Life, Family and Interesting Facts about Emily Riedel of Bering Sea Gold

(Last Updated On: Dec 1, 2017)

Emily Riedel is a unique individual representing many personalities rolled into one. For one, she is an opera singer. Additionally, she is a gold miner; and finally, she has become a reality star. In this write-up, you will learn a lot about this personality, including her life, family, net worth and several other facts about her. Sit back and relax as I take you on a journey about this enigma that has rocked the reality TV world in the past few years.

Emily Riedel is an American born on July 4, 1988, which means she is presently 29 years old. The name of her dad is Steve Riedel, and he works as a diver on the Wild Ranger, one of the dredge ships featuring on the reality show, Bering Sea Gold. Her father was once a fisherman, and virtually every member of the family is involved in the fishing business, which formed the mainstay of the family, generating just enough money to make both ends meet, until father and daughter ventured into gold mining.

Emily Riedel’s Dreams and Education

Right from the moment Emily Riedel was born, her mind was set on becoming an opera singer. Her heartfelt, childhood dream prompted her to put in for a degree program in opera singing, but she could barely keep up with the university funding. She was working as an opera singer while attending university, but the funds raised from her singing career could barely fund her education.

Venture into Gold Mining

Then on a golden day like none other, her childhood friend, Zeke Tenhoff, gave her a call, asking her to come down to Nome in Alaska for gold digging. Zeke successfully convinced Emily Riedel about how profitable gold digging is; telling her it is a quick and easy way to make money. She was looking for some fast buck too, which makes it easy to persuade her.

On arriving at Nome, she was assigned to a vessel christened The Clark for gold digging; it must be noted that The Clark is owned and captained by Zeke Tenhoff, Emily Riedel’s friend, who introduced her into gold mining. When she arrived newly, she was assigned to work as a deckhand. Then later, she left The Clark to work on The Edge, another dredging ship captained by Zeke.

When she came to Nome, Emily Riedel was only $300-rich. Also, she could only afford a rundown shack located some five miles from the city. Her only possession in the said shack was a narrow bed to lie on after work. However, her story changed after some years working as a gold digger. As of today, she has a dredging ship to her name.

Rise to Stardom

After some years of working as a gold miner, Discovery Network came to the scene. They requested to follow the lives of the gold miners onscreen and titled the reality show as Bering Sea Gold. Emily Riedel could spot the potentials in this and did not hesitate to buy into the idea. Her venture into gold mining has opened flood doors of opportunity for her. For one, she can raise adequate fund for her education and up the ante in her social status. Secondly, she is a proud owner of a ship now. Additionally, gold mining made a reality star out of her! Her original intention for starting gold digging was to raise funds for her education, but she has benefited more than that in this business. Aside from having sufficient money to fund her education, she now has fame to go along with it. Emily Riedel has also enrolled for a degree in Astrophysics.

After buying the dredging ship, The Edge, she changed its name to Eroica. Emily Riedel also captains the ship. Despite being the only female cast in this reality show, Bering Sea Gold, she stands out and does her job meticulously, not allowing her gender-aloneness to get the better of her.

Also, Emily Riedel is more or less a camera-shy personality; she seems unsettled when facing the camera and the entire crew. The fact that the camera lights are always beaming at her does not make things easy at all. She is not the only star feature on Bering Sea Gold; some of the other reality-star features on the show are:

• Steve Pomrenke: Co-owner of the Christine Rose and father of Shawn Pomrenke
• Scott Foster: Diver on Sluicey
• Ezekial “Zeke” Tenhoff: Captain and owner of The Clark since 2008. He is also the captain of the Edge, a dredge ship that was later bought by Emily Riedel and renamed Eroica at a later stage of the Reality Show, Season Three to be precise.
• Steve Riedel: Father of Emily Riedel and diver on the Wild Ranger.
• Scott Meisterheim: Captain of the Wild Ranger

In total, the show has featured up to 13 dredge ships.

Emily Riedel and Zeke Tenhoff’s Relationship

Emily Riedel and Zeke Tenhoff are involved in an on-and-off love relationship. Their relationships experience a lot of turmoil and pulsated by breakups. Be that as it may, they seem to know how to mend fences shortly after each breakup. Their relationship challenges are some of the features that make the Bering Sea Gold tick and interesting.

In all fairness to her, Emily Riedel is good looking. She has this perfectly slim American beauty figure that will make males pause in their tracks even on a busy day. Her jet black hair further adds to her undeniable beauty.

Also, Emily Riedel seems to have a love for diving. She would dive into the cold waters of the northern hemisphere in her underwear or swimwear on impulse. Her love for this confusing diving sport almost cost her life one day when she almost got drowned after running out of oxygen. However, she was saved in the nick of time.

Emily Riedel’s Net Worth

As hinted earlier, Emily Riedel started her career as a gold digger with only $300 to her name in the whole wide world. However, she now owns a dredging ship. In total, her net worth is $250,000.

Bering Sea Gold

Bering Sea Gold is a reality TV series with its set at Nome in Alaska and airing on Discovery Channel. The same individual that created The Deadliest Catch is also the brain behind Bering Sea Gold. The show started in 2012. As of today, a total of nine seasons have been recorded with a total of 80 episodes. Each of the episodes runs for about 45 minutes.

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