Eric Bennett and Wife Lindsey Bennett: Age, Bio, Relationship, Children, Net Worth

(Last Updated On: Dec 10, 2017)

Eric Bennett, 38 and his wife Lindsey Bennett, 38 are well known in the entertainment industry. One of the most outstanding moments of Eric’s career is being recorded in the Desert Flippers, a TV show that has taken the airspace by storm since 2016. Eric Bennett is the host of this program. Brother vs. Brother is yet another TV show for which Eric Bennett is known; he acts as the judge in this show.

In the first episode of Desert Flippers, the Bennetts are transforming Palm Springs, California slowly, but steadily, touching the city from one dilapidated house to another. In a year, the couple recorded up to 20 renovated properties. Eric Bennett and wife Lindsey also have three kids to raise at the same time.

Lindsey and Eric Bennett Biography and Relationship

Lindsey Bennett (age 38 in 2017) was born in 1979 in USA. Neé Schneider, Lindsey was born to Constance Schneider and Leroy Schneider. Eric Dean Bennett is the same age as his wife – he is 38 years old in 2017, and was born in 1979 in the US.

Eric Bennet met his future wife (née Lindsey Rene Schneider) while he was in the middle of remodelling home projects. Lindsey was previously married to Alexander Wikstrom (age 37), real estate broker from Wisconsin.

Lindsey and Eric dated for about two months after which they rounded off their very first investment flips. They then sued the money to change base to California. When they arrived in California, they continued with their real estate flipping, since they have brought their love for this business and all their belongings along with them to California.

Desert Flippers have covered 18 episodes to date since it started in 2016 with the latest being A Pool With A View recorded this year.

One of the casts in Desert Flippers is called Uncle Mike (Michael Schneider); he is Lindsey’s brother. Lindsey and her brother, Mike, came for vacationing at Palm Spring as kids, and this made them develop a liking for this city. Before meeting Eric Bennett, Lindsey had learned a lot about real estate from her cousins, whom she assisted in their high-end luxury businesses, as well as her ex-husband.

Before he met his wife, Eric Bennett was a working as a Loan Officer, and he has an enviable proficiency in financing real estate and foreclosure. He is also a professional in the distressed property market. The couple pulled their professional resources together to become successful in the home renovation show, Desert Flippers, thanks to their background in real estate brokerage, development, and commercialization in Wisconsin.

Eric and Lindsey’s Children

Eric and Lindsey Bennett have three children together: Dean, 6, Roman, 3, and Graham, 2. The Bennetts are successfully balancing their family life and the TV show.

Eric and Lindsey Bennett Net Worth

Flipping real estate can be very lucrative, as is starring in prime-time TV series. According to HGTV, the series’ second season attracted nearly 12 million viewers and had a hefty increase in viewers over its debut season. And according to the Bennetts, “Jobs expected to yield less than $25,000 are not worth flipping.” While the exact amount of Bennett’s personal wealth is unknown, Lindsey and Eric Bennett’s net worth is approximately $1.6 million as of 2017.

How the Desert Flippers Began

Since the TV show started, the couple had been able to warm their ways into the hearts of many of the locals in Wisconsin. They have also been involved in inspiring millions of people via commercials. Their TV show on HGTV brought them closer to the people. They are not camera-shy, and their excitement has rubbed on several others over the years.

The TV show, Desert Flippers, was the brainchild of Glass Entertainment Group, who contacted Eric Bennett and wife to anchor the program. The show enabled them to bring their house flipping magic to the notice of all viewers. The fact that both husband and wife have to film this TV show together even makes it more interesting for the two and their viewers. When the show started, HGTV decided to buy a full pilot episode, and they fell in love with it, which now prompted them to order a full session.

Season 3 of “Desert Flippers”

The desert’s house-flipping duo will return for Season 3 of “Desert Flippers.” HGTV announced Wednesday, December 6, 2017 the return of Lindsey and Eric Bennett’s show, which features home remodels all across the Coachella Valley, for a new season premiering July 2018.


    1. My mother is 88 and says she had a neighbor named Steve Bennett in amesbury Massachusetts in the 30’s. She says Eric looks just like him. Any chance they are related?

  1. I love your show…you two are adorable…beautiful designs…I think its great the way you kid each other…keep up the great work…watching every episode….

  2. Was wondering where you purchased the 3 metal outdoor fans that were in the white gazebo in one of the episodes. We are just building a gazebo and I think they are beautiful! Love your show!

  3. Hi Eric & Lindsay,
    I really enjoy your show!
    Most importantly love the way you work as a team!
    I hope you stay true to your core values!
    Keep up the fantastic work !

  4. Love Eric and Lindsey with uncle Mike doing the Desert Flipping every Tuesday night. Husband and wife team are so energetic. It shows when They start dancing shows they really love their trade.

    1. Just reiterating … Where is Uncle Mike? Lindsey treated him rather shabily and arrogantly at times so I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t want to be a part of the show. I was disappointed in her, but still love the show.

  5. I want to move to Palm Springs because of you two. Love your show. What’s the name of your real estate company?

  6. Hi Lindsey & Eric…..Just wanted to say….I love your show. I watch every episode, and usually more than once….would love to see it in 1 hour shows…. let the “people” know it is a great idea… Lindsey you are a GREAT designer and your show shows it….hahaha…. I missed Uncle Mike, hope all is well….

  7. Love this show and Lindsey and Eric. Also miss the brother. Don’t let HGTV ruin your relationship and create drama for your family. I hate the show with christina and tarek. And, don’t let them know how much money you have, it’s no one’s business.

  8. Just watched first episode of Season 3 what happened to Uncle Mike he was not part of the flip or show?

  9. You two are Amazing! Cuddos to you for the BRILLIANT work you do!

    I am relocating to Palm Springs, I am a seasoned “decorative painter” (cool walls, floors cabinterty etc and furniture makeovers)

    I am wondering HOW I can become part of your team!!??!! Or if you have any contacts for projects you can refer me to…..

    (Hey, it Never hurts to ask, right???).

    THANK YOU for any reply I may recieve 🙂

    Carie Weber

  10. Eric & Lindsey: Help we need a house In the PS Desert Area for my 87 year old Mom, sister and me. Can you help us find a home?

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