2015 Lissing appeared in two episodes of the MTV series Eye Candy, in which he had a sex scene together with twenty-one-year-old Victoria Justice. A year later he played a couple together with Jessica Lowndes in the TV Movie A December Bride. It is said that Daniel and Jessica are good friends, but that could of course mean more. The two pretend to be engaged in the film, but who knows, maybe Jessica has or will actually become Daniel Lissing’s wife.

Most recently, Lissing starred in an episode of NCB’s sci-fi series Timeless. Here he played outlaw Jesse James, who stays at the home of Emma Whitmore, played by Annie Wersching, for a bit before being shot in the back by main character Lucy Preston, who is played by Abigail Spencer.

Any of these actresses could be Daniel Lissing’s girlfriend or wife, and he might just be keeping a low profile about it. Or he truly is just single at the moment. Who knows?

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