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(Last Updated On: Nov 28, 2017)

Fred Dodge is a professional prospector, gold miner and a renowned reality TV personality from the Discovery Channel show “Gold Rush”. He has been part of this TV show since 2010, mining regularly with other crews.

He had little experience in gold mining when the “Gold Rush” started but he has learned the techniques and now has years of experience in the field.


Freddy Eugene Dodge (age 50) was born in 1967, in Walden, Colorado, USA. He grew up on his grandparent’s cattle ranch in Colorado. He was just eight years old when he began mining gold in a creek and inevitably developing his gold mining and recovery skills.

Gold mining has always been his passion and dream job ever since he was very young. His skills and his finest equipment of gold catching made him a member of the popular Hoffman crew of the show Gold Rush.


In 2010, Fred made his first ever television appearance in season one of the popular TV show “Gold Rush” as a consultant on gold-finding equipment. He also made a cameo appearance in season two as a consultant before he finally became a full-time member of the reality TV show.

In season three of the show, Fred became one of the cast members and started working with the Hoffman.

He also participated in the spin-off series of the show “Gold Rush: The Jungle”. The show “Gold Rush” started airing in 2010. This reality TV show showcases a group of men who are trying to get rich through mining of gold. The Klondike region of Alaska is the main location where they mine gold and it has been lucrative for them. Their everyday activities are shown on the TV show which focuses on their mission to mine gold that is just enough to pay for equipment costs, and also to make reasonable profit.

The show also showcases the different techniques and technologies these men use in mapping and mining gold.

The show “Gold Rush,” had these men mining gold in the Klondike region of Alaska, but when this region froze over, the entire crew and participants had to move to Guyana to participate in the spin-off series of the show.

However the spin-off series turned out to be a disappointment because the quantity of the gold they mined was very little. After sometime, the crew members returned to mining gold in Klondike region for a season before they attempted going to Guyana to mine more gold once more.

A couple of the noteworthy events he took part in during the show is how he helped the Hoffman crew in season three in co-designing the wash-plant, and how he helped the crew in mining the QOD claim.

In season four, Fred Dodge left the Hoffman crew in the Guyana jungle to team up with Derek (his older brother) to mine his Carmacks claim. He found out it was a good ground that yields big nuggets of gold. This Carmacks claim helped significantly increase Fred Dodge’s net worth.

After achieving a great result in Carmacks in season five, he reunited with the Hoffman crew and was the crew’s irreplaceable wash-plant expert. In two seasons in Klondike, Fred ensured the plant he built “Monster Red” caught over 4000 ounces of gold for the Hoffmans.


Fred is married to Lisa Dodge, they have been married for more than 28 years. Fred Dodge’s wife Lisa Dodge is mother of their  two beautiful daughters, Nikki Dodge and Sammi Dodge. Fred Dodge’s daughter Nikki has also taken part in the series with her father. She also has a strong interest in gold mining just like her father.

Fred also loves hunting and competitive shooting, and he also works as a coach for gun safety.

Fred Dodge’s brother, Derek is also a gold prospector and has featured in “Gold Rush.” Derek is an important part of the show. These two brothers are experts in this field of gold mining.


Fred Dodge’s net worth is estimated at $400,000, a fortune he earned mostly through a successful career as a gold miner. He also earns a significant amount of money from his television career, and always works with his family.


Chris Doummit

Chris always wears a big smile on his face. He became Hoffman’s mining crew accidentally in 2010 when he was asked to build a cabin for the Hoffmans. He has been married to his wife, Sharon for 45 years.

Dave Turin

Dave Turin is a go-getter who has a degree in Civil Engineering. He joined the family business immediately he graduated from college.

Fred Hurt

Fred is a veteran gold miner who pushes his team and his equipment to their limits. He started gold mining exploration in Alaska after he retired from his construction company after 25 years. He is happily married with four children, six grandchildren, and five great grandchildren.

Greg Remsburg

Greg was one of Todd Hoffman’s oldest friends. After many years of unemployment, he joined Todd as an original crew member in Alaska to mine gold. He later left the Hoffman crew and his gold mining dream because he lost focus.

Jack Hoffman

Jack is a self-made man who served in the military and is active in his local church. He came to losing everything over twenty-five years ago when he mined for gold in Alaska. He failed to realize his gold mining dream but in 2010, with his son Todd leading the way, Jack had a second chance to achieve his dream. Since then, they have mined over 6000 ounces of gold.

Todd Hoffman

Todd Hoffman started mining gold in 2010 after his aviation business in Oregon steadily declined. His strong belief in God and the American dream got him going. Later, Todd led his gold mining crew to success.

Other crew members include Parker Schnabel, Mike Halstead, Jim Thurber, Jimmy Dorsey, Dustin Hurt, Rick Ness, Logan Pierce, Sterling Anderson, Walt “Dozer” Dillard, Tony Beets, Andy Spinks, Melody Tallis, Kevin Hiatt, Mitch Blaschke, Wayne Peterson, Austin Nickerson.


  1. I wanted to say that Freddy D. Is a good man. Nice to see more good men in this world. God Bless Freddy and his family. Keep the faith…Our family is praying success In all your life endeavors.
    Kat Kelli Ciocia
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