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(Last Updated On: Nov 18, 2017)

The life of Erik Salitan from Life below Zero is intriguing. Erik Salitan, a hunter, registered guide and pilot lives a challenging life in Alaska with his wife, Martha and their child, Lucas. Away from the comfort of the cities with its modernization and the necessary infrastructure that gives us comfort; at 33 years Erik survives in the Alaskan Bush 67 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Wiseman, Alaska. We have seen and heard enough about Erik Salitan to know he is living his dreams.

Erik Salitan on Life Below Zero

Erik Salitan (age 33 in 2017) rose to fame with the documentary TV series Life Below Zero, featuring an unscripted daily broadcast of Erik’s activities in the Alaskan bush. The show reveals how he lives and survives in a region many people would never choose to live. The viewership of the TV show is impressive; this means many people are curious to know what it means to live in a place like the Alaskan bush without the basic things that make our lives comfortable. We applaud Erik’s decision to document his adventure for the whole world to see, following his hunting activities to the solitary mountain climbing expeditions; Erik shows us a part of the world many people would have never seen in a lifetime.

Living in Alaska

Erik Roberts Salitan was born in 1984. Tough not born in Alaska, Erik Salitan has lived his adult life in this state. Erik Salitan was born to explore the thrill and beauty of Alaskan Bush.

Erik is a professional hunter, registered guide and trained pilot in Alaska. He successfully became a guide at a young age of sixteen, already then he was interested in the wildlife and conservation. He is the co-owner and operator of Bushwhack Alaska Guiding & Outfitting. His sixteen years of guide experience give Erik the edge to consistently produce trophy animals.

Erik spent his first two years in the wild parts of Alaska without electricity living in a make-shift tent in the wild. His life has been an amazing adventure that has developed from a desire to explore less frequently charted regions in the Alaskan bush without the aid of sophisticated equipment. Erik’s story is one of genuine passion and the desire to survive without the intervention of the modern world. His life gradually evolved as he progressed as a guide in the Alaskan bush. Erik Salitan later obtained a degree in Natural Resources and Conservation from the University of Alaska. He is also a trained pilot, a profession that allows him to quickly make stops at the city from his “primitive” location in the Alaskan bush.

Erik Salitan’s Wife and Child

Erik Salitan is married to Martha Mae Salitan, and they have a son named Lucas Salitan. Erik’s child is likely to follow in his father’s footsteps. Erik Salitan met his future wife Martha Mae in Alaska. Unfortunately, little is known about their wedding details.

Martha Mae, Erik Salitan’s wife is also a wildlife enthusiast who has shared Erik’s passions for conservation and adventure. Martha Mae is co-owner of Blanchard Family Funeral Home and Birch Hill Cemetery. Erik and his wife split their time between Fairbanks and the Bush.

Erik Salitan, the Entrepreneur

It is not surprising to find out that Erik has been pulled into the commercial scene; his extensive knowledge of the Alaskan region has made him become one of the most sought-after guides. His story is compelling; it fascinates the audience, I am sure there is no better guide than Erik to show aspiring adventurers who visit the wilds of Alaska to experience a bit of what they have seen on the TV. Erik Salitan and his wife jointly manage two commercial lodges, they are the Bushwhack Alaska Guiding and Outfitting lodge and the Talarik Creek Lodge which is designed as a Fishing and Wildlife watching lodge. These two businesses witness a large number of visitors during the peak periods, Erik and his crews have developed exciting programs to engage his visitors to ensure that they have a real experience of what it feels like to live in the wild Alaskan bush. The programs designed to engage visitors include fishing, mountain climbing, animal watching, and hiking.

Experiencing life in Wild Alaska

Over the years, Erik has become accustomed to the demands living in the Alaskan bush makes of him. He has countless stories of close encounters with wild animals and in some potentially dangerous situations; he has had to rely on his survival instinct to evade dangerous animals. Erik is also a trained hunter; it is fascinating to know that Erik eats what he kills in the wild. A search on the internet will reveal spectacular pictures showing Erik by his kills, I have spotted bears, deers, wolves, and other wild animals he has hunted and successfully overcome.

The Alaskan bush could be a dangerous place to live because it is the home of wild animals such as bears, wolves, etc. these animals faced with the dwindling resources prevalent in the world due to our changing climate often have to scavenge for food even in areas where human beings live. We can only imagine how Erik survived the two years he spent living in a makeshift tent alone in the wild. Erik belongs to some groups such as the Alaskan Professional Hunters and other groups concerned with conservation in Alaska. As he tells his compelling survival stories in the Alaskan bush, Erik emphasizes that he is highly skilled with his rifle and with it; he can survive dangerous encounters with wild animals.

The Life of an Adventurer

One of his favorite slogans for the TV show “Life Below Zero” is “Life below Zero demands Zero Hesitation.” This is a meaningful comment which depicts the need for professional guidance for visitors in the wild because a delay in making a crucial decision might have some unfavorable consequences. Over the years, Erik Salitan has worked as a guide, leading his visitors through an unforgettable experience in the Alaskan bush. On many occasions, Erik has emphasized that Alaska is his home and he will live in this region for the rest of his life.

Has it been worth it? Yes, it has, if we go by all Erik has been saying and showing. He is living his dreams, he has an amazing family, and his business and net worth are growing. Erik and Mae have grown their businesses, and Erik Salitan is estimated to be worth about $400,000, not like the money means much to him because he has shown that he can survive without it. Erik’s passion for his lifestyle and the joy he derives from helping people have a memorable experience when they visit Alaska made him quit the popular TV show “Life below Zero” temporarily. He has however been spotted on TV after the show, revealing more spectacular parts of the Alaskan bush.

As an adventurer, a conservative, a trained pilot and an entrepreneur, Erik Salitan is living a life that could only have been described on the pages of a bestseller novel.


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