Derek Foreal Wiki (Richard Barile In Real Life) – Now, Death, Net Worth

(Last Updated On: Jun 2, 2017)

In the movie “Blow” (2011), Richard Barile is portrayed under a fictional name Derek Foreal. The director of the movie, Ted Demme, wasn’t able to find the real-life Richard Barile to ask him to use his real name, and so had to change it. According to Demme (who passed away in 2002), the real life Derek Foreal – Richard Barile, was on the run at the time “Blow” was being filmed.

The flamboyant hairdresser turned coke dealer Derek Foreal is played by Paul Reubens. In real life, Richard Barile indeed was a hairdresser-turned-coke dealer, and a former marine turned hairdesser prior to that.

Derek Foreal (Richard Barile) became become George Jung’s California connection in real life. Boston George, El Americano. In the cocaine epic, “Blow,” George Jung is played by Johnny Depp. Cliff Curtis plays Pablo Emilio “El Patrón” Escobar Gaviria, Jordi Molla plays Diego Delgado (in real life – Carlos Lehder), Penélope Cruz plays Mirtha Jung; Rachel Griffiths plays Ermine Jung.

Born August 6, 1942 (74 years old in 2017) in Boston, Massachusetts, George Jung became one of the most important figures in cocaine trade in the 70s to 90s US.

With his Massachusetts friend “Tuna” (Wayno the Tuna, aka Tuna aka Wayno), George moves from Boston to Southern California. They meet Barbara (Barbie), an airline stewardess, who becomes George’s girlfriend and introduces Jung and Barile. The two meet for the first time when Jung (Boston George, El Americano) walks into the Tonsorial Parlor for a haircut. Then, Barile was the most popular male hairdresser on Manhattan Beach, running a very successful hair salon. He was also one of the biggest marijuana dealers on the Californian beaches. At some point, Richard Barile net worth was in millions of US dollars.

Pee-wee Herman (host of the beloved kiddie show Pee-wee ‘s Playhouse), does an amazing job of playing Jung’s California middleman, the flamboyant ex-marine, hairdresser, pot grower and dope dealer.

So starts George’s trafficking of marijuana to the East Coast. Jung used Barile in his cocaine smuggling operations with Carlos Lehder and the Colombian cartel, from Pablo Escobar’s ranch in Colombia. Airhostess Barbara “Barbie” Buckley (played by Franka Potente) becomes their “mule” and starts to transport their marijuana cross country. Richard Barile, would distribute the drugs.. In 1977, obliged to unload 50 kilos of cocaine, Jung and his bisexual associate Foreal (Barile) do sell it for a couple million dollars.

Later on Jung’s partner and ex cellmate Carlos Lehder (named Diego Delgado in the movie Blow) later on betrays Jung and starts working directly with Barile. Using the Island of Norman’s Cay as a jump point to the US (the island which Carlos had practically bought out), he began trafficking cocaine straight to Richard Barile, bypassing George. By going straight through Richard Barile, Carlos Lehder no longer needed George Jung in his operation.

Where is Richard Barile (Derek Foreal) now? Barile was on the run in the early 2000’s, and it is unclear what had happened to him after that. Did he die? There are a few Barile Obituaries. For example, there is a Death record and obituary for Richard James Barile from Chula Vista, California. Richard Barile passed away on April 20, 2011 at the age of 68 in Chula Vista, CA. However, there are a few people with the same name, so it could have been another person.


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