Gabriel Iglesias Wife and Son – Claudia Valdez and Frankie Iglesias

(Last Updated On: Jun 5, 2017)

Is Claudia Valdez Gabriel Iglesias wife or girlfriend? Is Frankie Iglesias his son? Gabriel Iglesias wife rumours are just rumours. The truth is that in 2017 Claudia Valdez is Gabriel Iglesias girlfriend, but they are not married (yet). Gabriel Iglesias’ son, Frankie Iglesias is the biological child of Claudia Valdez, but a step-son to Gabriel.

Gabriel (born July 15, 1976) and known comically as Fluffy, is a comedian, actor, writer and producer with a big heart. Ever since he started dating his current girlfriend Claudia in 2008, he became a great father figure and role model to her son Frankie. On photographs, Gabriel Iglesias’ step son, Frankie Iglesias even has some resemblance with him. Gabriel Iglesias wife to be (fingers crossed), son and him look like a lovely family.

Gabriel Jesus Iglesias has a talent of delivering hilarious performances and is widely popular among fans of all ages and genders. Gabriel’s performances draw families and are enjoyed by wives and their husbands, sons and daughters. The comedian from “Hot & Fluffy” and “I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy” can surely make the whole family laugh!

Judging by the Instagram pictures and captions (@fluffyguy), Gabriel Iglesias’ family is adorable. His profile page reads: “I love my family and making people laugh”. Gabriel Iglesias family would be incomplete without his dogs, whom he loves almost as if they were his children.

Will Gabriel Iglecias marry his long-time girlfriend that he has been dating for nine years now? Will he ever become his son’s legal parent? Will Gabriel ever have a biological child with Claudia? Only time will tell, but many of his fans are keeping their fingers crossed.

Gabriel Iglesias “Wife” Claudia Valdez

Referred often as Gabriel Iglesias wife, Claudia Valdez is in the so-called “common-law marriage” with Gabriel. I.e., their marriage has not been formally recorded with the state or a religious registry.

Claudia Valdez and Gabriel Iglesias live together; her son also resides with them. The question that has been asked… Is Claudia Valdez Gabriel’s wife or girlfriend and numerous questions about the “Gabriel Iglesias son.” Claudia Valdez isn’t his wife but his long-time actress girlfriend.

You can see many lovely picture of the couple online, such as Claudia Valdez and Gabriel Iglecias attending A Wish for Animals benefit on February 12 2008, at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles CA.

The 40-year-old stand-up comic once said that his girlfriend helped start eating healthy and him lose weight. Gabriel J. Iglesias, Fluffy – it not as “fluffy” anymore, thanks to her. Healthy approach is important for Claudia Valdez and Frankie Iglesias, Gabriel Iglesias son to grow up health conscious.

Gabriel Iglesias’ Son Frankie

There are images captured “Frankie Iglesias” on the web, but the truth is that we don’t know whether Gabriel Iglesias’ son Frankie actually carries his last name. Frankie Iglesias’ age is estimated as a teenager of college age.

There’s yet another rumor on the web, that Frankie Iglesias died – this is not true, just another celebrity death hoax. Frankie is alive; Gabriel Iglesias’ mom passed away.

Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth

The friendly comedian from San Diego, CA made his vast fortune in the field of stand-up comedy. Gabriel Iglesias net worth was $18 million in 2015, and is probably a lot more than that now in 2017.

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