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Diego Delgado is a character from the 2001 movie Blow played by the Spanish actor Jordi Molla.
Portrayed under the name Diego Delgado is Carlos Lehder, a co-founder of the Medellin Cartel and former Colombian drug lord currently imprisoned in the United States.

Diego Delgado (in real life – Carlos Lehder) is the cellmate of George Jung at Danbury federal prison in the Ted Demme-directed biopic “Blow”. An ambitious, talkative and shifty Colombian hustler Diego Delgado claims to be an insider in Colombia’s rising drug trade. Diego becomes Jung’s good friend, his narco-business partner, but later a person who backstabs George when we least expects it.

Cocaine smuggler Diego Delgado is in for car theft, but it turns out that he has contacts in the Medellín cocaine cartel. Delgado tells Jung about cocaine smuggling and promises millions of dollars in profits once they get out of jail. After their release, Diego Delgado introduces George to Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Together, they start trafficking enormous amounts of cocaine into the United States.

The film Blow is based on the real-life stories of George Jung (played by Johnny Depp), Pablo Escobar (played by Cliff Curtis), Carlos Lehder Rivas (portrayed as Diego Delgado and played by Jordi Mollà), George Jung’s wife Mirtha Jung (played by Penélope Cruz), George Jung’s daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung (played by Emma Roberts and Jaime King), Fred Jung (by Liotta), Barbara Buckley (by Franka Potente), Ermine Jung (by Rachel Griffiths), Richard Barile(portrayed as Derek Foreal and played by Paul Reubens), Inez (played by Jennifer Gimenez).

Why did Ted Demme change the names of Carlos Lehder to Diego Delgado and Richard Barile to Derek Foreal? The reason is that Demme couldn’t find them to get their approval for the use of their names in the movie. Richard Barile was on the run at the time of filming.

George Jung and Diego Delgado Quotes

Diego Delgado: How much time do you have?
George: Oh, let’s see. Twenty-six months.
Diego Delgado: Twenty-six months? For murder? I must meet your lawyer.

Diego Delgado: [in prison cell] Do you have a dream, George?
George: Well, I would if I could get some fucking sleep.

Diego Delgado: George, you failed because you had the wrong dream.

Diego Delgado Real Life and Wiki

In real life, Diego Delgado is Carlos Lehder, a drug lord who co-founded the Medellín Cartel. Lehder was born in September, 1949. He is 67 in 2017. Carlos Lehder is currently incarcerated in the US; his charges are: murder, kidnapping and illegal drug trade. He has a daughter – Monica Lehder. His parents are: Helena Rivas and Willheim Lehder Rivas.

Diego Delgado bio is based on the biography of Carlos Enrique Lehder Rivas, an eccentric narco and Medellin capo. Carlos Lehder and George Jung were cellmates at Danbury prison in Connecticut, both imprisoned for smuggling.

He graduated himself from a car smuggler to one of the world’s most powerful cocaine dealers, a very high-ranking officer in the Medellin, and a person atop the most wanted list. Carlos Enrique Lehder Rivas net worth (Blow’s Diego Delgado net worth) was once $270 million.

Trafficker and drug dealer Carlos Lehder revolutionized the cocaine business. He took over a small island in the Bahamas and started using it as a way station to smuggle drugs. Eventually, he was sentenced to life without parole plus 135 years.

Carlos Lehder (Diego Delgado from Blow) was extradited to the US in 1987. Carlos Lehder (Diego Delgado) now: he is still serving his life sentence in the US.

Looking for Diego Delgado on IMDb? It’s Jordi Mollà

Jordi Mollà (Jordi Molla) is a Spanish actor, director, writer, and artist born in 1968 in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Jordi Molla is also one of the highest paid actors in the World. Jordi Molla net worth is estimated at $145 million. We could not find Jordi Molla wife pictures or information, but found tons of pictures of the successful actor and filmmakers with tons of attractive men and women.

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