Glenn Villeneuve (Life Below Zero): Family, Net Worth, Education, Cabin, Rifle, 2017 Updates

(Last Updated On: Nov 16, 2017)

Glenn Villeneuve is an American hunter known best for his appearances in the National Geographic Channel documentary TV series, “Life Below Zero.” He has been described as an “intense person” who “doesn’t mind not to see any form of human life in as long as four months’. He seems to be enjoying his role in the series, defying logic, surviving the wilderness, and leaving everyone thinking why someone will choose a lifestyle like his. There are certainly a lot about the Vermouth-born accomplished hunter and we are presenting Glenn Villeneuve wiki-like bio with his early life, family, net-worth, wives, children, and as many other details as we can lay our hands on.

Birth and Early Life

Glenn Villeneuve (age 48; birthday – 18 August 1969) was born in Vermouth, USA. There is hardly anything known about his parents and he hardly talks about his previous life. Glenn is a Caucasian male and nothing is known about his ancestry.

He grew up in Vermouth and had little education, dropping out after a year of high school. As a child, he spent most of his time in forests and mountains. Such a childhood obviously toughened Glenn into the man he is today, but he learned more about life by reading, traveling, and conversing with interesting people.

Glenn Villeneuve Wife, Kids and Divorce

Glenn got married to a woman whose name, like many details about the hunter, is not known. Glenn Villeneuve welcomed two children from his first wife, a son named Wolf Song and a daughter named Willow Leaves.

According to Glenn, the children were raised in the wilderness. He came to town with his wife for the little ones to be born and then returned a month later to the wilderness and raised them there. The hunter moved to Alaska in 1999, and it is reported that it was around this time that he started having trouble with his now ex-wife. He reportedly lived in the wilderness alone for four months before his wife and children joined him. Glenn’s marriage continued to crumble and ended in divorce after some few years. He lived alone for years after the divorce.

Glenn’s Relationship with New Partner

After several years of living alone, Glenn Villeneuve found love again and is now in a relationship with Trisha Kazan. His partner has a daughter, Amelia Atkins from a previous relationship. Glenn and his new love welcomed daughter Agatha in 2017. The couple and their children live together in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Glenn maintains a good relationship with his children even though the whereabouts of his ex-wife and her relationship status are not known. He shared via Facebook, a family picture snapped during the Christmas of 2016. He was seen celebrating with his children, Wolf Song and Willow Leaves, together with his partner, Trisha and her own daughter, Amelia.

On June 22, 2017, Glenn’s partner, Trisha delivered their baby girl. She was named Agatha. Glenn shared the news via Facebook and announced that the baby was doing alright. Additionally, when the baby was seven weeks old, Glenn took a picture of her and shared that it was her first time in the camp and that she loved to be taken around.

Glenn Villeneuve seems to be a happy man with Trisha as he once mentioned that if one do not want to live in the wilderness alone, then one must find a right partner.

Glenn Villeneuve Family

You may be surprised to learn that Glenn has a family, as they are not on the show. Glenn Villeneuve’s children Willow Leaves, Wolf Song, Amelia and Agatha, as well as their mothers are rarely if ever seen on the show. Glenn explains that his adventures are for the most part too dangerous and too physically demanding for the rest of his family to take part in, and they have their quiet family time to themselves.

Glenn Villeneuve Lifestyle

Villeneuve lives the life of a true nature boy. Many will consider his lifestyle unconventional. He can be best described as a subsistence hunter who lives a simple life and exhibits exceptional love for nature.

This exceptional lifestyle has earned him the role in the series “Life Below Zero”. The show showcases his exploits in the wild. He is seen surviving the cruelty of bone-chilling winter in a one room cabin and coping during the summer while depending solely on the food he obtains from his hunting expeditions.

In the real sense, his expeditions depict the life of the early man. He keeps warm by cutting wood with his ax. He hunts small games including caribou, moose, sheep, etc. He is equally a skilled fisherman and can be seen fishing around lakes and creeks. He also cooks with the woods he obtains from the bushes. This self-reliant lifestyle is deeply rooted in Glenn’s nature and he admitted as much in an interview when he was asked what made him stick to his lifestyle. He said: “I’ve always been independent, and I really like the autonomy of being able to live in the wilderness by myself. I enjoy learning, and I continue to learn and explore more and more each year. It’s exciting to learn new skills and practice them. I also think the connection to nature is more real. I’d rather wake up in the morning and look out and see an owl in the nest than look at it on TV. It’s been really rewarding for me, even if there’s a lot of work involved.”

Glenn’s Rifle

Glenn Villeneuve carries a rifle for protection. He hunts with a large caliber rifle – he uses a SRT Shadow XL Ti suppressor and a Ruger 77 in 30-06 with a Leupold 2-7X scope.

Cabin Location

Glenn Villeneuve’s lakeside camp is located in the remote mountains of arctic Alaska, in the Brooks Range, on a lake that is 200 miles north of Fairbanks, and 60 miles from the nearest road.

Glenn on Live Below Zero

Villeneuve moved to Alaska in 1999 and has been living alone in Chandalar, 200 miles north of Fairbanks and 65 miles north of the Arctic Circle. The National Geographic Channel started following the lives of Glenn and other cast members in the documentary TV series “Life Below Zero” since 2013. The show is being produced by BBC Worldwide and, according to Glenn, has been a great experience. He admits that having camerapersons following him around feels different, but he doesn’t find that intrusive. He is, in fact, happy to share his experience with others and show millions of people the valley which he considers the most beautiful place in the world.

Glenn Villeneuve Net Worth

How much is Glenn’s net worth? Glenn Villeneuve net worth cannot be measured in money alone; he enjoys financial freedom living his fantastic lifestyle in Alaska. He does not spend any money at all when living his Life Below Zero.

Glenn Villeneuve makes a living by hunting and staring in the episodes of Life Below Zero. Asides from these, he doesn’t seem to be involved in any economic activities. His exact net worth is not known but there is no doubt it will be on the low side.

Glenn’s life is a pure reflection of what it means to be content. The phenomenal natural man has been living the life he loves from his early days. He continues to show us what it means to love life in the natural form.

Glenn Villeneuve 2017

June 22, 2017: Glen welcomed daughter Agatha with partner Trisha Kazan delivering her.


  1. Yeah Glenn sure is unique he’s his own man nothing sissy about him , good luck to him he’s living the dream how many people can say that should be more real men like him the way nature intended, not a load of pent up frustrated people just existing not really living a natural existence .

  2. He is so annoying!! He’s not even a good “actor”. Acts like he is “roughing” it, but when he’s done playing he goes back to Fairbanks.

  3. Seems as tho there are some haters out there that want to find something wrong with everything!!!!! I don’t know for sure if Glen V us a real dude or not but hey if u don’t think so go to the mountain range he lives near and give it a try u whimp ass mofos !!!

  4. I like Life Below Zero. Glenn’s way of living is my favorite. He’s my favorite, and Sue Aikens in Kavik is a close second. She’s the bravest woman in the world to live like she does. But the others I can take or leave. Don’t care much about the Hailstones (the way they present themselves), the guy in the Nennanah River (Jesse Holmes?) and that Andy Bassich in Eagle. It was better when his wife (Kate?) was there, now he lost my interest. He was too mean to her. He’s fake in front of the camera, acting all nice. But I bet he’s an angry drunk behind the scenes, and his abusive language towards his woman made her run for the hills. I like Eric Salatan, and even with his wife, they led an interesting life trapping furs and being hunting guides. But they’ve all but disappeared from the show. I wonder what happened to them? They must be busy with the guided hunts and now just want their peace n quiet in the off times. Other than that……

  5. I like all the rest Glenn away made me feel like he was a actor. So I checked on line he’s a joke. Live in a beautiful cabin with a wife and child . Wonder if the rest of the show is false too . I just fast forward anything about Glenn I always thought he was strange

    1. I recognize him from a TLC show “Leaving Alaska. Mystery to me. But I agree, he’s a character for sure.

  6. Soooooooooooooo…technically his Alaskan bush life is for TV?? When he says he has to ” hunt for meat to last him through the winter”…he can always run to his other home and grab a sandwich? I wish I hadn’t read this totally took the “realness” of the show away..

    1. He is 200 miles from the nearest town. That is a long way to walk for a sandwich. He was living this lifestyle for years before “Life Below Zero.” Did you even read the article?!?

      1. Either way Keith Glenn and the show misrepresented his entire life and the struggles…when actually he had another house to go to… phoney and fake

        1. Have you ever cut down a tree with and axe or bucked a log with a hand saw? Ever killed a large animal in the bush, field dressed it and dragged it a mile home by hand? That’s pretty real in my opinion, but maybe you live in Siberia right?

  7. Totally puzzled??? Has a wife and kid. Where the heck are they? Build a bigger house and live together. The show has me thinking it’s a staged hoax and that saddens me.

    1. The guy works in the city and uses the small cabin on the weekends and when they’re shooting the show. He’d like for you to believe he lives permanently out there but just like you go to the lake on weekends he goes to to his tiny cabin.

    2. I am disappointed that they presented the life style this way. The last Alaskans seem much more genuine.

  8. don’t understand how me maintains a family in Fairbanks, living out in the bush ??? how often does he see them.

    1. He has a corporate career during the week and spends time in his cabin on weekends. His whole bio is made up by the producers. Remember, it’s TV

  9. I am
    Gay man and would like to get to know Glenn he’s one good looking
    Man with a lot of wonderful ideas o would like to
    Spend a lot of time with him he’s very attractive and I you like to get
    To know him inside and out !

    1. That’s a great way to get folks to “accept” your lifestyle. Why is it that you people are always obsessed with sex, sex, sex. I think your one sick pup and I’m sure that if you made a move on Glenn he would show you what a man he really is.

      1. Lol…I hope you don’t really believe “Greg powell” … I think it is someone impostering a gay man and trying to get a homophob fired up… Looks like it worked.

  10. Glenn, I find you to be the most interesting of the crew on your show with National Geographic. Awesome choice of rifle’s, may have gone with a bit larger caliber but as they say , ” if it works it ain’t broke so don’t go and fix it “… Be safe man. We’ll be watching !

  11. the show is very interesting, made so mostly by the unique and singular person of Glenn. I did something similar after the loss of my wife and found great solace and consolation wandering through the Adirond’k mt’s for several months. Her spirit stayed with me the entire time and it along with the beautiful mountains and solace seemed to help me through one of the most difficult periods of my life. I rarely watch tv but do enjoy Life Below Zero.

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