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(Last Updated On: Apr 10, 2018)

David Kindig is the star of the TV show Bitchin’ Rides, which follows David building custom cars for his clients. Kindig has achieved what most of us hope we could do, he is paid to follow his passion and is a star for simply doing what he loves and would normally do every day. Kindig “(sells) stuff that’s really expensive that no one really needs”.

In Bitchin’ rides you can see Kindig and his team building absolutely bitchin’ rides for sometimes celebrity clients in 6 figure deals. Kindig and his team have customized over 60 cars in 42 episodes and 4 seasons. The business operates as Kindig-it Design in Salt Lake City, Utah and this is where he creates all of his masterpieces. Bitchin’ Rides is aired in more than 40 countries and has made Kindig a fairly recognizable face worldwide. “It’s a little hard to hide, I guess, with the goatee. I used to always jokingly say, ‘We’re huge in France.’ Now, we actually are!” he said jokingly.

Before the show was created, Kindig had “about a year backlog”. This has now increased greatly. Currently just to start work on a car, the wait is almost four years. The cars which are customized in the Kindig-it shop are almost always classics. Kindig likes “stuff that has the feel of classics, but with the fit and finish of a modern car.”. For this reason, the cars from Kindig-it Design are some of the hottest and coolest cars on the road.

David Kindig Bio

Life wasn’t always so easy for Kindig as he had a hard in his younger years. David Kindig(age 46 in 2018) was born in 1971 in the State of Utah. He was a “welfare kid”. He started to draw cars when he was 5 years old and this is when his career interests developed. He says that his “first design work that (he) was really passionate about was insects. But then (he) figured out you couldn’t make those, so (he) went to (his) second love, which was cars”.

It’s interesting to say that his million-dollar business is founded from his childhood love of drawing, Hot Wheels and Lego! The only formal training Kindig has in the way of cars is an auto training class that he took at West High. The way Kindig learned his trade was simply through watching others and teaching himself. Kindig started out by simply working on and building his own cars in his garage. He says: “It started getting out that I was building stuff in my garage, so pretty soon people were lining up for me to do work for them.” Although, at the time, this was simply a hobby for him.

Kindig first worked full time sandblasting exhaust systems then rose to running the western division of the company. He got lucky when a visitor saw his drawings and asked if he had ever thought about drawing for magazines. He replied that he had considered it, but had never had the opportunity. “About two weeks later, he commissioned me to do a ’69 Camaro … and it got featured in Super Chevy and Chevy High Performance.” This helped Kindig to secure more work redesigning real cars and creating drawings. A great for Kindig, because it meant he only had to do one graphics job a month and earn up to ten times the amount of working 60 plus hours a week at his old job!

Kindig later quit his job and started Kingdig-it Design in June 1999. The business started out subletting a 4,500 square foot workplace and now occupies a 27,000 foot building which Kindig actually owns. As his reputation grew and grew and he was featured on a number of Velocity Channel shows. This demonstrated Kindig’s natural TV star qualities. He was noticed by a number of Velocity Channel’s executives and was later put in touch with Fischer Production in Park City who brought Bitchin’ rides to life. Kindig emphasizes just how “real” the TV show is. It isn’t a show that builds a car in a matter of a few days. The cars take up to a year to build and they can have over 20 projects on the go at once. Kindig states that “Velocity Channel’s not paying me to build the cars, the customer is, they’re just here to capture what we do.”.

Roughly one or two vehicles and their stories are shown per episode, and filming crews are on site three to five days a week. Kindig and his crew have learned to ignore the cameras simply to show how Kindig-it Design really works. He says “there are no scripts. There’s no pretend stuff here. We just have fun doing what we’re doing.”. From the success of the TV show a new and unexpected form of business as arisen for Kindig. His shop now offers tours and merchandise. He now has a flourishing business selling Kindig-it Design t-shirts.

David’s Cars

Kindig’s personal cars include 2006 CHEVROLET COLORADO, 2008 CHRYSLER 300 and 2009 CHEVROLET SILVERADO.

David Kindig Wife

David Kindig’s wife Charity Kindig, also has a prominent interest in cars. Charity Lynn Kindig and her husband are the same age. Kindig gives credit to Charity for being the one who supported him in his business ventures. Charity’s parents were a significant influence in encouraging her interests. They began taking her to car shows at just 8 years old. She believes that they were the ones to inspire her passion for cars. Along with Kindig, Charity is the co-owner of Kindig-it Design. Charity was behind the start of Kindig-it Apparel which sells all kinds merchandise and t-shirts. Kindig and Charity’s daughter, Baylee Kindig also helps with this.

David Kindig Net Worth

David’s net worth is estimated at just under $ 3 million dollars.


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