Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas

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Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas was born on the 2nd of September 1943, she is the only child to Dorothy Jean Dandridge – an African American singer, dancer, theater and film actress. Her mother was best known for being the first African American actress to have been nominated for an academy award for her flawless performance in the 1954 classic, Carmen Jones.

Harolyn Suzanne’s mother broke barriers and boundaries, paving the way for colored performers in Hollywood. She was the first African American to grace the cover of Life Magazine.

Her father was Harold Nicholas, arguably considered to be one of the world’s greatest dancers. He was one half of a two man dance group. Nicholas and his brother Fayard were superstars in every right.

They were known for their exciting tap dance numbers in studio musical features. They were also first class inductees at the Apollo theater hall of fame in 1986. This amazing duo influenced a generation of dance and music icons such as Michael Jackson and Debbie Allen to name a few.

Harold and Dorothy, parents of Harolyn, we married for a period of nine years, divorced in 1951.

Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas came from a blood line of immense talent, skill and performing arts, but was not given a chance by life, to create her own success and contribute to the legacy of her parents.

From birth, Harolyn was disabled; the speech center of her brain was damaged. Lynn, as she was fondly called by her mother for short; was born with a speech defect and did not have the capacity to recognize or communicate with anybody, including her Dorothy her mother.

An excerpt from an old interview where she spoke about Harolyn, for the first time publicly reads; “she has no conception of time, she doesn’t even know I’m her mother” “how terrible is it never to be able to really speak to your child”.

Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas was a happy child, but circumstances leading to her birth proved a difficult one which will leave her with the mental capacity of a four year old child, for the rest of her life. The medical name for this disorder was called; cerebral anoxia – she had an asphyxiated condition at birth; due to lack of oxygen or blood circulation to a certain part of the brain.

For years, her mother wrongly blamed herself for her daughter’s mental impairment, due to trying to delay delivery, ignoring labor contractions, in an effort to wait for Harold, her then husband to return in time for Harolyn’s birth. When it was the surgical instruments used during the delivery that caused damage to her head.

Although her father was barely present through her formative years, with little or no support, Dorothy did everything humanly possible, to find a solution for Harolyn’s condition. Sadly, a round trip to several doctors and specialists yielded no results. An attempt to enroll her in a learning institution proved abortive, no school will accept her.

This chain of uncontrollable events put a strain on the young couple’s marriage, and led to extended periods of absence, lack of financial support and eventually a divorce from Harold.

Raising Lynn all alone became overbearing on her mother, who was still an ambitious and motivated actress. As her disorder grew difficult to manage, she had to be placed in a private care institution. These bills were pricey.

Dorothy’s finances took a dive for the worse after a bogus oil deal investment went burst, leading to severe financial losses. In 1963, after filing for bankruptcy, and unable to keep up with care costs for her disabled daughter, she was returned to her doorstep; aged 17 years.

Now bankrupt and unable to fend and care sufficiently for her child, Dorothy finally forfeited her parental rights to Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas, and made her ward of the state of California.

Dorothy passed away on the 8th of September 1965, an autopsy revealed that the cause of death was from a drug overdose. Harold – her estranged father died 3rd of July year 2000, at age 79.

It is unclear beyond reasonable doubt, if Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas is dead or alive. Speculations and unconfirmed reports about her demise in 2003 subsist even to this day. While some claim, she is still in a mental hospital facility in California.

There is no accurate information on her welfare after she was made a ward of the state by her mother. She would currently be aged 73 years today.

The priceless question that evade a valid answer is; where exactly is the daughter of the late iconic African American actress; Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas? No one seems to know.


  1. How sad, how frightening it is to reside with our own “sane” children.who go “insane” from time to time, let alone children who are missing sanity everyday!! BUT we must LOVE them all, and Try all that we can with our powers to HELP our Love ones thru all sorrows.
    That baby was sought after by evil Principalities at birth, believe it! With 2 parents being Power Houses, who would the money go to? When Parents pass? Her!! Of course, Haroldlyn. That Entertainment industry is ran by the top wicked! Who damaged the baby! Set out to terminate the parents!, and then prepared to divide the Money!! The behind the scene wicked ones, TOOK the child!! Mad too because of the VICTORY WON, over prejudice that WE fought to HELP minority Entertainers receive notoriety I could not give up my child. Signed “LOVE”(Dorothy)

  2. I’ve been wondering about Harolynn for years. I loved Dorothy Dandridge and find it hard to believe that no one has seen or knows about her daughter. I know people’s medical records are kept private but no one seems to even know where she is. I know she was at Camarillo but that closed down. Hope she’s doing well.

      1. Yes, that’s what we read as well, but they said that 2003 is what is speculated, but no one actually knows for sure.

  3. In this day and year (2018), with All the High (Computer) Technology, THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN’T FIND OUT if Dorothy Dandridge daughter (Haroljyn Suzanne Nicholas) is still living or deceased.
    One possible way I could think of is, her information is deliberately being kept from public inquiry.

  4. This is time (the year 2018), with All the High (Computer) Technology available, THERE’S NO WAY YOU CAN’T FIND OUT if Dorothy Dandridges daughter (Haroljyn Suzanne Nicholas) is still living or deceased.
    One way possible is to deliberately keep information about her, from public inquiry.

  5. So sad how we were treated then and it sill exists today in these yet United States ….to have to give up a child…

  6. I thank you for creating the article, I am sharing this to others sites. I have also pondered on what could have happened to Ms. Harolyn, as I have thought are there any records in the state of California or any witnesses that were told of Harolyn’s location. I immensely await if there will be people to do a investigation if Harolyn is living or not, as perhaps surviving relatives of the Dandridge/Nicholas family would want to know.

  7. Harolyn Nicholas born 9/2/1943 is alive living in Los Angeles county. She is living in a board and care facility

  8. Acording to Wikipedia under Dorothy Dandrige, Harolyn died in 2013. Unfortunately it does not mention anything else.

  9. I too am appalled that the daughter of (two) Legendary people are unknown. You mean the Father never changed on her nor her Aunt or Uncle who are supposedly still living. What a shame. It would be nice to know that after her Mother was no longer to care for her that family members did go and see her and make sure she was being cared for properly…..)

  10. Thank you for your words… My mother was a fan of the beautiful and talented, Dorothy Dandridge .. And there will always be a soft spot in my heart for her. I have heard that her was in another hospital in California some time ago.
    My mother was Native American , a model and dancer in the late 40s and early 50s and knew just from her own experiences how hard it was to work in the entertainment industry. She always supported women of culture to be more than society expected, and this was one start actress that was magical.To have achieved the success , and to endure the parental hardships… is heart wrenching. At a time when parents were told it was best to hospitalize,it was best they said…To miss your child, and to have that child not be able to recognize you… The guilt , that shouldn’t have been on her, from institutionalizing ,was also seen in my family , and changes lives forever…My my my, the pain in her heart has got to tug on every mother’s heart as well , even now.
    With all of Hollywood sweeping hearts under a rug… I would like to think in 2017, the daughter of a Legendary family, is not forgotten.
    Again, thank you for wiring this, I’ve stumbled upon it , and happy I did.

  11. I would love to find out what you two were able to discover regarding the whereabouts of Harloyn Suzanne Nicholas. God bless her!!!

  12. Is there a way to find out if Harolyn is still alive? If so how would you be able to go about seeing if she’s dead or alive…

    1. I too, would like to know. I find it so beautiful that I came across this site the day after you. If love to connect and actually find out more info on Harolyn.

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