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Folder is to Document as Envelope is to… What?

(Last Updated On: Aug 31, 2016)

“Folder is to document as envelope is to…” is an analogical question based on a comparison between two things. For example, you can make an analogy between a heart and a pump, energy and money, etc. Analogy is a process of transferring meaning from one subject (source) to another (target); questions are often made in the form of: “A is to B as C is to what”?

The question “Folder is to document as envelope is to…” is often used in IQ Tests to find out one’s Intelligence Quotient score (developed by Alfred Binet). In the question above, a folder is analogically compared to an envelope, and we need to determine what a document can be compared to in this case.

The answer is – LETTER. Just like folders hold documents, envelopes hold letters.

So, folder is to document as envelope is to letter.

Some document folders even look like large envelopes – you know, the ones with a snap button in the middle? Document folders are usually larger than letter envelopes. They are also more diverse – clear folders, leather folders, all different colors. Letter envelopes are not as diverse and are usually opaque to protect privacy during mailing.

Letter envelopes usually have small capacity, while document folders can often accommodate hundreds of documents. All of them belong to office stationary used for organizing, storing, and transferring.

In computers, we use folders to store electronic documents, such as pictures, video files, sound files, text and others. We don’t need envelopes for our electronic letters (emails), as our email providers take care of encrypting them.

Here’s another question: Tennis is to sport as chemistry is to… what? Can you answer it? Post your answer below!

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