DeWayne Warren (G-Baby) 2016

(Last Updated On: Dec 30, 2016)

DeWayne Warren is a former child actor who became famous as G-Baby in the 2001 drama HardBall. It was a sad but good movie, and a lot of viewers were deeply moved by DeWayne Warren’s on-screen performance.

So, what happened to DeWayne, his life and career? Did G-Baby from hardball die in real life?

DeWayne Warren is 24 years old in 2016. He is alive and well, lives in Chicago with his large family and is a rapper (more on that below).

After Hard Ball, the kid went on to star in two other movies a vampire movie La Femme Vampir in 2009 (he was 17) and its sequel La Femme Vampir Volume 2 in 2010 (DeWayne was 18). He was attending a Chicago school at that time. According to some sources, the talented Chicago kid went on to study at Southern Illinois University in 2013.

DeWaynes current net worth is unknown. He could be golden if he hit another great role like Jarius ‘G-Baby’ Evans.

Here’s what we have learned about DeWayne’s life now by looking at the pictures he posted via his social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and MySpace

Today, DeWayne is a rapper who likes to make songs in his spare time with his friends. He likes to party with his friends, especially at pool parties. He looks almost the same now in 2016 as he did in the Hard Ball 14 years ago. He wore a funky three piece blue suit for the Prom, and his date Kiara wore a wedding dress.

DeWayne has a large and loving family: multiple sisters, brothers and cousins. All of them, as well as his mother, father, aunt and two grandmothers can be seen on his Prom album pictures. They all live in Chicago.

DeWayne Warren’s Acting

DeWayne was born in 1992, and was 9 years old when HardBall hit the screen. DeWayne Warren was just a little boy, but his performance was incredibly touching and uplifting. As Keanu said, “He made me a better person.”

The adorable and inspirational G-Baby was much younger and smaller than the rest of the Cabrini Green Little League baseball team, yet he was very bright and promising. G-Baby was shot and killed on accident by a stray bullet in a gang fight. This scene brought tears to so many peoples eyes… The movie starred many famous actors, including Keanu Reeves, Diane Lane and Michael B. Jordan.

Warren had a potential of becoming a famous actor, but that never happened. However, at only 24 years old his acting future is bright.

Everyone’s other favorite child actor from HardBall, Bryan C Hearne (Dre) supposedly is a rapper now.


  1. Yea. I always think about Hardball and G Baby. We call my mom G Momma cause when I was in college and got pregnant she said she was too young to be a grandmother so she came up with G Momma and G Dad 24 years ago!!!!! But yea loved the movie and would love to see G Baby now!!!!

  2. Dewayne , you hit a home run with a most professional part in a great movie ..please share more of your compassion for life with your fans ..I know you are offered more scripts , please take one and be the new …comeback kid …they don’t come better than you…thank you Harvey Kertzman…3/15/2017

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