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(Last Updated On: Jan 11, 2018)

Dr. Brenda Grettenberger is an American Veterinary Doctor and reality TV personality who has spent most of her life in farms helping to take care of animals. She is best known for her role in the Nat Geo Wild reality television show, “The Incredible Dr. Pol”.

Having established herself as one of the major stars of the show, Doctor Grettenberger DVM had often confessed that she was looked down upon at the early days of her engagement in Dr. Pol’s clinic as farmers were not used to having female veterinary practitioners on their farms. With time, Dr. Grettenberger has not only gained the respect of farmers, but has also captured the hearts of fans across the world. That’s why her biography is so important.

Asides from her time on television, Dr. Grettenberger has an amazing life with her family and her pet ox, Zeider, which she once described as a trip that is fun to watch when running and playing.

Birth and early life

Dr. Brenda Grettenberger (age 51 in 2018) was born on 23 February 1967 in the Eaton Rapids, Michigan. Owing to her reserved lifestyle, much is not known about her parents and siblings. What is known is that she spent most of her early days in the countryside on a family farm. When asked in an interview with Nat Geo Wild about her first job in high school, she said that she worked on the family farm. The farm was most likely a dairy farm as she is said to have developed immense interest in big animals and has an incredible knowledge of dairy cattle.

Obviously, Dr. Grettenberger had her early education and high school in the neighborhood of Eaton Rapids as she was part of the family farm business throughout the period of growing up. She attended the Michigan State University of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in 1992, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine.


Upon graduation, Dr. Brenda Grettenberger was employed at Pol Veterinary Services. At the time of her employment, most of the business at Pol Veterinary Services were large animals which she was already very conversant with. In spite of her educational qualification and lifelong knowledge in the area of large animal care, Dr. Grettenberger said she was often looked down upon as a young practitioner. This was not basically due to her lack of post-qualification experience. She believed that farmers, at that point, were not used to the idea of a female veterinarian and were skeptical about her ability to offer the essential treatment their animals needed. While she was gradually making progress with most animal owners, a number of the dairy farms in the area declined her offers and she started treating smaller animals. Overtime, she has grown to like the idea of mixed practice and has treated quite an array of animal species.

Dr Brenda Sue Grettenberger DVM is licensed as a Pharmacist (Pharmacies – Cs 2 licensed to practice in Michigan), Veterinarian (Veterinary Technician – Veterinarian licensed to practice in Michigan), and Veterinary Medicine (Veterinarian licensed to practice in Michigan).

Personal life

Fans of “The Incredible Dr. Pol” want to know: Is Dr Brenda married? Does she have a family? Is Doctor Brenda related to Doctor Pol?

Dr. Grettenberger keeps a low profile when it comes to her personal life. We know nothing about her relationships. There are no rumors of marriage or kids and she has not revealed any information about such special people. According to some sources, Doctor Brenda is currently single.

She revealed in an interview with Nat Geo Wild that she relaxes by reading and spending time with friends and family. There are definitely people she cares about, but Dr. Grettenberger will rather keep their identity away from the media. She also loves traveling and some good TV shows.

Brenda currently lives in Mount Pleasant, MI. She has also lived in Eaton Rapids and Weidman, MI. Doctor Brenda is not related to Dr Jan Pol.

Dr Brenda Net Worth

Dr. Brenda Grettenberger is definitely one of the rare types of celebrities that love to keep a low profile. This might be due to her profession, which she is incredibly passionate about. There is no information on her net worth and it will be difficult to estimate her net worth. Some sources estimate Dr. Brenda Grettenberger’s net worth at $100,000 – $250,000. Her yearly income is estimated at around $70,000.

We can assume that she has a decent net worth. Having been in veterinary practice for more than 25 years, it is safe to say that she has earned quite a good amount from the profession. Having been on 12 seasons of a television series in Nat Geo Wild and another single season of a related show must have also yielded a reasonable fortune for the energetic veterinarian. In conclusion, we can confidently say that Dr. Grettenberger is worth quite a lot of money.

The Incredible Dr. Pol

The Incredible Dr. Pol is the reality television series that has given Dr. Brenda Grettenberger the highest exposure and the fame that comes with it. She had already been an employee of the Pol Veterinary services for about 19 years before the show premiered on Nat Geo Wild. It was Dr. Jan-Harm Pol’s youngest child, Charles Pol, that pitched the show to the National Geographic Channel, and when the show came alive he became one of the producers.

Dr. Grettenberger was already an indispensable member of staff in Pol’s Veterinary services when the idea of the show was conceived. Once it was approved for production, she became an automatic cast member, alongside the rest of the staff of the clinic. The show centers on the Dutch-American veterinarian and owner of the clinic, Dr. Jan-Harm Pol and the activities of the clinic. Cast members of the show include Dr. Pol, his wife Diane Pol, youngest child and only son, Charles Pol, Dr. Brenda Grettenberger, and Dr. Emily Thomas. It is narrated by Ari Rubin and has English and Dutch as the original languages. The series has two seasons per year, and there are over a hundred episodes in its 12 seasons. Dr. Grettenberger has featured in all the seasons and almost in every single episode. Brenda is still working for Dr Pol in 2018, she has not left.

Dr. Brenda Grettenberger also featured on the show, “Calling Dr. Pol” from the time it ran (2015 – 2016).

Other engagements of Dr Brenda Grettenberger

Though not so much is known about Dr Brenda from Dr Pol, there are certainly some other things she must be engaged in. From the little we know, it is obvious that the veterinarian has a deep interest in animals and her other engagements are still tilted towards animal care. She is the treasurer of the Mid-West Ox Drovers Association and works to promote the wellbeing of oxen. While answering a question about what she would have been outside veterinary practice, she said she would have been a teacher or dairy farmer. Doctor Brenda is affiliated with the Republican Party.


  1. Dr. Brenda is knowledgeable, caring and a team player. The show makes Brenda a valuable access to the clinic and the community . I like watching the show. My buckets list is to meet Brenda and the staff.

  2. I think all the vets on Dr. Pol are so great because they care about the animals. They stay there until the owners what to do for there pets. I think that Dr. Brenda is the best she knows what is she doing when she gets there. I hope there is more shows because I love the show because I love animals and my pet she is a dog that I love. I thing that they should put Dr. Brenda on more because she is great on the show.

  3. I love animals. I wanted to be a vet. I wasn’t a straight A student. I ended up becoming an RN. I loved my profession. I love animals and always have. The show is my favorite. I love all the vets, staff. I would never say anything bad about the staff. After all, Dr. Poh, is Baptist and baptist have to stick together. Congrats Charles on your marriage. Soon maybe, you will announce a baby on the way.

  4. We love the show and all of the vets. I have come to really love our vet who is more than just a vet. He loves all animals and especially our little Sweet Pea. Our Amish puppy that’s a cross between an Australian Shepard and standard poodle.
    Doctor Brenda we love you. You have shown us how to really treat our animals. We wish you nothing but the best.

  5. Love this show, am also a life long animal lover having raised/loved/lost many over time. Dr. Pol … have gained a lot of knowledge from your gifted know how. plus from your talented staff. Please continue your tremendous series as it’s obviously sincerely appreciated by many more than myself. Loved your sharing your Dad’s advise on oats for the horse. As I write this, our 31 year old “hard keeping” Arabian mare thrives on her water moistened C&G senior stable mix, oats, and tad of vegetable oil. Also many thanks for your teaching policies for your clients, it’s certainly not wasted on those of us who want to continue learning.

  6. Dr Brenda is my hero. I would have liked to be a vet but in 1955 it was difficult for a woman. I ended up in engineering which was just as bad at what men thought. Good for you Brenda! I watch the show every time it is on.

  7. Leave her private life out of it. She gives enough of herself to the show. If she wants us to know more about her private life, she’ll tell us. Not everyone desires having their friends , family and loved ones dragged into the TV arena. Shes a great vet, and that’s all.she signed up for.

  8. And he treats his son like crap. I dont see how people find it charming that he makes his son look like an idiot every chance he gets.

    1. His son, Charles, IS AN IDIOT! He has NO initiative, has to be told everything to do, STILL does some things wrong in spite of the many times he’s supposed to have done them, is a klutz, not too bright, and we channel-hop when he comes on! He tried to be an actor in Hollywood, we understand, failed miserably and came back home to live, still living off his parents, last we knew.

        1. I think Charles is great. I miss him when he isn’t on the show but I know he created the show and I think he did a great job. I tape the show so I can watch it again to see if I missed anything.

  9. I wouldnt let Dr Pol touch one of my animals with a ten foot pole. He is very rough and is not mindful of the discomfort he inflicts on injured animals. I like Dr Emily and Dr Brenda but I cringe when he approaches a dog. I cant watch him.

  10. Joe, did your parents not teach you if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all? Or about the Golden Rule….do unto others as you would have them do unto you? That’s the kind of parents Charles seems to have. And they have done a very fine job indeed. Maybe you would like to start following the rules stated at the first of this comment. They will benefit much better. Love & kindness….what this world needs more of.

  11. Love The Incredible Dr Pol ! We record all your shows and binge watch. May I ask if Dr Brenda has ever been to a Bellevue MI football game.


  13. I think all vets on Dr pol are great and cares alot. I think some things are a little drug out. But it’s a great show. In fact i live in Oregon and from what the land is showed i think i would like to move back there. Good show, good people. And Charles keep up the good work take care of your mom and dad you have something precious there. Your a good son. Robert.

    1. Abusive people and obviously, you are one, accuse other people of what they are doing themselves. Posting such a harsh statement on-line, based on very little information, perhaps you should look in the mirror!


      1. Yes grow up Joe… how old are you anyway?? That sounds like a comment a grade school kid would make…. the incredible dr. Pol is a good clean show you can watch it with your family and there’s nothing wrong with any of them

  14. I spend hrs./a.m.and p.m. watching “The Incredible Dr. Poe”. I am battling cancer but I get so much enjoyment AND laughs at Dr. Pol’s son Charles.
    Hats off to the entire staff.

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