Will Miner Dave Turin Return to Gold Rush?

(Last Updated On: Nov 28, 2017)

As a miner on the popular television show Gold Rush, Dave Turin was able to find his success. David Anthony Turin was born and raised in Sandy, Oregon in 1959. During his time in high school and college, he was notorious as a football player. Eventually, he earned his degree in civil engineering. Out of school, he married his high school girlfriend, Shelly, who works as a nurse. Together they have three children and they also have grandchildren. Before the start of his career on the show, he was running a rock quarry business with his father and brothers. Turin worked in his family business for 24 years before becoming a reality show star. Todd Hoffman, another personality on Gold Rush, convinced Turin to take a break from his family business and join the other miners.

Before joining the miners full time on the show, Dave Turin (age 58) was hired to be a consultant on the Porcupine Creek gold mining claim. Dave did not receive a full-time position on the show until the second season. Turin did not begin mining himself until the sixth season of the show. Turin was well educated in knowing how to keep himself as well as the other miners safe.

Gold Rush is a popular television series on the Discovery channel that started in 2010. The show follows around groups of miners that are hopeful in striking gold, mostly in Yukon, Canada. The groups of miners are all competitive to each other when it comes to finding the gold. Within the show, there are there different groups of miners: The Hoffman Crew, Dakota Boys, and Big Nugget Miners. When the show first started, it was called Gold Rush: Alaska. This idea was brought up by Todd Hoffman, a main personality of the show and leader of the Hoffman crew. He thought of the idea because of a gold mining journey his dad, Jack Hoffman, did years before.

Another main personality from the show is Greg Remsburg. Greg is mostly known for his expertise in construction under the Hoffman crew. Before he joined the show, Remsburg and his family were extremely poor. They barely had anything and the only source of income they got was when people personally gave them money. He was able to relieve some of his financial problems during his time on the show. He left the show near the end of the second season but Turin decided to bring him back after realizing that he needed his help. He stayed for one more season and then decided not to return back to the show.

James Harness was another member of the Hoffman crew. He was a mechanic with a major spinal injury due to a car accident that happened years before he started mining. He eventually had surgery to fix his spine but ended up getting addicted to pain pills, which caused him to be fired from the Hoffman crew. Sadly, Harness died in 2014 due to a stoke. The show revealed what happened months after his death, which left some of the audience confused on why they did not announce it sooner. Some viewers even thought that they scene where they made the announcement was scripted.

There are eight seasons of the show as of 2017, with future seasons to come. However, Dave decided to leave the show at the end of season seven. With no luck in the finding of gold and after getting into a fight with Hoffman crew member, Trey Poulson, Dave decided that it would be best for him to move on. After the announcement of leaving the show, Dave went to his Facebook to explain his decision to his personal fans. In his post he expresses that he is thankful for all of his fans. He also mentions that he has “new opportunities” and that fans might see him in the future. After Turin’s unexpected departure, the show continues to go on, but Dave’s loyal fans continue to support him in his decision.

Dave Turin’s net worth is estimated to be about two million dollars as of 2017. Most of his worth was earned in season five and six of the show when he helped Hoffman accumulate a large amount of gold. One of Turin’s main highlights from the show was during the fourth season. At the Indiana River Claim, Turin and his crew gathered almost all of the gold found during the season, even though they had fewer crew members. Turin’s time with the Hoffman’s family was not always smooth sailing. Turin actually decided to leave the Hoffman crew multiple times during his time on the show. During the fourth season, Turin was working as a supervisor for Q.O.D claim. While he did this, the Hoffmans took charge of the diamond mining. With no visible progress, Dave left but returned at the end of the season. For a short period of time in season five, Turin joined the Dodge brothers after a failed attempt in mining in Guyana. His separation did not last long and he eventually returned back to the Hoffmans. Even though his time on the show was a little rocky with the Hoffman family, he was still favored by fans because of his wits and brains.

As of 2017, Dave does not have any concrete plans in returning back to television. Although Gold Rush has mentioned the possibility Turin’s return, nothing has been confirmed yet. Turin has also mentioned that if he does return to the show, he would like to have his own mining team, filled with his family members and friends. He says that whatever he decides to do, he likes being a leader. But as of right now, Dave is happy where he is at in his retirement from the show. Finding new activities to do, Dave showed his Ford F550 in a Vegas trade show. On his Instagram, he also shows that he is enjoying his time hiking in Las Vegas, fishing, showing off his truck, and spending time with his family and grandchildren.

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