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Where to download free ebooks legally

(Last Updated On: Jun 7, 2016)


The 90’s was a very important decade for the world of technology. The biggest milestone was that creation of the “World Wide Web”, as we know it. During the 90’s time appeared the first “e-readers” or readers of “ebooks”.

One of the first e-readers produced was called “The Rocket eBook” – it was launched by NuvoMedia. The company wanted the device to become the solution for distributing ebooks.

download free books
Where to download free books

At the end of the 90s, this idea was still revolutionary, especially as the Internet was still a new concept. It was not until 2007 when the boom of ereaders began, thanks to the arrival of the Kindle, the first electronic device by Amazon. Of course, it made much sense that a company that started as an online book store and grew up to be what we know today, created a gadget so great for such a nice price.

Now users read more electronic books than ever, whether or not they have an e-reader. And now there are websites where you can download free books legally, without paying a dime. Don’t worry about piracy and just enjoy free books.

1.- Hundred Zeros ( This site monitors all the books that become free for Kindle. Take a look at their catalog of available books, get an account at Amazon and start to download free books to your Kindle. 

2.- Gutenberg ( At the first glance Project Gutenberg website looks like Wikipedia of the past. In spite of the design, on this site you can get thousands of free books in many languages. So if you want to read in German, English and even in Chinese, this is the ideal place.

3.- Google Play Books ( Of course, Google could not be left behind in the world of books. They also have a catalog with hundreds of free books in several languages to download or read from the browser.

4.- Wikisource ( This initiative, promoted by the creators of Wikipedia, offers little known publications, as well as classic works of literature.

5.- Openlibrary ( A free library to publish, borrow, read and edit books. It has more than 3 million free ebooks available for download, of which 200 thousand can be borrowed for up to two weeks at a time.


  1. You need to look more carefully. If it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t true, and this is the Case with Hndred-zeroes. Very few e-books are free here. It is a simple deception. One has to go to Amazon page to download the chosen book, where you find its actually ONLY “free” if you join the KIndleUnlimited, which you have to pay for ! Think you have been swindled? You have !

    1. Thank you for the heads up Jon.

      Just went to Hundred Zeros and clicked “Random” at the bottom – the book that came up was “Delusions of Grandeur”, and it’s $3.20 on Amazon (Kindle price).

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