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Elvin Kilcher lives in a cabin some half a mile away from his father’s (Otto Kilcher) place. He Otto’s oldest son, and he built the cabin by himself, though it is still a work in progress. He is a kind of man you can call a jack of all trades just like his father, but he has taken things a step further than his dad. He is married to Eve. Also, he grows his food by himself. His parents emigrated from Switzerland to Homer in the early 1930s. His family had been living a homestead lifestyle since they settled here and they continue with that lifestyle till today. This is one of the unique features that qualified them as the best characters for the show, Alaska: The Last Frontier, by Discovery Channel.

Elvin Kilcher lives a rather subsistence lifestyle just like his cousin Atz Lee. His life revolves around fishing and hunting. He is also into farming but does not give much attention to farming like he does fishing and hunting. His farm is a subsistence type, but he expands his farming engagement and space as he grows older. He started farming from a very small beginning, just like his grandfather. When he started, he had just a cabin. But over time, the farm grew to include a big pasture. He has also enlarged his home and land, giving him an adequately large resource.

His consistent personal improvement had transformed his farming engagement, and he now lives a hybrid lifestyle composed of farming, gathering, and hunting. Elvin Kilcher believes he can provide for himself and his wife via his farming engagement; he believes his farming enjoyment can take care of his needs all through the winter, and this had been the case since inception till date. Among all his farming engagements, the largest is hunting, but it is more of a gamble for him. He is compelled to rely on small games, like squirrels and rabbits since he does not have any deer, bear or moose to kill, especially in the fall. These are the animals he relies on all throng the eight months of winter, and he had successfully lived through these months year in year out till date.

Elvin Kilcher is s survivor, just like every other member of his family; this is one essential characteristic, considering the kind of lifestyle they are living, a lifestyle almost completely separated from the reality of modern lifestyle. Necessity is the master of invention, as they say; their complete separation from modernity has built in them a can-do spirit incomparable to any other person living in Alaska. They are not complaining, which means their lifestyle must be perfectly suiting and convenient.

Elvin Kilcher and his family members are all living off the grid, which is one of the factors that further make their lives even more interesting. They are living a life completely separated from civilization; no luxury or amenities known to the modern man their ways of life is more or less hostile and that of Elvin is also not different.

Elvin Kilcher (age 34) was born on the 6th of March, 1984.

Alaska: The Last Frontier

Elvin Kilcher and his extended family members are the focus of Alaska: The Last Frontier, which is an American reality cable television series which is being aired on Discovery Channel. The reality show is presently in its seventh season of broadcast. The extended Kilcher family that is being featured on the show originated from Swiss immigrants Yule and Ruth Kilcher; this duo is also Alaskan pioneers. And their homestead is located some 11 miles from Homer.

The family has formed a clan due to their large size, and they live their lives without any form of modern heating or plumbing. Instead of the show of modernity, they engage themselves in hunting and farming as part of their preparation for the long winter months. The family is also related to Jewel, a very popular singer; Jewel has also featured on the show, Alaska: The Last Frontier. Elvin Kilcher and his wife started featuring on the show from just a few seasons ago.

Elvin Kilcher Siblings

Aside from being a reality show, Alaska: The Last Frontier is also categorized as a Survival Skills show. Aside from Elvins, the other family members being featured on this show are:

Shane Kilcher

Bonnie Kilcher-Dupree

Eve Kilcher

Elvin Kilcher

Jane Kilcher

Atz Lee Kilcher

Charlotte Kilcher

Otto Kilcher

The family story being featured on this reality show is narrated by Brad Poor and the number of seasons so far is seven; the seven seasons have seen up to 101 episodes up to date, with each of the episodes running for 44 minutes, not counting the time for commercials. The first season and episode started on December 29, 2011, and it is still on until present.


Elvin Kilcher publishes various pictures of his homestead lifestyle on social media. He makes frequent posts on several platforms depicting what life looks life separated from many of the social amenities known to the modern man today. Aside from the publications mentioned above, he also has written a book titled Homestead Kitchen: Stories and Recipes from our Hearth to Yours. He wrote this book together with his wife, and they dedicated it to their kids: Findley, a boy and Sparrow Rose, a girl. The book turned out to be very popular and attracted many readers, who found the stories and recipes fascinating; the remote nature of the lifestyles described in the book further increases its attraction and fascination. Aside from writing, Elvin Kilcher is also engaged in music; his love for music seems to stem from his grandmother.

Elvin Kilcher’s Net Worth

Elvin Kilcher is among the most popular individuals on social media today. He has a prominent presence on social media platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He takes time to share various pictures of his homestead lifestyle on various local newspapers. He also uses his passion and talent for various activities, like building, cooking, and hunting. His annual income is up to $350,000, and his net worth is now $2 million.

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