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DDP Yoga Diet

(Last Updated On: Jun 14, 2016)

DDP Yoga diet is not a strict diet, but a set of suggested nutritional guidelines that you can follow at your own pace. Just like the DDP Yoga Workouts, the DDP eating plan has three phases – “beginner, intermediate and advanced”. Anyone can choose a suitable meal plan they can start to follow, no matter where they are in their nutritional choices.

DDP Yoga Diet Phases

ddp dietPhase One of the DDP Yoga diet plan is for those starting to live a healthier lifestyle. This stage gets rid of processed food and replaces it with real foods. You get to enjoy plenty of vegetables, fruit, complex carbs, whole-grains, healthy fats, meat, poultry, seafood, and more. You also have an allowance for cheats to help you keep on the program.

There are no set rules on how long you should stay in the first phase of the nutrition system. The choice is yours and you can stay in this phase for as long as you want. It is quite easy to follow the entry level eating plan and eat delicious and filling meals, yet start to lose weight and start feeling healthier.

Phase Two of the DDP diet plan eliminates foods that are extremely hard to digest for our bodies and that cause food intolerance. The two main staple foods to give up are dairy and gluten-containing grains, including wheat, rye, barley and others.

Like most people, Diamond Dallas Page was brought up in a family that consumed a lot of dairy and gluten-containing foods. Later in life he was able to pinpoint that gluten was responsible for his chronic joint pains. Both, gluten and dairy can bring on a host of health issues, including fibromyalgia, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and allergies.

Dairy intolerance is the most common food intolerance, and it gets worse as we age. Wheat (or gluten) intolerance is also up there on the list. The body in many people sees these foods as invaders and tries to fight them right in the stomach.

Dairy-free and gluten-free choices are in abundance today. DDPYoga Phase Two teach how to make satisfying, delicious and slimming meals that don’t contain dairy, wheat or gluten. Starting to eat this way will help you lose weight and may even help to eliminate many health issues.

Phase Three of the DDP Yoga diet teaches to choose the clean organic food and implement proper food combining. This level also introduces you to organic juicing. Starting to eat according to this meal plan will perfect your digestive system and help you achieve ultimate inner health. It will also help you to start shedding pounds fast. DDPYoga phase three is for those who want to achieve phenomenal results in a short period of time. This is Diamond Dallas Page’s everyday lifestyle.

DDP Yoga Diet Recap

To recap – DDP Yoga diet is not a deprivation diet but a healthy change of nutritional habits. Phase 1 gets rid of processed and junk food, including sugar. Phase 2 also eliminates dairy, gluten and wheat. Also eliminated are: alcohol, soda, fried food, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, GMO. Phase 3 is about eating organic food and combining food properly within a meal.

Organic food is food that does not contain any synthetic chemicals, and is neither genetically modified or treated with synthetic hormones. Food combining is eating foods in certain combinations to assist digestive system. For example, carbohydrate and protein are not consumed together, while low-starch vegetables are fine to have with any meal.

Are you following the DDP Yoga diet? Which of the DDP diet phases you are on?

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  1. My daughter and I started the diet in January 2017. Definitely losing weight, great with the inches. We are committed so we have cut out into the stage 3. The food is very satisfying, no real cravings. The turmeric juice pick me up is a WOW.

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